Review: The Trump Century – How Our President Changed the Course of History Forever by Lou Dobbs with Dennis Kneale

5 Star, America (Founders, Current Situation)

5 Stars – Single Best Overview of President Donald Trump's Value to America

In fourteen chapters with an introduction and epilogue for sixteen sections total, this is the single best overview of President Donald Trump's value to America.

Here are a few quotes from this book that should be read by every citizen before Election Day.

QUOTE (xii): The immovable object blocking President Trump's path arose from thirty years of free-trade orthodoxy, weak industrial policy, and promiscuous practices in immigration. Complicit in this downward spiral: neglectful presidents, arrogant advisors, self-serving incumbents in Congress, slack regulators, insolent bureaucrats, and liberal judges. They were joined by Big Business, Big Labor, dishonest American economists on China's payroll, and NGOs masked as nonpartisan entities.  And cheeered on by the left-wing media.

I almost reduced this book to four stars for two reasons: first; Dobbs has been castrated on the core point of Israel First and UK first and the manner in which the Mossad, MI-5, and MI-6 “own” the CIA and the FBI and are doing child and drug trafficking with impunity across the USA, while bribing and blackmailing everyone who matters including county-level officials; and second, related to the first, he gets COVID-19 wrong – this is the Rockefeller-Gates-Fauci virus, not the China virus.

QUOTE (xv):  Seven American Presidents have served in my years as a journalist and then as a TV host (these are two different species). I see President Trump as their equal or better in terms of his acuity, judgment, and most of all, his zeal and capacity for conflict. He has earned his way into the pantheon of our greatest leaders: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, Truman, Kennedy, Reagan.

Here again Dobbs disappoints on history. Wilson and FDR were traitors who sold out to the UK-Zionist Red Mafiya and went to war for the Rothschilds and their bankers. He does however have a point: Trump is an A level President.  Here is what Jack Welch said about our President:

“They can say what they want about him, but I don’t know if any president has been more prepared to sit in that room and talk business. It was like talking to a peer, not a politician. Hell of a meeting.


QUOTE (4): The resistance has yet to realize the truth: we now live in the Trump Century. President Trump has changed everything. In government and politics, international relations, global trade, business and regulation, the national conversation, and our messaging, social media, branding, and verbal combat.

Yes but. The President has failed to defend the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments and he has failed to attack BigTech and Academia and the Mainstream Media for the lies and censorship. I trust that day is coming but the fact is that Trump has allowed the Deep State and its mainstream and social media enablers to flourish with impunity for four years.

QUOTE (5): President Trump was out to destroy the antiquated, dishonest orthodoxy on the free-trade policies and globalism that hae wreaked destruction on US workers and the US economy for thirty years. Anti-US policies acquiescing to unfair trade terms, offshoring US jobs, weak borders, and unrestrained immigration gave way to the new regime of Trumponomics.

Here again Dobbs falls short.  He just cannot bring himself to acknowledge the Deep State and the two-party tyranny  and compromised secret intelligence community and Freemason/Zionist/Knights of Malta Senior Executive Service that have been used to hijack the US Government with bribes and blackmail to serve the UK and Israel. China, Iran, and Russia are not the enemy. The UK and Israel (never to be confused with the Jewish faith) are the enemy within our borders.

Early on Dobbs identifies five strategic areas where President Trump has focused his energies:

  1. Economy/Jobs
  2. Immigration/Borders
  3. Trade/China
  4. National Defense
  5. Foreign Policy

While worthy, here again Dobbs falls short because he is a cheerleader, not a critical thinker and loyal dissenter. The President has failed to address the Cultural Marxism that the Red Mafiya has advanced on behalf of the Deep State, including the total loss of academia, entertainment, and the media to enemies of the Republic. The President has focused on jobs, not minds, not hearts, and not souls.  That is the missing link going forward.

The entire books is worthy of a close read, the authors do an excellent job of covering the basics including why the census matters (California would lose four House seats if we did NOT count illegal aliens when allocating House seats) and the need to break up BigTech.  Dobbs refuses to state the obvious: that Big Tech is owned by the Deep State and that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is the chief censor in the USA — and also the sponsor of 1,087 #RESIST seditionist MeetUps for whom the ADL has arranged a fee waiver.

The book ends well.

QUOTE (317): For the better part of two decades, there wasn't must distinction among our leaders in their worldview. Whether they were military or coporate, finance, law, academia, or media, the globalist elites were part of a great gray orthodoxy that was impervious to challenge or change.  Until Trump was elected. And hallelujah!

Here again Dobbs is afraid to name names. There is nothing in this book about the Rothschilds, the City of London, the Freemasons, the Knights of Malta, the Zionists, the Synagogue of Satan (the Jesuits), and more. He avoids the meat while focusing on the gravy.

All well and good. The world needs Donald Trump and  the world needs cheerleaders like Lou Dobbs. The world also needs killers like Mike Flynn and Robert Steele.

This war has just begun, re-election is Phase Line Alpha for a global war against the 1% that is largely Satanic and pedophilic.

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