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1. It looks like the child trafficking issue is breaking out. Harry was just on with George Webb and John OLoughlin but the video may have been taken down. Is this why John Roberts has gone soft?

2. Would you go into your statement that the C-Virus scam was a naked short selling set-up for the big banks?

3. Charlie Ward says no 5G towers are operational any more. True?

4. Do you know about the Strong Cities Network organization who seems to provide armed officers to enforce drastic curfew? Are they NWO police of some sort?

5. Have you noticed all these fires occuring conveniently at various ports and sensitive locations in Lebanon and the rest of the middle east?

6. Is it true that most cia operatives'are freemasons, thus obeying to their freemason sponsor first, to the cia next?

7. In regards to your excellent 911 review, What do you see as Guliani's role w/in the Trump team leading to? Do you see him as flipped sides to expose the dirt, or just doing the same old thing as as part of a new team Trump?

8. What about the rockfeller initiative on ufos? why are the rockfellers interested in the disclosure of the information regarding ufos?

9. Do you have a mechanism in place to accept sensitive or classified information from your viewers ? You being an open source aggregator for local, state, national and international info dumps. Just a thought.

10. Do you know of anyone making a serious effort to build “new media?” With a strong understanding of cognitive psychology and media skills, I've started a video series to educate the public on corruption and want to team up with others. I have big ideas but very little reach.

11. There are different accounts of Malaysia 370. Your take?

12. If the bad guys are dumping fluoride in the water and barium chloride in chemtrails to reduce population then how do they protect themselves from these poisons? If there is an antidote then we should be able to track and identify these monsters.

13. I've heard this term come up in March-April when the virus was progressing. Is this spying on people?

14. How did the White Hats movement originate, how strong is it now and who is leading it?

15. I keep reading about the global financial reset and that this Kimberly Ann Goguen is supposedly a key person in all this. Do you know anything about her? Is she a fraud?

16. What do you think about or know about Planet X


18. Will Trump stop the Zionists from totally controlling the White House and Congress, perhaps after the election?

19. Bill Binney has disappeared from public view. You seem to admire him.  What's your take on Binney's current situation and his value to President Trump and the American public?

20. You coined the term “White Swans” as a counterpoint to Nassim Nicholas Taleb's Black Swans that tend to be catastrophic. Can you give us some examples of White Swan events beneficial to humanity and Earth?

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