Robert Steele with Javad Heirannia: Interview: US Election Winner Predicted, Most Important Issues Discussed

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Interview: US Election Winner Predicted, Most Important Issues Discussed

By Javad Heirannia                 October 15, 2020 – 11:11                               International

TEHRAN – Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy as well as an activist for Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), contributes regularly to Tehran Times.

Q. What is the most important issue affecting the upcoming US presidential election? (Economy; Foreign Policy; Domestic Policy; etcetera)

A,The most important issue in America is that of spirit, soul, consciousness, and liberty. This next election is not between two political parties that exclude 70% of all voters, but rather one between good and evil; between those who favor faith, family, and freedom and those who favor Cultural Marxism, open borders, the destruction of the family, legalized pedophilia, and complete censorship. I estimate that because of this, we will have a greater percentage of eligible voters voting than have voted since the election of John F. Kennedy (JFK).

The US election in 2020 is not about policy, it is about our soul – about whether we will be a good people at home and abroad, or continue to be a stooge and an agent for the Deep State and the Red Mafiya / Zionists. There are four aspects to this broad demand for a restoration of America the Beautiful:

01  The Deep State & Red Mafiya Exposed, Wall Street Recognized as $200 Trillion Crime Family. In combination with the tweets of President Donald Trump and his many unorthodox but pointed public statements, QAnon and the alternative media have successfully overcome decades of censorship with respect to the Deep State and Red Mafiya control of the USA. In addition, it is now documented that Wall Street has stolen $100 trillion over the past ten years through naked short selling (selling stocks you do not own, keeping the money, never delivering the stock) and also laundered $100 trillion in  the same ten years in dirty money from human and drug trafficking. This empowers President Donald Trump because illicit wealth is confiscatable through civil and criminal forfeiture without trial. By taking back $100 trillion in a negotiation with the partners of the great banking crime organizations (particularly Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, and UBS), the President can pay off the $27 trillion US debt; fund a national debt jubilee for individuals and small businesses; and easily pay for a two-year salaried national jobs retraining program.

I discussed this vital issue in “Has Wall Street Stolen $100 Trillion from the American Public? Will Donald Trump Get It Back?,” (Tehran Times, May 26, 2020). We have more than enough money to assure peace and prosperity for all during our President’s second term.  Subsequent to that article appearing, the below cartoon was created to emphasize to President Donald Trump that he was leaving money on the table.  Before he was settling for $17 trillion; now he understands he can demand half of the total, or $100 trillion. Other cartoons, videos, and documents can be seen at my specialized website Licensed to Steal: Stop Naked Short Selling.

02 Zionist Control of Everything Exposed, from 9/11 to Epstein to Arms Sales, Israel a Liability. Ever since I was attacked for creating #UNRIG, a campaign to put America First by mandating election reform such that Zionist control of our Congress and other government elements would be terminated, I have been keeping track of Zionist “strikes” that I believed would eventually cause the public, including Jews who increasingly reject the criminal Zionist apartheid genocidal state of Israel that is one massive Russian-Israeli-US crime family (the Red Mafiya), to turn against Zionism and demand its expulsion from the USA.  In combination, when the President is ready to disclose the Zionist role in planning and executing 9/11, and the role of 12 nominally US citizens who are Zionist billionaires funding a national network of pedophilia entrapment and child torture and murder activities, the Zionists (never to be confused with the Jewish faith) will be expelled from the USA for the parasite that they are.

Below is an overview of the Zionist parasite with many links, all of which suggest that the days of Zionism in both the USA and the Middle East are less than 777.

Robert Steele: On the Zionist Parasite — America First Demands An End to Israel First (Treason) UPDATE on Zionist Funding & Control of Black Lives Matters, Pieczenik Video (7:13)

The Epstein crime map, including a detailed list of all US traitors and billionaires sponsoring subversive activities in the USA, can be ordered from for $50.

03 Censorship, Gun Control, Surveillance State Show Bureaucracy Controlled by Deep State.

The Great Awakening has been sparked by President Donald Trump’s tweets (despite their being censored in many ways) and his public statements, but more than any other factor, QAnon has created an alternative media universe that has finally triumphed over the Mainstream Media (MSM) and social media “BigTech” or #GoogleGestapo. Prior to the fake pandemic that I wrote about so accurately in my last interview with you, “Interview: A Counterintelligence Perspective on the Wuhan Virus – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?,” (Tehran Times, 12 February 2020), the public was beginning to realize that George Soros and other Zionist criminal and subversive elements were bribing not just the US Congress, but state governors and legislators and increasingly county boards of supervisors or commissioners. Right here in my own county, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is suspected of being bribed or blackmailed into passing an unconstitutional gun control measure that forbids us from carrying weapons in nature reserves where bears have been active in the past year.

