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1.  Do the President and First Lady really have COVID-19 or is this  the beginning of ten days of darkness?

2. Is there anything to Deborah Tavares' belief in shutting off all of the power grid for the entire country?

3. Why doesn't Trump/the Alliance honestly explain to the world regarding extraterrestrials, the abuse, eating of children, etc.?

4. You mentioned that the majority of congress has dual citizenship w/Israel, who are the ones w/o that dual citizenship?

5. The US has a money supply cash and deposits of $15 trillion. How can you spend $100 trillion confiscated from Wall Street without ruinous inflation, a tsunami of cash chasing goods? Is there practical application for quadrillions?

6. What sources for new science info, such as your discussion of directed energy, would you recommend?

7. Eustace Mullins states Kissinger came here as a double agent under the patronage and control of Helmut Sonnenfeldt of the State Department. Is this worm a Soviet agent?

8. Do you think this latest report on Hunter Biden is enough to see some action taken against h8m and/or the family, and will this be the reason Joe Biden steps down from the election? Seems like Joe is in this corruption deeply.

9. Is the Federal Reserve's plan to dump digital dollars into people's accounts the Cabal's plan or Trump/the good guys plan?

10. Why hasn't President Trump taken action against ANTIFA an declared them domestic terrorists and shut them down?

11. When will we start receiving the fee energy that is magnetism?

12. When can we expect Trump to clean the traitors out of the White House?

13. There is rumor that October 12-18 will be the Cabal currency reset and all money will be limited. It is encouraged to invest in gold & silver. It is said that things will be extremely rough for seniors, disabled, and low level employees. Do you have insight on this topic?

14. Do you have any idea why Veterans Today is obsessed with digging up all kinds of dirt about Trump?

15. Kimberly Ann Goguen claims to be the Trustee for a large Trust which will release massive funds to fix the world's problems. She supposedly met with Trump a couple days ago and told him he is squandering his time on getting re-elected and needs to focus more on squashing the Globalist Agenda. Is she “real”??

16. Pre-debate I noticed the commentator mentioned covid was spiking up to 4,000 a day. Will Trump use that opportunity to use military special ops to rescue children underground and implode DUMBs? Have you heard through rising covid we will go under 2 week lockdown so mass arrests can occur?

17. Your thoughts on the presidential debate?

18. If an audit were done for all key legislators & judges, what would it show and how many would be dismissed?

19. Will there be a military coup?

20. My question is on voting fraud. Its rampant. How will it be controlled? I've little doubt short of fraud Trump has this locked up. Can it be stamped out and stopped, and how?

21. Your thoughts on Trump and First Lady “corona” positive test? Major chess move?

22. What are the odds/chances at least 1 “big name” is arrested before the election?

23. I heard you mention the Mormon church when you were talking about the deep state corruption. Can you elaborate on this?

24. You did a short on how Trump could triumph and deepen his landslide by firing the Presidential debate commission, reinstating the League of Women Voters as the honest broker that includes all candidates for President, and at the same time introduce an election reform act so that Congress in 2022 will have multiple parties as well as Independents such that one party will never again control either chamber.  Can you talk about why this is your central objective for the future?

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