Review: The New American Revolution – The Making of a Populist Movement by Kayleigh McEnany

5 Star, America (Founders, Current Situation)
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5 stars — Buy the book for election night alone

The first half of the book I could do without, but the second half is utterly special and highly relevant to the next election.  Published in 2018, the book combines a first half of vignettes with grainy black and white photos that cover the impact of terrorism, the failure of the Veterans Administration, the importance of stopping illegal immigration and supporting our thin blue line, freedom of speech denied, the importance of religion, the failure of government across multiple fronts including safe water, jobs, and health care.

The second half of the book, about the President and particularly election night, is compellingly authentic and totally gripping.  I am particularly impressed by the detailed commentary on how the media got it wrong and all the signals the author gathered that

The bottom line: Americans were angry in 2016 and came out in force for the outsider who at the same time bypassed the entire political “industry.”

The endnotes are top of the line and make the book a professional reference, not simply an annecdotal account.

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