COVID-19 is now recognized for what it is, a Rockefeller-Gates Lockdown and an experiment in mass mind control and submission, with the intent of forbidding all rights of open assembly while imposing a mandatory vaccine that includes sterilization and DigitalID elements as well as metals that increase the potency of 5G in crowd and individual incapacitation when desired.

The international class action lawsuit against all elements that collaborated to destroy the world economy and to murder millions of people (many dying from medical malpractice under the direction of corrupt national institutes of health following orders from the World Health Organization (WHO), itself a criminal organization; or dying from lack of proper medical attention to underlying conditions due to lockdowns) is the beginning of the end for the Deep State. Across the USA state-level Supreme Courts are overturning lockdowns as unconstitutional at the same time that mask are being condemned as medical experimentation that is in violation of the Nuremberg Protocols and also known to be harmful over time.

Here are just two references:

A Complete Guide to Coronavirus Lawsuits & Legal Issues

Pennsylvania Coronavirus Restrictions Struck Down By Federal Court

04 Sheriffs, Pastors, and Lawyers are Rising Up – We the People Rebelling at the County Level.

It is my honor to inform your national leadership and your readers that the second most important man in America after President Donald Trump is former Sheriff Richard Mack of Arizona, the founder and leader of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA). In the USA, the elected sheriff at the county level is the ONLY person who has the authority under the Constitution to say NO to federal, state, and local officials – including appointed Chiefs of Police. Because so many of our federal, state, and local officials have been bribed or blackmailed by the Deep State & Red Mafiya, the emergence of this organization – and that fact that 95% of our sheriffs are now joining and beginning to confront corrupt federal, state, and local officials, is of huge significance. On 30 September 2020 at Liberty University in Lynchberg, Virginia over 200 sheriffs came together with a number of pastors, who are also rising, in what was the equivalent of the first gathering of the Founding Fathers of the USA.  Grown sheriffs were in tears and arm in arm with pastors, all committing to a “bottom up” restoration of Christ in community and a rejection of the Satanic Deep State and its Red Mafiya underbelly. Another organization, the Patriots Movement, is organizing Constitutional Lawyers across America, both to defend citizens and sheriffs from unconstitutional actions by Governors and State Legislatures, and to issue restraining orders against laws that are being bribed or blackmailed into being.

To put this in another way: it is now obvious to the public – and particularly to sheriffs, pastors, and lawyers at the local level – that when a federal, state, or local official acts against the public interest, they are more likely than not being bribed or blackmailed – often with pedophilia and murderous pedophilia videos courtesy of the Mossad. The era of impunity is over. All future decisions obviously against the public interest will be subject to intense scrutiny by sheriffs, pastors, and lawyers and increasingly by previously inattentive citizens.

05 The National Security Agency (NSA) has been weaponized against the Deep State, the Red Mafiya and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). This means that the President (who has suffered for years as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) were weaponized against him and General Michael Flynn and others such as honest CIA officer John Kiriakou) now controls all key personalities who have in the past been able to attack him with money and lies.

The below cartoon was used to help President Donald Trump understand that NSA was not giving him everything it could and appears to have had the desired effect.

I believe there is now a 100-person team at NSA dedicated to creating files on “enemy combatants” among whom we count all Members of Congress loyal to Israel First; all white collar criminals on Wall Street; and all elite pedophiles. We know, by name, every person funding, leading, and enabling Black Lives Matters (BLM) and Antifa, both now declared domestic terrorist organizations.

We have in addition changed the rules of engagement for traitors including the domestic agitators funded by the Zionists, elite pedophiles, and white collar criminals – they are being treated as “enemy combatants” who can be taken off the street, incarcerated, and tried by military tribunals, as discussed publicly by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) during the hearings for the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

My specialized website,, features the book I have been sponsoring, Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State, which is free online by the chapter and also has a tag cloud of names in which the Mossad, Netanyahu, and other Zionists are featured. The first volume of the print edition will come out prior to 3 November 2020. A movie may be made in 2022 as part of expelling the Zionist parasite from the USA and from Palestine – they appear to be the primary sponsors of pedophilia and murderous pedophilia not only in the USA but around the world – along with their specialization in organ trafficking and the manufacture and sale of adrenochrome that is produced by torturing children and then draining their blood.

