Robert Steele: Comment to President Trump

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REQUEST: everyone who cares to, find at @OSSRobertSteele, retweet:

Mr. President,

I believe you will win this next election but you have not done what you need to do to win by a huge margin. You have allowed GOP to screw you over (Dan Schultz has written a book on this) by blocking Trumpers from precinct seats and not doing outreach to the 70% that are not in the two-party tyranny pool.

Here is my HUGE BIG IDEA for your getting a 20% bump on Election Day that you will not get otherwise: SEND THIS TWEET OUT and DO THIS, ideally in the CNN HQ Atrium in Atlanta — with the murder of Herman Cain, Cynthia McKinny is even more valuable and this will carry Georgia as well as attract Independents, Libertarians, Greens, and Sandernista:

Firing @debates back to #LWV. WIll debate @LPNational, @GreenPartyUS @cnstitutionparty on 29 October with @CynthiaMcKinney as moderator.

And at the debate on the 29th, announce that you will be introducing #UNRIG Election Reform Act immediately after election day, citizens can read the free online list of 12 reforms at

I have done all one man can do to help you. I pray this message reaches you today. As Winston Churchill would have said,


Semper Fidelis,
Robert David Steele

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