State of the Nation: Kamala Harris Pedophilia Wipe-Out? Robert Steele: Kasich-Warren as the Ticket?

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Why Doesn’t Press Ask Kamala Harris About Covering Up Sex Abuse Of Children?

Kamala Harris is the Kingpin of CIA International Trafficking Operation

Documents show that Kamala Harris ran child trafficking and used her CA AG office to protect predators

ROBERT STEELE: I thought Harris would rise and Corker would come in as VP, after Deep Anus told me Kasich was off the  table. Now I think DNC is seeing that neither Biden nor Harris will do but but both are hanging on and refusing to step down. My best guess is that Biden will die soon and Harris will agree to step aside, the only possible ticket that has a prayer in my view is Kasich-Warren but even there all signs point to a triumph by the President, particularly if he implements my three ideas — blocked by Jared Kushner — in the last two weeks.  The video below discusses 15 aces held by the President, and concludes with the three things he is NOT doing that he could.

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