It is of course vital to stress, as the Supreme Leader has stressed,  that the localized enemy in the Middle East is the criminal Red Mafiya Zionist state of Israel, not the Jewish faith that is welcome to live in peace in Palestine as it does in Iran. It is only the criminal elements that sponsor genocide and terrorism and war that must be expunged

Q. What is the most important foreign policy issue in the upcoming US presidential election? (China; Russia; North Korea; Iran; European Union; etcetera)

A, The most important foreign policy issue centers on the end of war by agreement among President Donald Trump, General Secretary Xi Jinping, President Vladimir Putin, and very possibly the Supreme Leader of Iran.

01 Peace in Asia. In Asia, under the leadership of the General Secretary, North Korea agreed to denuclearize and the Koreas agreed to unite. President Trump served a vital role as the “closer” confirming that he would withdraw all US military forces from South Korea if that happened.

02 Peace in the Middle East. The Zionists are furious with President Trump because they see through his deceptive moves buying time, and they understand that in the second term the US will withdraw from the Middle East, arm the Arabs to full equivalency with Israel, and – for this I pray – honor what I speculate is his secret agreement with the Supreme Leader of Iran, and put the full weight of the USA behind the reinstatement of Palestine and the termination of the criminal invented state of Israel (never to be confused with the Jewish faith).

03 A New Jewish Region in Asia. It merits comment that both Russia and China have been planning for decades to eliminate Israel and resettle any Jews not willing to remain under Palestinian rule in the long-standing Jewish Autonomous Oblast in Russia or the relatively new Jewish Autonomous Zone in China’s Manchuria region. In the past decade the Chinese have spent billions on infrastructure including rail, roads, and bridges; still lacking is a completely new and modern port as shown below. The Russians have acknowledged that Vladivostok is a World War II port completely lacking in modern capabilities. The deal is two-fold: on the one hand, to create a vibrant new economic region among the Koreas, Manchuria, Eastern Russia, and Japan; and on the other hand to put the Jews who are not willing to assimilate normally – a problem they have had throughout their history – into a situation where they will prosper if they behave and be smashed if they do not.


04 The End of Zionist Control of Congress and Christian Evangelicals. There are a number of indicators across the USA with respect to the looming expulsion of the Zionist parasite. Most important are the President’s statements recently to the effect that we are only in the Middle East to protect Israel (the sub-text being that it is Zionist war crimes that require us to protect Israel); that Jews are placing Israel First instead of America First; and that we cannot trust the Zionists.  Most importantly, the Christian Evangelical leaders that I believe to have been bribed and or blackmailed to preach the fake Scofield Bible, are being exposed – the recent disgrace of Jerry Falwell Junior stands out. This matters because the 67 million Christian Evangelicals brain-washed into believing in Israel First as a command from God are now being de-programmed.   The Jews themselves – just nine million in number – are now, in the majority, rejecting both Zionism abroad and Zionist crimes within the USA. Jews in the USA, no less than Christians, now see clearly that the Red Mafiya has destroyed the American economy via Wall Street as led by Goldman Sachs; committed a mass sacrifice and crime against humanity with 9/11; and is so Satanic, so depraved, as to treat pedophilia, tortured children producing adrenochrome, and the consumption of child flesh including new-borne babies, as a “currency.” I have no direct knowledge but in combination with the weaponization of NSA against domestic terrorists, and the power of the President as it has evolved over time, I believe that all Members of Congress who have sworn allegiance to Israel First are now on notice and have probably also done video-taped confessions on the specifics of how they have committed treason, in return for leniency.

05 The End of British Control of US Intelligence. It is not possible to understand the past century of Zionist control of the USA without understanding that the Zionists took the British over first, and then the USA. Through bribery and blackmail and inter-marriage, the Zionists today own both the House of Lords and the City of London as well as MI-6 and MI-5. The Zionists and the British acted as one to create the holocaust myth, using American Jewish soldiers sworn to secrecy to stack dead emaciated German soldiers around prison camps for propaganda effect as fake “genocided” Jews, and worked hard to cover up the fact that most – both Jewish and German – died from allied bombing, starvation, and typhus. They also worked hard, including media control, to cover up the fact that the Allies murdered over eleven million Germans after their surrender.

