Dan Schultz: President Trump’s Missing Piece

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Rush Limbaugh touched upon the fact that some good Americans who would vote for Trump will not because of a variety of reasons. They forget. They don’t plan properly to do so. Etc. And then commented on the relatively huge percentage and number of Americans that, every presidential race, do not vote.

Of course, that’s what the Precinct Committeeman Strategy is all about reversing. The reason I wrote my little book was to prevent what happened in 2016 from happening again in 2020. In 2016, Trump won despite not having a ground game and having many of the state GOP chairs and their respective Party county chairs working against Trump.

I think Trump doesn’t care about having a “Trumplified” Party apparatus, because it doesn’t make him money. Instead, his campaign has been a massive fundraising effort that funds things that really aren’t designed to do what only a ground game can do, and that is bridging the gap between the candidate and the Lower-Information, Lower-Propensity (“LI, LP”) voter who needs a personal phone call or door visit from a fellow candidate-supporter gently reminding them to vote and that their vote matters. All the mailers, the rallies, the social media postings, the TV and radio ads make the vendors wealthy (ask Brad Parscale and Stepien and company) but don’t boost outcome. The LI, LP voters don’t pay attention to any of this political advertising clutter and “noise.” Most of them didn’t watch last night’s debate.

But, my crystal ball tells me that Trump is going to win comfortably, and maybe by epic proportions. A Nixon or Reagan magnitude landslide.

I base this on a variety of factors. The boat parades. The interstate caravans. These are people who are Trump supporters who spontaneously want to “participate” in the Trump movement and the only way they can figure out how to do so is by gathering with other Trump supporters, thinking this will help GOTV. It won’t, because the LI, LP voters won’t even know these events are happening. Indeed, they might have the opposite effect, if noticed: “I don’t need to vote. Trump’s got it in the bag. Look at this outpouring of support for him.”

At least the Trump campaign is surveying the rally goers. About 20% of the attendees have never voted before and about 20% are Democrats. That’s significant.

But why isn’t Trump recruiting the rally goers into becoming PCs? Or recruiting the Turning Point USA and Students for Trump kids? Or reaching out to those organizing the boat parades and car caravans?

Then there’s the Brandon Stracka #Walkaway movement. Richard Grenell said recently he believes the percentage of gays who will vote for Trump will be up to around 35%.

The support of Blacks is way up.

The support of Hispanics is way up.

The BLM/Antifa rioting and personal assaults and murders are driving people to vote Republican.

Increases in Republican voter registrations have for surpassed the Dems in key states, including here in AZ and in Ohio and Florida.

There are many other examples, but suffice it to say that the polls are again skewed wrongly and the tea leaves indicate to me a Trump win, even without having developed a ground game and even with the RNC and some state parties quietly pretending to boost the turnout of the LI, LP voters but not doing so.

I hope I’m right. But I could be wrong, and that’s why the ground game is needed. And we don’t have it here in AZ. In Maricopa County (Phoenix), only 36.5% of the Republican PC slots are filled. In Pima County (Tucson), only 22% of the slots are filled. About 73% of all AZ registered Republicans reside in these two counties. My precinct has a quota of 11 PCs and 10 of our slots are filled.

There’s only one way to take over the RNC. And it’s the Precinct Committeeman Strategy. And conservative Trump supporters still haven’t figured it out.

Onward and upward.

Thanks again,

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