James Fetzer: Israel First Will Be Death of Corrupt US Congress

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Jim Fetzer

Candidates for federal office are asked to put interests of Israel ahead: philosopher 

The U.S. Congress has been well-described as, like the Golan Heights, an occupied territory by Israel. As Cynthia McKinney explained on Press TV in 2011, candidates for federal office are asked to sign a pledge to put the interests of Israel ahead of those (even) of the United States, where those who refuse to sign (which are few) find their funding dries up and they lack the resources to campaign or, once in office, discover that, when they run for reelection, they are opposed by a well-financed alternative or that their district has been redrawn and they no longer have a set. Cynthia was able to overcome those obstacles, but Dennis Kucinich was not.

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