The unanticipated bonus of our full discovery of all details with respect to the Russian witchhunt as devised by MI-6 in full collaboration with John Brennan as director of the CIA, and Gina Haspel his willing accomplice as Chief of Station London, is that MI-6 has been exposed as a subversive element co-equal to the Mossad, to the point that I believe that MI-6 has been irrevocably “burned.” The “special relationship” between US and British intelligence is over.

In the illustration below, note the four images of Haspel, the green phone, NSA, and MI-6. The newest and most important advantage President Donald Trump has today in bringing order to chaos is his discovery that NSA has every ostensibly secure “green line” call between MI-6 and John Brennan, between Brennan and Haspel, between Haspel and MI-6, “in the clear.” MI-6 is never going to recover from their now fully-documented perfidy in relation to the fabricated Russian witchhunt and their complicity in the Imperial College lies on the COVID-19 model.

I must say that I never understood, as an American spy, that everything I said on the so-called secure line was in fact being heard in the clear by NSA for the simple reason that NSA is the crypto-authority for the US Government, and “approves” all encrypted channels.  I now understand that Edward Snowden was a CIA operation conceived by John Brennan and approved by Barack Obama with the intent of shutting down NSA because they had realized that NSA was collecting evidence on their treason. By the blessing of God, Obama was never able to leverage this operation as intended and NSA stayed open. Today it is a decisive factor in President Trump’s power to continue dismantling the Deep State.

If President Trump pardons Snowden, it will be in return for his testimony to this effect, just as Julian Assange could be pardoned in return for telling the truth as I and Bill Binney have always known it: Seth Rich downloaded the DNC messages to a flash drive and handed it to Ambassador Craig Murray who handed it to Julian Assange. And then Seth Rich was murdered, probably by order of Hillary Clinton.

A sub-set of the President’s new-found appreciation for the duality of Zionist and British perfidy is the deepening appreciation for the crimes against humanity perpetuated against multiple generations of American youth from the end of World War II onwards. The revelations now emergent about the British Tavistock Institute; the mind-control programs of both CIA and the National  Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA), both turned over to the Nazis as part of our secret peace treaty to end WWII; the drug running, the child trafficking; the CIA joining with the FBI and the Mossad and MI-6 to bribe and blackmail officials including judges across the USA – all of this is setting the stage for a massive audit and purge across the US secret intelligence and counterintelligence community, and the end of our blind tolerance of British subversion and state crimes against the US economy, the US government, and US society. It merits comment that General Michael Flynn, a man I admire very much, was planning to do just such an audit and purge, and this is the primary reason he was framed by the CIA and FBI with the full complicity of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) after President Trump was elected and General Flynn became the National Security Advisor. I anticipate General Flynn’s exoneration very soon. There is much to do as we seek to restore integrity to US intelligence and US counterintelligence, and then to the US federal and state and local governments as well as the US economy starting with the eradication of white collar financial crime in which the US Senate Banking Committee and the Department of Justice and the Securities Exchange Commission have all been complicit partners.

Q. What is the most important domestic issue influencing the upcoming US presidential election? (Health e.g. Corona); Taxation; Insurance; Salary; etcetera)

A. There are three answers to this question and they are all inter-twined. First, the President has to show the public he has gotten the $100 trillion from Wall Street (or persuade the public that only he can get it after re-election, Joe Biden being Wall Street’s man); second the President has to show how he plans to very rapidly reconstruct the US economy including paid job re-training for all who have lost their jobs to the fake pandemic; and third, he must devise a new and comprehensive architecture for assuring localized self-sufficiency in energy, water, food, and health.

It is nearly miraculous – or a genuine miracle by the hand of God – that the USA has not degenerated into mass violence as a result of the destruction of our $20 trillion dollar a year economy on the basis of lies.  It is now known that 100% of the so-called PCR tests are false positives; that only 10,000 people have died in the USA from COVID-19 (a variation of the flu) alone; and that we have achieved herd immunity.  Special care is still required for the elderly but the cure has been known since Dr. Didier Raoult of France announced its 100% success rate in March 2020: hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) with azithromycin and zinc in modest amounts.

