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A gentle person wrote in from Qatar and I responded.

From your article “Trump Peace Plan: Sheer Genius” I fully agree that the JK peace plan was presented with the intention to be rejected by Palestine and others in the region and that the other “gestures” by Trump to Netanyahu have been delay strategies until the re-election could be confirmed as I surely expect it to be.  Your daily curation Trump Wins is being read all over the world.

I think the re-establishing of relations between Israel and UAE, Bahrain, Sudan (and more to follow, I am certain of that) would also IMHO block future strategies of Palestinian authorities to reject future plans for their own gains (and for their self-serving effort to maintain the current status-quo) as they will not be able to play the card of future proposed plans not counting with support from other Arab states.

I personally see the hammer coming down big on the Zionist State during the second Trump term — what you Americans would  call a “mandate for leadership” and providing a really viable State for Palestine with large land returns to Palestine, probably Jerusalem being an “international” city, in addition to large improvement in life quality for its citizens and to finally be able to live a life of dignity and sovereignty and have the two states being able to finally live in peace side by side.

A couple decades ago I was many times in Israel working in events and some local friends (I agree from personal experience that there is a huge difference between Jewish people and the Zionist State) of Israel were telling me that given the choice of living in peace side by side with Palestine by giving up illegally stolen land or continue the same insane and inhuman policies, no doubt they would chose the first option…

Is this along the lines of what you see?

Dear Fulano DeTal,

This is a great and useful email. No worries on money, word of mouth is important. I am partners with Dr. Cynthia McKinney who is better known to the Palestinian leadership. I am absolutely committed to an end to the criminal invented apartheid Zionist state of Israel while equally committed to safe haven and prosperity for all Jews who honor their citizenship rather than false Gods in the Red Mafiya. At the same time, Arab dictatorshps and abuses against citizens must come to an end. We are entering the era of informed engaged citizenship. We are also entering an era of free energy and unlimited desalinated water that will turn North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia into an oasis.

Thank you for appreciating the below reference that is also available at Amazon as a Kindle, part of the 50+ Trump Revolution Series.

Robert Steele, “Trump Peace Plan – Sheer Genius – Israel Gone by 2022,” Tehran Times, 31 January 2020.  PBI BackUp  Amazon Kindle

I have outlined my vision for a comprehensive and sustainable peace here:

Robert Steele, “Peace in the Middle East by 2024?,Tehran Times, 30 October 2019. PBI BackUp

Since then I have learned of the joint Chinese-Russian offering to Zionists who refuse to live in peace within Palestine, and discuss it here

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The perfidy of the Deep State Red Mafiya rooted in a captured British government in which CIA manipulates Commonwealth elections as if they were Third World countries with stupid publics, cannot be understood without reflecting on their many crimes against the USA specifically and humanity generally.

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For those interested in my appreciation of the election, written prior to Election Day but not published by the Tehran Times despite their asking the questions, here is my take on the meaning of the Trump re-election:

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It will be easier for President Trump to achieve his plans if he embraces my vision of an Open Source Agency that can create a Trump Studio, truth channel, grand strategy council, and a global network of Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) innovation centres that an lift up the 99% at 10-20% the cost of the failed Western economic model that is 50% waste and 90% profit for the Deep State.

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