State of the Nation: Election Theft 2020

Cultural Intelligence

ELECTION THEFT 2020: It’s much worst than we thought!

Fake Polls, Rigged Debates, Big Tech Censorship, Mail-in Ballot Fraud, Fixed Voting Precinct Outcomes, Discarded Trump Votes, Banned Republican Advertising, Blocked Tweets and Twitter Accounts, Hacked Voting Machines, Dead Voters, Illegal Voters, Voter Suppression, Ballot Box Intimidation, Talk of 25th Amendment, Democrat Lawfare in Blue States, Hillary Clinton’s ‘Don’t Concede’ Demand Joe Biden’s Claim He Cannot Lose Except by Theft, False Accusations about GOP Election Theft, Planned Riots in D.C. and Urban Uprisings by Left, Constant Gaslighting of the Electorate by MSM . . .

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