Robert Steele: Mass Layoffs Good, Jobs Re-Training Better

03 Economy, Ethics, Government

Greg Hunter has a good interview with John Rubino  that I embed below the fold.  What everyone is missing is that most jobs under the Deep State economic model are cubicle rat and lower service jobs, not meaningful work; and that if President Donald Trump confiscates via civil and criminal forfeiture $100 Trillion from Wall Street — in return all the white collar criminals get to avoid jail (or death) — then he has enough for the national economic tri-fecta:

01 Full salaries and one-two years training for everyone that wants to transition to information technology, sustainable localized agriculture and manufacturing, or Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE).

02 National debt jubilee for students, elderly, families, small businesses.

03 Pay off the national debt of $27 trillion.

Below was created by Del Spurlock, Deputy Secretary of Labor for Ronald Reagan, and before that one of the Assistant Secretaries of Defense. He should be brought back into service as Secretary of Labor, IMHO.

PDF (51 Pages): JOBS Reagan Era Labor Resurrection Plan


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