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“Your report keeps getting more vital and honed. There is a strong sense of something in the air, big doings and short time.”

1. What’s your take on all the censorship happening at YouTube and also Twitter, especially against those associated with QAnon?

2. Worldwide 5G Genocide Starting in October. Any truth to it?
3. I heard on another site that Canada is funding money for internment camps for unruly citizens who don’t go along with vaccines and controlled lock downs.

4. What are your thoughts on holding REAL gold and silver as we transition into a new system, regardless of how long that might take?

5. Why is the President not replacing Gina Haspel and Christopher Wray immediately?

6. Why isn’t JFK’s famous “ruthless conspiracy” speech being played constantly to wake people up?

7. Will there still be physical money along with digital money when the reset is put into action?

8. Any anecdotal observations on using metal detox cream please share with the group? I am taking deep sweats in my wood fired sauna but everyone needs a solution.

9. I hope the security for Trump is running at 100%…not only for him and his family as well as for this country. Do you feel that he and his family are 100 % safe?

10. Will Trump/the Alliance present the Adrenochrome information to the public in a comprehensible way? How might they actually share that information, when the time comes?

11. Regarding Waco, What was bill clinton, janet reno and the fbi, so afraid of that they had to burn down that structure and the people in it?

12. If the total of Jews killed in concentration camps was inflated by the Zionists for their sick agenda, what about the 4 million Poles reported to meet the same fate? Is the 4 million Poles accurate?

13. Can your sources shed any light on state, local and federal contingency plans for protecting communities and businesses from potential uncontrolled rioting and arson by unhappy partisans following the Nov. 3rd elections?

14. Do you believe Mike Pence and his wife are Pedophiles? If you do, do you believe Trump knows?

15. Is Bill Barr a member of the Deep State? Does Barr plan to not indict any of the Deep State players like Comey, Brennan, Clapper, etc. Has Barr been fooling Trump?

16. Why do you think the Aga Khan is part of the top of the international hierarchy, whereas he’s just the spiritual leader of the ismaili muslims, one of the 3 branches of shia islam?

17. Was hoping if you might be able to confirm my suspicion that the events in Belarus are a deep state precursor (sandbox dress rehearsal) for what we might expect in the USA if Trump wins?

18. How much longer is this Covid lie going to last?

19. Is JFK Jr coming out today or sometime before the election?

20. When will we find out the truth about Michael (Michelle) Obama?

21. Your take regarding reports of chinese troops in Canada?

22. There are perhaps 12 U.S. Senate seats at risk. Any insights? The Deep State/Cabal seems to be pouring huge sums into some of these races in an effort to flip the Senate. Prognosis?

23. Why the hell does the president not fire the openly defiant General Milley?

24. From someone in Bogota, Columbia: Do we stay quiet and silent? Do we continue to fight alone like crazy Quijotes all over the place? We are surrounded by Deep State here.

25. Is Tavistock just another form of the Illuminati, or is it a true leader of the dark side?

26. Do you agree also, that since there is no treaty of annexation with the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1898, that there should be a military withdrawal of occupation from Hawai’i? The Hawaiian people would like a 7 year exit-transition, and to maintain friendly relations with USA.

27. I have heard that the Chinese released the genetic sequencing of Covid-19 but Rappaport says no one has ever seen the virus. Am I missing something?

28. When do you see holistic remedies like Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) being un-suppressed?

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