Robert Steele: Pastors Rising – And Challenging Mega-Church Corruption

Cultural Intelligence

In addition to Sheriff’s rising, as represented so well by Sheriff Richard Mack and the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), the pastors are rising as well.

I urge all citizens to join CSPOA and invite their local Sheriffs to join as well.

Below as received from Pastor Alan Bailey.

1) A whole new vision of the church is needed: more local (as you understand) and far more practical, local solutions oriented: “love your neighborhood” focused. Much like James McCanney describes. Michael Tellinger whom you had on with the Charlies –has an amazing concept ready to go — one town, self-sufficient, economically sustainable. You should interview him.

2) A focus on long-term, generational vision: The Scofield Bible, “last-days .. zionism, armageddon” vision has led the churches off into irrelevance to our culture and disengagement, and mostly unaware of actually supporting the enemy. Many pastors are waking up to this, like Baldwin has. There are others who have a far more optimistic, practical view, earth view of the church and history.

3) Churches need to re-focus their considerable resources to actually help their own and local families — instead of 90% of resources going to buildings that are not even used 90% of time and staff that suck off a lot of the resources which could/should be used to provide housing, entrepreneurial training, business support and solid education.

4) The “Church system” is entrenched and will take economic pressures to dramatically change and may be coming. I’ve spent my life, after waking up to what it should be, trying to make minor changes in small churches and met major resistance. There are millions of patriots who have walked away from churches because we are so irrelevant to regular life. Takes several paradigm shifts to see all of this clearly. Not sure how to achieve it — but will need almost to start from scratch like Jesus did way back.

Visit Pastor Chuck Baldwin,  a patriot pastor.

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