Robert Steele: Space Warfare, Risk of Space Meltdown – Extraterrestrial Appraisal

Extraterrestial Intelligence

Space warfare and the risk of space meltdown (for example, the loss of all satellites that provide communications and geospatial navigation services) is a very real concern.

Separately there is the matter of stellar civilizations and the secret space force as well as off-planet trafficking in humans and especially children. Below are comments from two others as well as my own comment.

JC Cole: Here is one of the Gray Swans and it is a biggie. The effects of our satellites getting knocked out would be huge. My understanding is the loss of GPS and telecommunications will shut down ground electrical
distribution and financial services. Maybe Prof McCanney would have a better and more accurate understanding of the major effects. This war in space seems to be inevitable so we need to create some
fail-safes on food production .. ie Food Security .. before it happens.

Space is now a battlefield — as head of RAF warns it is a ‘warfighting domain’

Hello JC and Robert … I have been talking about this for years. The US military cannot take pee in the woods without GPS. Destruction of satellites is so easy it is child's play. Simple shotgun kinetic weapons can emit a deadly blow weeks in advance and no one would know it was coming until one day all of our satellites go dead. A beebee or small shrapnel coming at 34,000 miles per hour (retrograde orbit velocity) will tear a satellite to pieces and is a no cost option. Vulnerable is hardly the word. Achilles heal is an understatement. Not only this but the mil long ago put everything on the internet … i mean everything. They rely on outdated encryption and firewall technology that is like a sieve. I could go on. Your reference  is hardly what i would call a reputable source but if the story has gotten that far down the chain it is next to being written on the toilet paper in a public stall. Another issue is that the US started all of this by breaking the international treaties and now the gloves are off … everyone is in on the game. I talk about this issue in my book “The Diamond Principle” in which space as a military frontier is a 3 dimensional arena. In the 2 dimensional arena of the human past empires like that of Xerxes (Persia), Rome and Hitlers Germany finally fell as their empires spread in 2 dimensions and they eventually lost power because they were overburdened and started to lose wars by being spread too thin with resources. Now try in 3 dimensional space it will break the bank and again space outposts are easily destroyed and completely vulnerable. The nation that abandons weapons and space will be the one that can go the farthest the fastest and will not need the burden of military hardware. Reagan's Star Wars failed and we are still paying for it. Industry loves space wars is a very good money maker with an infinite need for budget. I gotta run but lots more from where this came from. Military industries are running the budget and policy as usual and fail to meet objectives leaving the country with their proverbial pants down.

ROBERT STEELE My professional background as both a member of the CIA's Advanced Programs and Evaluations Group (the DCI's special staff for all satellite systems)  and as the second-ranking civilian in Marine Corps intelligence in the 1990's, as well as all of my professional reading, confirms the grotesque idiocy and consequent vulnerability of the USA at all levels of electromagnetic communications and computing.  We have been irresponsible and in betrayal of the public interest at a level that can only be defined as treason.

Now with respect to the secret space force and stellar civilizations, I have no direct knowledge but people I trust are saying and writing interesting things and in my own mind I am certain that multiple extrastellar civilizations exist; that the moon is an artificial satellite; that China, Russia, and the USA have an integrated multinational space force at a Starship Enterprise level; and that a war is coming to closure on Earth in which the Reptilians have been defeated and the Paladians and other angelic stellar civilizations have helped us clean house.  Below are a few links upon which I base my personal conclusions.

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