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“Your Steele Report on Monday was your best yet.” -Ed

1. The “Covid” Trump allegedly contracted may well have been the result of an EMF or scalar weaponry attack, the chance of which you have already raised. Thoughts? How to defend our President from such? Semper Fi!

2. Update on NESARA?

3. Would General Flynn have taken on the role of a Turkish collaborator (a role that doesn't seem to fit with his patriotic personality) in order to find a way to investigate unpatriotic cooperation between US persons and Turkey?

4. Hello Robert, regarding to your recent talk with a “foreign minister of the shadow Gvt of France”, could you tell more to the french people about the real patriots (“major white hats, respected families”) in France we could join, because Cabal is preparing civil war here too.

5. Why do you think Trump keeps pushing the vaccines, and is offering them free to the elderly, when they are know to be harmful if not deadly?

6. With so many people voting before election day I fear that Mr. Trump may lose the election before Nov. 3rd. If he is going to be making some announcements before Nov. 3rd I think he needs to be making them now. What are your thoughts?

7. I watched the video explaining the Quantum Financial System from Charlie Ward's site and the computer narration said 97% of central banks are on board with QFS. Can you explain if this is truly the good guys solution and is the central bank digital currency the bad guys scheme or is it something else?

8. What is your take on USNORTHCOM and the benefit of its deployment to actively “drain the swamp” in Canada (very close to being like Australia where people don't realize what's going on), Mexico and so? Is the USNORTHCOM commandment completely under the Deep State orders?

9. Is Charlie Ward the real deal?

10. Do you think Donald Trump decided to run for president on his own, or did certain people ask him to do so?

11. The actual number of German soldiers we executed after WW2 bears further scrutiny. What were the logistics of killing and disposing of millions of people in a short time frame?

12. From where I sit, it appears that Trump’s 2020 Campaign is lackluster. If he is really trying to win, why is he just repeating his outdated playbook? With only a few weeks until the election, it seems like he is only going thru the motions, instead of taking positive action.

13. Biden hardrives, Chinese and Ukraine connection? Elaborate on your thoughts of all this stuff coming out please.

14. How will the US election affect Canada?

15. If JFK JR is really alive, why didn't he come out yet?

16. Canada has given immunity to the military regarding internment camps in Canada, and is stating anyone who does not follow the “rules' will be put in these camps…HELP!!! This is so serious. Please address how significant is this threat to our lives.

17. Backdoor proof of Trump integrity. If they had or could get pedophilia material they would have done that before the many costly assassination attempts. Does this reasoning fly in intelligence circles?

18. When you first input a link to Solfeggio Frequencies, I began investigating. My question is: does this have any proven health improvement studies related to using the Solfeggio Frequencies? Could this be construed as a vocal Rife machine as an example?

19. Hi Robert – I know you've said you like this guy, but did you see his post yesterday at VT? He is claiming Giuliani has admitted the Hunter Biden laptop story is a Russian op. From where I sit, Duff has become a clear and present danger. Do you still think highly of this guy?

20. What are the Noahide laws and should we be concerned about them, especially Christians?

21. One thing puzzles me about the Hunter Biden laptop story, namely, why would he leave a laptop with such incriminating information at a repair shop and never pick it up? Perhaps because he was so drug addled he didn't know what he was doing? That doesn't pass the smell test. The whole episode feels too scripted to me, what do you think? Just part of the Wrestlemania script, or something bigger?

22. Thoughts on debate?

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