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  • August 2020 My Epiphany (feeling), an experience of sudden and striking insight ( I sent you this once but this is what I feel has happened from what I have learned so far in the last 4 years)
  • Writing you this Julie because I respect your courage and your tenaciousness in the convictions of your beliefs as a fellow Anon and proud to call you my friend.
  • Q  says “We are watching a 20 year Movie” and that is exactly what JfK Jr. (who is Q) means. We are watching history being told to us and we are all actors (you and me) in this massive theater production they call The Great Awakening.”  World War 3 ( a digital War) has been won before Trump stepped into office in 2016. Everything in the plan was put into motion and the mass ungodly corruption was wiped from the face of the Earth. Trump is our Movie projector man, our ticket salesman, our popcorn salesman, our movie usher and our sleeper wakeup maestro. The War is over while we slept (were unaware of what was going on) but it is being replayed as a Movie and shown to us so we all understand what happened.
  • That is why they say follow the Plan, Stick to the Plan— It is a massive movie that is on a schedule day by day and hour by hour, minute by minute to wake us up or no one in his right mind would ever believe this happened to us. We are told Patriots have patience….The movie is long but almost over.
  • What is happening now and since 2016-2019  is for the benefit of all the sleepers- Julie, You and I were sleepers but open minded and woke up fast. Others are still sleeping and the “ Movie” is still playing (a replay of what happened years ago) is now for the benefit of sleepers (and you and me as more future things will be revealed to us). This is a hard concept to wrap your head around Julie but I will try and explain it as best as I can. It makes sense in a weird way! What we are watching and experiencing now has already happened (understand that?) it is the past we are watching and it all happened while we were all asleep/ unaware. They are showing us through CGI (Computer Graphic Images), YouTube Anon information, Clones, Holograms, old videos, news articles etc etc. We- you and I have no way of knowing what is real or what is not real as we are not privy to anything other than what they show us in this montage of a gigantic movie they have created for our benefit. We have not seen anything for real with our eyes….other than the Movie they have provided for us to wake us up. Some things seem very real like the Chem/chemical  trails which we saw with our eyes but was there harmful chemicals in them to harm us or just chem/chemical trails for show to tell us about it and show us how the Deep State/ Cabal tried to poison us—most likely chem/Chemical trails where actually invisible when the Deep State did it but our Military blew smoke up our ass for show so we could actually see the Chem/chemical trails. Get it? Smoke and mirrors but for our benefit to tell us this frightening story and many others like it. 911- no airplanes involved- a hologram—building was taken down by sound waves devices planted on every floor which weakened the steel frame to make it collapse. We are all learning the Truth about things in drips…called Full Disclosure.
  • What Q is doing now is gently waking us all up, some faster than others so that the shock of the New Earth (not the New World Order), a different World, a World of harmony and peace, where all people will have plenty of good food, clean water, comfortable shelter, free medical care and will be able to follow a higher purpose humans were meant to have will exist very soon (as soon as this Educational Sleep Waker Movie is over) . A clean planet, a happy earth full of happy people who can raise their children in a Godly environment.
  • We are all experiencing all of the things happening now as mild to severe discomfort waking us up that will gradually change into something wonderful for everyone on the planet as soon as enough sleepers are awoken from their slumber.
  • This only inspires me more to spread the word, scream and yell louder and louder “my profound words” to all these dumb ass sleepers….Wake the “fuck up” so we can all take our lives off of hold and start this great adventure that awaits us!
  • Think this tidbit over and let it roll around in your head for a few days. Does it make sense? Could I be right?
  • Some how we have been in the Twilight Zone, or like in the Matrix— under control of evil which has now been
  • broken and defeated and now nap time is over for all of us as we are gently awaken to our new existence. You may
  • think I have gone off the deep end and that I am CRAZY as I have gone down so many dark rabbit holes to find the light.
  • I wanted to share this with you, a special friend and only you for a few days before I post this on social media.


Video: Charlie War with Jason Q, Tara Dean, Liz 5D

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