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The following questions are being answered in today's interactive video session at 1300 (1:00 PM) today.

  1. Why isn't Trump talking about the Naked Short Selling/Wall Street theft as a campaign pitch. This could wake up many democrats and others.

2. What insight or feelings do you have that form your belief that Mike Adams the Health Ranger is now disinfo/compromised?

3. To the last doorknob and hay field total world wealth is about $360 trillion. How can hundreds of trillions be other than funny money?

4. Patriot inaction is starting to feel too much like suicide. When will the “big things” start happening? Q said to look for September.. we are almost through it.

5. Do you also believe the Nesara Gesara re-set will occur before October? Or when will there actually be big financial changes?

6. Troops in place for ‘vaccine distribution.' Is this theater or an Alliance game plan in place for arrests or something else that is big?

7. Thanks for your five October surprises. Would the debt relief mentioned be done through executive order? If so, would it eventually need to be signed into law by congress like the payroll tax holiday correct?

8. I have ready quite a few articles this week about an organized military coup against Donald Trump. Colonel Black was on an interview talking about this on the Larouche Pac. Do you have any information or a take on this?

9. Do you foresee a need to have a plan B relating to local actions relating to the disposition of 5G technology?

10. Have you investigated/ read about Giuliani’s role in facilitating the control by mobbed-up trucking companies of the sudden and controlled removal of WTC debris from “the pile”?

11. Given the severity of the lockdowns in certain places places in the world, in particular Melbourne as I reside in Australia. Do you think there is a connection between severe lockdowns and tunnels, especially with rescuing children?

12. Robert, please clarify and expand on your statements regarding life on Mars. Children, colonies?

13. What's your assessment of probability of 5G turned on globally in October?

14. Biden didn’t drop out as your DNC source predicted. Are the candidates locked in at this point?

15. I was absolutely dumbstruck on Friday to come across the idea that Gabriel Gifford's shooting was a false flag. IF you hold this shooting as a false flag, do you have any particular insights, context or commentary to wrap around it, or her husband or family?

16. The entire concept of aliens will be hard to believe for most individuals. Do you also believe “Reptilians” are among us?

17. Any new thoughts on Dr. Shiva and his run for Senate.

18. Karen Hudes, ex-attorney for the World Bank, said that all of our income taxes go to the Vatican. What do you know about this?

19, Why can’t Trump let the American public know what’s really going on? What is holding him back? Many people want to know the truth. Why can’t he make mainstream media start telling the truth?

20. How would you explain one of the most fascinating aspects of the corona pandemic:the global failure of the mainstream media to reveal what more and more doctors and scientists call the greatest crime of the 21st century?

21. Was it really Osama ben Laden killed in the 2011 raid? That whole story strikes me as phony.

22. Do you have any knowledge of the Swiss based Octagon Group identified in Ben Fulford's letter today? I've never heard of this entity.

23. I wish I was as convinced as you are that Trump will win reelection. You have stated for a long time that he will address the Zionist/Palestinian issue in his second term but why didn't he do this in his first four years instead of kissing Netanyahu's ass?

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