Mongoose: 1,000 More Military Flights on 17 Nov 2020 Than Usual

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at 1:05 is where MW says “we have 1,211 aircraft up which is 1,000 more that we would usual see on a day.” Lots of interesting specifics and speculations based upon the aircraft/logfiles follow. 

Two prior videos and text below the fold.

13 November 2020 at 3:20 MonkeyWerks mentions “Kolita Charter Airlines” as definitely “agency birds”.  At 3:42, he mentions black site rendition flights to interrogate individuals. “Not pleasant”.  At 5:00, MW’s says he’s only seen such upticks in traffic with 1) Epstein’s suicide and 2) Maxwell’s arrest.  

10 November 2020 MonkeyWerx says he’s seen a uptick in GITMO activity for the last 7-8 days; ~00:55 on. He then tracks some specific flights, including out of St. Augustine to GITMO, “not usual”.   Larger C130’s suggests to him that troops have been moved in.  The increased commercial/charter flights suggest individuals taken in.  GITMO is referred to as The Spa. Military planes can change call signs mid-air. 

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