Eagle: We Cannot Understand Deep State Destruction of America Without Acknowledging Assassination of Three Kings

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WARNING: In one of your recent youtubes you said you were “cranky.”  Me too.

1) Identity Politics book. I haven't read it.  Gleaned what I could from it's Amazon page.  Got serious heartburn and have for quite some time with anyone talking about Identity Politics and NOT discussing the assassinations of the 1960's.  Specifically what Elana Freeland called the Three Kings: JFK, MLK, RFK.

(Courtesy of you I checked her out stem to stern.  MAN, THAT LADY ROCKS!!!).  JFK, MLK, RFK.  Because post 1968 the Dem leadership drew a very clear lesson: if you talk about the Federal Reserve and the military industrial complex you get a bullet in your head.  H E L L O Identity Politics!

Review: The Plot to Change America by Mike Gonzalez

Ranger's bottom line: if you're not talking about the assassinations and giving the American people data points and a “map” to explain all of this, then I'm sorry, you're a “wanker.”  And it was James Douglass calls “The Unspeakable.”  Everyone studiously avoids it.

Reviews on Assassination of JFK + Top Posts

Review: An Act of State–The Execution of Martin Luther King, New and Updated Edition

Review: Death of a King – The Real Story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Final Year

(And for a different day.  Malcom X, Teddy Kennedy airplane accident in 64 that almost killed him.  Ditto Chappaquiddick.  Can't do 3 bullets for 3 brothers in like 9 years.  Father Thomas Merton Trappist monk.  George Wallace.  Gonna win a few states throw the election into the House of Representatives, bye Nixon.  John Lennon.  Ronald Reagan.  Say, why did Nancy VISCERALLY HATE the Bushies?/////Also would include Harrison and Tyler in like 1840 and 1851.  And Abe, Garfield and McKinley in the space of 35 years.)

2) The GOP has aided and abetted this historical ignorance  of the 1960 assassinations with their studiously refusing to address this.

3)  The GOP's policies (war, the Fed, economic rape of the American people, the GINI ratio) create a massive PETRI DISH where the Identity Politics can thrive and flourish.  DUH!


I know his stuff a little bit. I respect him some.  Cute story of him in the White House and Hope Hicks and the President.   I gleaned what I could from Amazon.

Robert. I'm getting tired of people/influencers not calling “foul” or “throwing the flag” on your own team.

California is a mess.  The GOP sucked bilge water at the Presidential, US Congress and Governor's level on 1) illegal immigration.  Say, how'd that work out for the Roman empire?  2) these stupid wars.  Their Empire will kill your Republic.  3)  NAFTA, et al.  Say, what could go wrong with shipping the middle class to China and India?  4) Slobbering all over Wall Street.

I DO agree with his “point of no return” thesis.  If Trump loses we are seriously fucked and I doubt we ever come out of this.  And if America goes down, the world is fucked also.  Have felt that for some time.  And that is my cold blooded gimlet eyed assessment, not hyperbole.

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