Mongoose: Alert Reader on Trump “Must Do” List

Cultural Intelligence

As received.

1. Educating the public requires complete disclosure (leaving things out is still lying so it defeats the purpose as removing the power to exclude truth is the stated goal EVEN THOUGH it will be “drinking from a fire hose” for some):

a. certifying the election fraud magnitude and likely margin (e.g. T 85m B 17m) before SCOTUS. This knocks the hard core “progressive” faction down to a more manageable number of cult-followers. Certain and visible punishment must be used as a deterrent to contain the rest.

b. complete Disclosure of all fraudulent deceptions of the Public including false flag attacks (911), “global warming”, assassinations, and (if sufficient evidence exists) the Apollo landings.

c. complete Disclosure of all treasonous attacks on America, e.g. chemtrails, election manipulation, ISIS, and governmental sponsorship importing aliens (and disclosure of the magnitude of illegals in US).

d. complete Disclosure on secret spending (DUMBs, human and drug trafficking.)

e. disenfranchising all citizens pending formally swearing an Oath Of Allegiance and a demonstration of awareness (a test similar to a drivers license test that includes both citizenship and the facts as we know them).

2. Reforming The Media requires the end of commercially-funded television. The idea of all commercials is to create an impression of ideas and products which was originally benign but now is a sophisticated propaganda tool. A specific example is the Verizon “lineup” commercials in which all manner of smiling aliens are interviewed and have dubbed Americanized voices to normalize the influx of illegals. Commercial-message funding is no longer needed for TV as all shows can be paid for directly on a per-view basis. News broadcasting should have a funding mechanism that puts all internet “alternative news” platforms on an equally-competitive basis, that is, a single news application (such as a ROKU app) provides viewers a choice of ONA, CNN, Fox, Bill Still, USA Watchdog, etc.) and compensates all equally.

3. A repatriation plan (return of illegals) should be publicly announced and begun.

4. Secret spending (e.g., manipulation of the stock market and precious metals) must end. The creation of the Dumbs using a large part of “the missing 21 trillion” shows that secret spending leads to corruption.

5. Obtuse spending (spending that is insufficiently attributed in massive legislation) must end. Local spending should be locally funded (no log rolling). All national spending must be carefully audited and publicly understood.

6. Spending using created currency with no backing must end. This is nothing more than spending the life savings of savers by inflating the currency, devaluing their savings while spending the created currency and is a direct source of corruption.

7. Reforming education must be carried out by removing all forms of CCP funding, removing all obvious advocates of communism and “social justice”, requiring all institutions teach citizenship, ethics, morality, self-reliance, thinking for oneself, responsibility, the history of Communism (including the depredations of those countries who adopted it), what is Capitalism, and The Idea Of America. All schools should immediately add citizenship lectures by guest lecturers to their required curriculum and require the test discussed above.

8. The sources of economic power that overwhelm governments must be contained. All individuals above a certain level of assets must be considered as corporate Trusts to be dismantled (rule via oligarchy must end). All corporations above a certain level must be carefully audited and their assets redirected from propaganda, and must be returned to the investors if not used for their products. All foundations must either be defunded and ended or in some way subject to effective scrutiny.

9. Suppress the use of public service for private gain. For an example of how to do this look to the regulations punishing any military member dealing with contractors who receives kickbacks. Also fund election campaigns publicly using publicly funded town halls, debates, and round-tables so that legislators do not depend upon sponsors.

10. An audit of all States must be established. Failed states overwhelmed with bankruptcy and corruption must devolve to territories pending restructure.

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