My own medical advisor has offered this complete report, Yoda: A Doctor Reports — Truthful Treatment and emphasizes that it is the zinc that makes the difference, HCQ is what allows the zinc to enter the cell.

For those wondering about the drama of President Trump going to Walter Reed, ostensibly with COVID-19, I offer the opinion that he was not actually infected because he (and Congress and the White House staff) have all been taking HCQ and zinc since April at the latest. What his theatrical performance accomplished is this: it destroyed the Deep State narrative led by Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci, both of whom I believe should be indicted for mass murder.

A 74-year old somewhat overweight man goes in on 2 October, a Friday allegedly infected with COVID-19, and bounces back out fully healed on 5 October, a Monday? As soon as our President chooses – he is a master of timing – Fauci will be doing a public confession, lockdowns will be declared unconstitutional, and there will be a celebratory burning of masks across the USA.

In my view the President is now positioned to declare  the full solvency of the USA including the elimination of the national debt and a debt jubilee for individuals and small businesses; the release of a new asset-backed currency; the possible release of a new Quantum Financial System (QFS) that makes the movement of dirty money impossible; the elimination of the federal income tax (to be replaced by a locally-collected transaction tax that yields much more revenue without burdening the wage-earner); and a national jobs training plan in which everyone needing a job is paid a salary while learning information technology jobs; localized sustainability jobs in energy, water, food, and health; or – my personal favorite – new manufacturing jobs in any of the below nine major Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) sectors with their twenty-seven sub-sectors.

I would be quite honored and pleased if the Supreme Leader of Iran were to take an interest in the OSEE concept, which would in one move eliminate the impact of sanctions on Iran, and turn Iran into an OSEE exporting nation. As I have documented in my latest book, REINVENTING ENGINEERING: The Ultimate Hack — Creating a Prosperous World at Peace with Open Source Everything (Amazon CreateSpace, Earth Intelligence Network, 2020), and with all due credit to Dr. Marcin Jakubowsky of Open Source Ecology, creator of the Global Village Construction Set, it is now possible for any country to create a modern economy for 10-20% the cost of the failed Western model that is 50% waste, 90% profit for the banks; and more often than not, toxic. OSEE is ideally suited as the Iranian as well as the American response to the Belt and Road initiative, with a particular focus on the Central Asian corridor to the north, and the emerging Middle East and North African markets to the west.

Below is the core illustration of the broad possibilities for advantage.

Q. Which candidate has the best chance of winning? (Trump or Biden)

It is not at all certain that Joe Biden, the Senator from Delaware which is to say, the servant of Wall Street, will be the candidate on Election Day.  Both Biden and Kamala Harris have spoken of “the Harris Administration,” and I have one source that has told me that there is a huge fight going on within the DNC as to the change-over. The two options are someone like John Kasich, the failed Republican candidate for President who was uniquely given a speaking slot at the DNC national convention, to come in as the new Presidential candidate to create the appearance of a “unity” ticket  that reflects the reality that President Donald Trump is equally opposed by both parties, because he represents the growing populist movement both right and left (the followers of Bernie Sanders are populists of the left, not communists or socialists). Half the DNC wants to “promote” Harris without regard to the fact that she is also a failed presidential candidate and reviled by all authentic blacks in America. Biden has also resisted being dropped, to the point that I personally anticipate his death in the near term if he refuses to get out of the way.

Having said all that, I will say now that President Trump has already won this election at multiple levels despite being sabotaged by the Republican Party which has fought him in three ways:

01 Over 80 major national stature Republicans In Name Only (RINO) have crossed over and declared support for Biden.

02 Trump supporters are being blocked from filling Republican Party neighborhood precinct seats, half of which are vacant.

03 The Republican Party (and the Trump campaign) are refusing to do proper outreach to Blacks, Latinos, Independents, Libertarians, and Sandernistas among others.

President Trump has three things going for him:

01 He has achieved critical mass with QAnon and his tweets and his general commitment to represent the public interest – the 99% — against the special interests – the 1%. Biden is a lack-luster wasted old man while Trump is vibrant and inspiring. This aspect is so important I recommend to your readers one video interview and one link to ten essays about QAnon:

Martin Geddes on Q and Cultural Marxism II     –     Ten Essays on QAnon

02 He has weaponized NSA against the Deep State – including both political parties – and I believe they are all now playing a theatrical role in a Wrestlemania drama, thanking God for Donald Trump’s mercy. This also means they will not inspire riots nor challenge the Election Day returns all the way to the Supreme Court.

