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1. You have spoken in the past about how Ivanka Trump was probably profiled by Ghislaine Maxwell for capture by a Mossad controlled Zionist, and you have speculated that artificial phenomes were used to cause her to fall in love with a slum-lord twit who may also be gay. Can you comment further?

2. Can you please address the status of the vaccine push regarding Trump's agenda.

3. What do you think of the following theory? : Zionists wanted to replace the US as their preferred puppet superpower with China and started the process, so vilifying “China” is a veiled means of beating back the Zionist efforts, with Xi's cooperation.

4. For those of us paying attention, if the CIA, NSA, DOJ, NASA, and the Pentagon were really actually helping the American people get out of this Covid mess we would be free of it tomorrow. Our great Republic is in deep trouble. Don't you agree?

5. What is the overall goal of the targeted individual program on a global scale, not just for the individual?

6. In your opinion, why hasn’t the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff taken out those who are burning America with energy weapons and destroying America’s food supply with weather manipulation? Could the playbook really be “Rope-A-Dope” not “WrestleMana”?

7. What do you think is the global role of the BRICS Bank in the era of Trump?

8. Many so-called “fact-checkers” like to point to the fact that Operation Mockingbird officially ended in the 1970s. Where can the general public find the strongest proof or evidence that CIA continued to control American media?

9. Would it be possible for Cynthia McKinney or you to talk to Marianne Williamson and to try to bring her around to seeing more clearly what the Dems are up to? She could help move many voters over to Trump. Your thoughts?

10. What are the 11 announcements which you referenced at the end of last Saturday's video which you expect Trump to make between Sept. 8th and election.

11. How would you suggest we take back our local town and county governments to squash the Covid-19 rules on businesses and getting rid of mask rules? I live in mass and the rules they have set forth for back to school and sports are ridiculous.

12. If Trump wins the election, but (after six months) demonstrates nothing concrete to help free the people of the US; how will your message change? Will you advocate more aggressive measures?

13. Would you and your readers, as well as fellow Steele Report subscribers be interested in critical information, including certified public records, regarding the original (organic) Thirteenth Amendment and 10 U.S.C. Sec. 253, which clearly prove all BAR attorneys are constitutionally-banned from occupying any public office (federal, state, county, city, etc.); and, are engaged in “lawfare” against President Trump and the American People at all levels of “government”?

14. Is it possible that Bernie Sanders could be Joe Biden’s replacement?

15. Why did the cabal launch this lockdown-vaccine drive knowing that Americans are armed?

16. Please explain Khazarian Jews?

17. Trump had promised prior to the 2016 election to expose the truth about 9/11. So far he had failed to do so. What are you thoughts? Also, this coming September 11-13 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth will be having internet discussions from many people that have exposed the fraud. Please share that information on your sites and do a video about it.

18. What do you think about Earth entering a new age or different location in the Universe?

19. There seems to be a lot of evidence coming out that many of these fires on the West coast are being created by Direct Energy Weapons. What is your perspective on this?

20. What's the overall agenda for #UNRIG?

21. Robert – I'm sure you are aware of the rumors circulating that this investigation is going nowhere. This is inexplicable; what is your take on this? It's already September 10th and there have been no BOOMS from the Trump camp. Many of us were expecting September to produce a series of BOOMS, but nothing is happening. Any insight you can offer would be appreciated.

22. It has to be painfully obvious to your subscribers that Direct Energy Weapons (DEWs) have been in play as a political tool, since at least 9/11.
They appear to be used for effect, or a show of force, originating from space based vehicles. Do we know who are using the DEWs, and any hints to their agenda?

23. You delivered an extraordinary summary of 9/11 on YouTube, that connected JFK to 9/11 and false flags to Satanism and pedophilia. POTUS and mini-POTUS, and Fox New with its bloated generals, stuck with the party line on 9/11 as a Muslim terrorist event. Trump has not kept his promise on 9/11 disclosure. Comment?

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