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1. Why did POTUS appoint black hats, e..g., Barr, Wray. Mnuchin? None of the traitors, even low level puppets, have been indicted during his first term in office. Will this decrease his voter support for re-election?

2. Heard that Bush 43 had agreed to a sentence of lethal injection. Is he still alive, giving testimony, or something else?

3. Robert, if I heard you correct last week, you said you were told to stand down on UNRIG. My question is, is that a good thing because they heard you, or a bad thing that they don’t want to discuss it.

4. My county in beautiful Naples, Fl just extended the mask mandate for another 6 freaking months. Any suggestions how to get everyone to be more reasonable and get over the fear mongering?

5. You once said that Reagan was selected by the deep state, but you also mentioned you admired him. Did he double cross the swamp and that’s why he was shot?

6. How can your followers help you in implementing all your genius ideas to save this country?

7. After you interviewed Benjamin Fulford I subscribed to his site. When I read his work, it appears that he thinks the Vatican is working for the good/white hats. I find that hard to believe given the level of pedephilia it is involved in. Your thoughts?

8. How long has election rigging really been taking place in US history?

9. Given the continued tyranny of the UK government – what do you suggest that we the people can do? Any practical suggestions in law or otherwise? Street protests help to blow off steam but get lumped as conspiracy theorists and legal action is costly and gets ignored and thrown out.

10. You mentioned a couple weeks back that you see UK and Iran as enemies of USA. I gather from things you have said since that MI6 colluded with other agents to attempt to take down Donald Trump both before and after his election as POTUS. Also you mention London's Monarchy and other factors as being ruled by the Cabal. Can you say more about the UK and Iran and what actions you see as against the USA?

11. What weight loss system are you using?

12. Regarding the battle being waged by the Patriots on the Deep State Satanic Pedophiles, please comment on, and review, the 5 dimensions in which this war is taking place. (5-D chess being played by Trump)

13. Trump has been skirting a line with the Deep State all along. Can you envision a scenario where he allows Covid vaccines, but on a voluntary basis?

14. “The NSA has it all” : this must be the most deadly statement of the electronic age. Was the presidential title enough for Donald Trump to successfully weaponize the NSA or did he face obstruction?

15. My concern is that those who will not agree to vaccinations, will be stopped from all international travel. Immunization passport system is now being rolled out between the U.S. and Europe. What is your belief about future international travel for those who will not take the vaccine?

16. Is it possible for Bill Binney to thin thread who whacked all the holistic doctors as well as other assassination victims?

17. On election day in Massachusetts we will be voting on whether to implement Ranked Choice Voting or not. Do you have any understanding of this type of voting system? I've heard some states have already implemented it. Some feel it's another way to steal elections.

18. Were you to be appointed to a presidential cabinet position in Open Source Intelligence would you consider forming a Blue Ribbon Committee on Higher Education?

19. What are the chances of the CEOs of major media outlets being indicted for obstruction of justice in not reporting the Biden scandal(s)?

20. Hi Robert – you are clearly having a wider impact as evidenced by this guy Tichenor attacking you as a pedophile sex trafficker who does what you do to eliminate competition. As the old Arab proverb goes, “the dogs bark, but the caravan moves on”. I had not heard of this guy until his videos popped up at beforeitsnews. How you heard of this clown? And thank you for educating subscribers about the perfidious City of London and our enemies the British.

21. I have great respect for Charlie Ward's intellect. I am, however, concerned about the quality of his contacts and informants. Several months ago the dollar reset he proclaimed was coming, didn't. Now, the advanced voting system he told us would be in place for the upcoming elections (which would eliminate mail in ballots and standing in line to vote), didn't. These are two major strikes in my book. Does he get a third before we put him on the shelf?

22. Were you able to remove the covid tracking feature recently installed by Apple on your Phone ? If so, how did you do it? And! Is it really gone?

23. Do you see the hands of israel behind those “terrorist” and decapitations in France?

24. We know that the cabal has been financing and manipulating BLM, but dont you think there are legitimate grievances against these horrible, senseless and daily police shootings? Justice to the families would be irrelevant if they did not shoot to kill every time as a first response…

25. I’ve heard many stories of the U.S. actually being a corporation—how much of this is legend and how much is reality? If so, why was this never taught in school?

26. I got an anonymous post from a board sent to me that Hunter Biden had turned himself in to the FBI and has started singing like a canary and gone into treatment. Have you heard any truth to this?

27. Can you comment on what disruption can be expected after Nov 3, will this include nationwide failure/disruption of the power grid, internet, food supply, etc??? Could the U.S. military refuse to follow presidential executive orders?

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