03 He has shut down both electronic election fraud and mail ballot fraud. In combination, exit polls and a small device on every electronic voting machine that sends the vote to an independent “box” at each polling station, will eliminate the normal procedure of setting the machines to designate a winner before the first vote is cast. With respect to mailed-in ballots, all of them are subject to inspection for mail fraud the moment they enter the federal mail system. By cross checking every return against both the Social Security database and the US Postal Service database of known occupants, it will be a simple matter to eliminate most of the fraudulent ballots. We can in addition, using US Marshalls, open all ballots, video tape a count for each state, and then deliver the ballots with the count in hand.

In my view, the President and the First Lady have captured the strong feelings of patriotism and love of country that have been dormant across America since the assassination of JFK. While it is possible that JFK Jr. may indeed be alive and will appear soon to endorse President Trump – perhaps even to be his Vice President in a true “unity” ticket – the fact is that President Trump embodies the spirit of both JFK and Ronald Reagan and he is not a politician. As Iran evaluates the practical and political relevance of President Trump to the future of the world, I commend this quote from Jack Welch, at the time (he has since passed) the most respected businessman in the world, said after meeting the President at the White House:

“They can say what they want about him, but I don’t know if any president has been more prepared to sit in that room and talk business. It was like talking to a peer, not a politician. Hell of a meeting.”


Q. Your answer, while inspiring, is completely inconsistent with all poll results that are being reported across the USA. How do you explain this?

A. I appreciate your integrity in challenging me so that I might have a chance to comment. First, the polls are all wrong for two major reasons: they are over-polling Democrats; and many of the swing voters are reluctant to articulate their possible – I would say likely – support for the President. As we saw in 2016, when London was giving President Trump 20 to 1 odds at best, 200 to 1 odds at worst, those calculating the odds have lost touch with human consciousness in America. Those doing the polls are simply dishonest.

There is another factor, apart from the President’s control of the opposition and his elimination of the possibility of ballot fraud. No prior Presidential incumbent has had in hand or guaranteed upon re-election $100 trillion from Wall Street; NSA data sufficient to “freeze” his enemies before and after the election; and the exquisite business acumen and sense of timing – even a theatrical Wrestlemania sense of timing – that our President enjoys.  I predict that the last ten days before 3 November 2020 will see a “BOOM” each day, to the point that even those who have been brain-washed or mind-controlled into despising our President will be neutralized if not converted.

President Trump is not a religious leader, but as God is my witness, in this forthcoming election he is God’s Chosen One, and he is here to vanquish the Deep State and its Red Mafiya / Zionist underbelly. Election 2020 in the USA is a global election. As I said earlier to you, this next election in the USA is a choice between good and evil; between those who favor faith, family, and freedom and those who favor Cultural Marxism, open borders, the destruction of the family, legalized pedophilia, and complete censorship.

It is my prayer that in this battle, we will triumph, not only for the average big-hearted peace-loving American, but on behalf of all of the people oppressed around the world by the Deep State that has more often than not been funded unwittingly by the American taxpayer.

Dr. Cynthia McKinney, my partner and co-author for #UNRIG, told me once, “Robert, all the bad things you white people are now experiencing, they’ve been doing to black people for centuries.” I agree with her. The Deep State and the Red Mafiya (Zionists) have earned the attention – and the fury – of a majority of white people in the USA today, and that will be their epitaph.

I ask for your prayers as we go into this final battle, confident that we are in the right and fighting for God, for family, for community, and for country. We are fighting, as our Founders fought, in order to form a more perfect union; establish justice; insure domestic tranquility; provide for the common defense; promote the general welfare; and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

None of these are provided today by the federal, state, and local governments in the USA that have been captured by the Deep State and the Red Mafiya / Zionists; what makes Election 2020 so very different is that because of President Trump and QAnon and a few information warriors fighting an asymmetric battle, a critical mass of the US public now gets this. We have donned the armor of God – the Belt of Truth, the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Gospel of Peace, the Shield of Faith, the Helmet of Salvation, and the Sword of the Spirit.

The world can and should expect great things from America after this election.

IMAGE CREDITS: Ben Garrison Cartoons with Permission; Collages by Robert David Steele

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