BREAKING: Deep State Stealing Election — UPDATES

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The only News Channel that posts this speech by Trump is….wait for it…..RT

‘We did win this election': Donald Trump claims victory, plans to go to US Supreme Court

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Phi Beta Iota: Electoral fraud is clear. So clear the President would be within reason to declare  the entire election null and void and demand a do-over after first passing #UNRIG Electoral Reform Act that includes paper ballots counted publicly onsite, and no mail-in ballots. We pray that God will shine his light on what has become a country divided between Satanic pedophiles leading brain-washed Cultural Marxists, and people of faith, family, and freedom.  The President is paying the price for failing to defend the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments, and failing to do election reform.  Jared Kushner and the Romney-led GOP have screwed him with malice. “We told you so” over and over and over again.


“We Told You So”:

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