Stephen E. Arnold: Palantir Smoking Before Vaporizing?

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Stephen E. Arnold

Palantir Technologies: Minor Questions Remain

DarkCyber noted “Techie Software Soldier Spy: Palantir, Big Data’s Scariest, Most Secretive Unicorn, Is Going Public. But Is Its Crystal Ball Just Smoke and Mirrors?” The write up joins the caravan of publications digging into the ins and outs of the intelware business.

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ROBERT STEELE: Peter Thiel hit a a World Series winning home run with PayPal, which is about to roll out micro-cash payments for content on top of its “browse at Amazon, buy direct cheaper” initiative. Palatir is absolute crap. Time to shoot this pig in the head before they steal any more money from uneducated investors.

I have the solution.  For $1,000 per person, I will provide the password to the below drop box.

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