Arno Reuser: Open Source Intelligence: We have big news!

Arno Reuser

Open Source Intelligence: We have big news!

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Mid-year, Reuser's Information Services, specialised in the delivery of OSINT training and consultancy, joined forces with Triangular Group Academy (TGA). TGA is a training and knowledge institute in the field of safety and resilience. All TGA teachers and instructors have a background in intelligence services, special forces or special police units. Reuser’s Information Services is owned and founded by mr Arno Reuser who founded, designed, and managed the Open Source Intelligence branch of the Defence Intelligence & Security Service from 1990 until 2013.

From now on, TGA provides OSINT training programmes, OSINT workshops and OSINT lectures taught by mr Arno Reuser to allow him to focus entirely on OSINT research and especially the development and quality of the OSINT courses and workshops.

Check the OSINT training page for more information, or, contact our business development director Marlin van Hal (

Develop your open source research skills in our OSINT Pathfinder Course

Are you struggling to make sense of the information overload of open sources in your professional, academic or personal research? In this 3-day course Arno’s OSINT Methodology of structured, systematic and planned research in open sources to produce actionable intelligence including all the essentials of open source research are discussed. You can enrol directly below or take a look on our website for more information! The Pathfinder is the most popular course we have.

  • 3 days of intense training
  • Intense OSINT training for beginners and advanced researchers
  • With OSINT Handbook, online training website, quick reference sheets, software package, help desk and more
  • Learn Arno’s OSINT Methodology of best practices and structured, systematic and planned research that will return the best open source information
  • Background of OSINT: best search engines, deep web, fact checking, Boolean queries, OSINT tools, strategies, sources, security, research planning, fact checking
  • And much more

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Master Course

Have you completed the Pathfinder Course and do you want to further develop your OSINT skills? The Master Course is the next step in becoming an expert in gathering information from open sources. In the Master training programme, students will learn how to solve complex open source research assignments using Arno’s OSINT Methodology. We have for now one OSINT Master Course scheduled and only a few seats available. So if you’re interested in participating, don’t hesitate and register now!

  • 2 days of training
  • Learn how to solve complex open source research assignments using Arno’s OSINT Methodology
  • In-depth course for students that have passed the OSINT Pathfinder course

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NEW! Online workshops

Due to the COVID-19 virus it’s unfortunately not possible for some international OSINT enthusiasts to visit the Netherlands for our OSINT courses. That’s why we introduce various online workshops in 2021! In these workshops mr. Arno Reuser teaches passionately and interactively about various interesting topics in an intimate setting. All workshops consist of 3.5 hours of interactive training. You will also receive access to our training website, quick reference sheets and handouts to read back all information. Make sure you register in time because there is only room for a limited number of participants.

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Our online workshops

Smart queries for smart searching

Finding answers starts with asking the right questions. Constructing proper queries in search engines is one of the biggest problems in online open source research. This workshop will teach participants how to construct productive search queries that will work in any Internet search engine and any database. This workshop will teach participants how to compose complex Boolean queries that will return exactly what you are looking for.

This workshop is ideal for: researchers, intelligence analysts, investigators, students, scientists, military, journalists law enforcement, all who on a regular basis use search engines for serious research.

Date: Monday 1-2-2021 | Time: 9.00 – 12.30 AM & 16.00 – 19.30 PM CEST | Price: € 150 | Maximum of 20 participants

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Anonymous searching

You’re occupied with intelligence or investigative research and you don’t want to leave behind a trail of personal information? This workshop teaches you to search the Internet as anonymous as possible! The workshop will discuss tools, methods and procedures to make online search safe(r) as ever.

This workshop is ideal for: Law enforcement, intelligence analysts, investigators, private sector and all who require anonymous searching.

Date: Tuesday 2-2-2021 | Time: 9.00 – 12.30 AM & 16.00 – 19.30 PM CEST| Price: € 150 | Maximum of 20 participants

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Validation techniques

Fact checking is essential in the post-truth era that we live in. In this workshop participants learn to validate open source information. If you want to increase the reliability of your research than this workshop is right for you! It deals with techniques to ensure the reliability and authenticity of your data.

This workshop is ideal for: Intelligence analysts, investigators, law enforcement, general researchers, journalists, private sector (finance, insurance, market research, due diligence)

Date: Wednesday 3-2-2021 | Time: 9.00 – 12.30 AM & 16.00 – 19.30 PM CEST | Price: € 150 | Maximum of 20 participants

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Country information

Preparing with good information about a country without being overwhelmed with data is essential for those about to go on a mission abroad. This course will present a systematic, structured and planned methodology to get the best country information using free sources on the Internet, online databases and in public libraries. Twelve categories of essential country information will be discussed and for each category the three best publicly available sources.

This workshop is ideal for: Analysts, intelligence, investigators on international (military) missions, researchers in international relations; NGO’s, police, immigration services

Date: Thursday 4-2-2021 | Time: 9.00 – 12.30 AM & 16.00 – 19.30 PM CEST | Price: € 150 | Maximum of 20 participants

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What else is out there?

Opens sources apart from the WWW! Where many assume that the Internet is (almost) the same as the World Wide Web, the Internet has more to offer than just that. Criminals and terrorists may well hide and communicate in uncovered areas such as IRC, NNTP, FTP, etc. A good understanding of the global information landscape, especially with the Internet, is essential for serious open source researchers. An open source researcher does not think Google, an information professional thinks sources. The workshop will give a structured overview of all information available via the Internet that you will not find in the WWW. You will find out that Google in reality does cover only a fraction of what is out there. In addition, the Deep Web will be discussed and looked into. Tools and software will be given as well.

This workshop is ideal for: information business, librarians, archivists, information professionals, security officers, law enforcement, analysts, journalists etc.

Date: Friday 5-2-2021 | Time: 9.00 – 12.30 AM & 16.00 – 19.30 PM CEST | Price: € 150 | Maximum of 20 participants

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In-Company Training

The OSINT training programmes and workshops can be tailor-made for teams of government agencies, companies, international missions, police and all kinds of organizations, both in the Netherlands and internationally. Please contact Marlin van Hal ( for more information.

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Marlin van Hal (Triangular Group Academy) Arno H.P. Reuser (Reuser's Information Services)

t +31 6 2726 6286.

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