Robert Steele: Concept for a Movie on Election & Media Fraud + What Next

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The model they used for Thousand Pieces could work   In combination, a series of interviews plus video of Patrick Byrne's team plus Constitutional and state legislative authority clips plus pulls from the videos and articles at will fill the vacuum between media lies and Trump tweets plus Q plus those of us sharing the truth via our own channels.

Here is what I think would work. Comments from Dr. Cynthia McKinney at the end.


  • Spirit of Lincoln – Hanover Junction, Gettysberg – Insurrection Act Lincoln Executive Order—Arrest and Imprisonment of Irresponsible Newspaper Reporters and Editors
  • History – Cynthia McKinney in Georgia —  the first Diebold election theft
  • How they did it — including UK, Chinese, Canadian, German, French active conspiracy to interfere with US election, CIA servers in those countries
  • How we stopped it – emphasis on state legislatures in swing states plus forenics proof plus law suits and Congressional decision plus the five aces: Assange, Epstein, Snowden, laptops (Hunter Biden and Anthony Weiner), and NSA weaponization to fry DNC and RINO leaders.
  • Why it matters
  • What comes next Electoral College, Supreme Court, Congressional vote
  • What comes next 2022 — Cynthia McKinney on #UNRIG – people not parties, authentic, inclusive, truthful

Daily Public Feed Concept from Now to Movie Release:

  • 2 minutes forensics
  • 2 minutes lawsuits
  • 2 minutes state legislatures Constitutional process
  • 2 minutes foreign interference
  • 2 minutes interview with ONE of below (extract from 15 minute interview)

Arranged interviews with (appearing in alpha order in credits, in value order here)

In the fight:

  • Donald Trump
  • Mike Flynn
  • Sidney Powell
  • Lin Wood
  • Patrick Byrne
  • Dan Schultz

Giuliani and his girl mediocrity appear to have  betrayed the President, as did the GOP. Patrick Byrne can speak to the former, and Dan Schultz to the latter..

Wild Cards:

  • JFK Jr.
  • Juan O. Savin (P)

On the edges:

  • Cynthia McKinney on history (Sidney Powell has the story and used it on TV) and then provides closure with how we take our country back using #UNRIG
  • Bill Binney if you can get him, Kirk Weibe or Dennis Montgomery if not
  • Some of the whistleblowers selected by Sidney Powell and others on the team
  • Ed Vieira on the constitution and  the importance of not conceding to fraud being a greater crime than actually doing the fraud
  • Martin Armstrong on The Great Reset and its intent to destroy democracy
  • Perhaps a French doctor on the Nuremberg Trials being needed for crime against humanity by leaders in Europe/Commonwealth and US Deep State
  • Simon Parkes on Victory
  • Martin Geddes on End of Pathocracy and Silent War
  • A few legislators and citizens from the swing states expressing outrage
  • Robert David Steele on #UNRIG, how it was defeated the first time, now has new life with constitutional sheriffs and constitutional pastors uniting.

Technical Footage:

  • Filming of Patrick Byrne hackers and statisticians, war room, compelling!
  • Filming of President with legal team, legal team with researchers (3 min each)

Organize a dozen clip and a dozen graphics, my collation is here:, am sorting it by date published to help the movie team.

Am thinking

  • before/after clips of electoral votes as called by AP versus as proven in the end
  • Close up of the spread sheets
  • Close up of PA, GA, and five other states
  • Photos of the key people who planned and executed the fraud

End the movie with BigTech/MSM culpability in  two parts:

  • Side by side clips of what they said and what you proved — a dozen of these
  • Photos of the key media individuals who co-conspired in the fraud
  • Robert Blakey on RICO, he wrote the law,
  • Fulano DeTal on going after social media and Anti-Defamation League
  • William Barr on how the law was broken
  • Devin Nunez on how the law will be fixed

Epilogue Happy Ending Bright Future for #MAGA

Epilogue of Cynthia McKinney, co-founder of #UNRIG on what comes next: people not parties, authentic, inclusive, truthful

Sean Stone, the narrator, summarizing how fraud was done, how it was stopped, why it matters, what comes next

If President Trump will agree, a final statement of  commitment to introducing #UNRIG Election Reform Act, ideally with Cynthia McKinney being introduced as his legislative manager for taking the White House bill to Congress.

End with a view of President and First Lady, JFK memorial, America the Beautiful, even Mt. Rushmore.  I would certainly support JFK and DJT being added to Mount Rushmore.  JFK Jr. may or may not be alive, he would be 64 in 2024, the winning campaign could be a strong integration of the JFK-DJT legacies


#UNRIG Video (0:50) Dr. (PhD) Cynthia McKinney in 50 Seconds — Trump Won Big; Expose It All, STAY THE COURSE

Robert Steele: Reflections on Taking Down #GoogleGestapo (aka BigTech or FAANG) and MSM

Robert Steele: Media (Main and Social) Culpable for Lies, Fraud, & Sedition — Insurrection Act Immediately and Deeply Exposes AP, NYT, Other Media to Arrest and Conviction

#UNRIG Election Reform Act of 2020

Alert Reader Writes in:

With regard to your movie, I would think the simplest idea would be to use one of those white-board animator technologies (with or without voice-overs, yours or others), and simply build a chart or puzzle-piece progression or Rube Goldberg-style “machine” that builds — piece by piece, based on documentable evidence known to Powell — the logical progression, state by state, (summing and rapidly building) that shows the pieces of the puzzle.  An affidavit or two here, four more from state X, etc etc but building dominantly on the use of Dominion and other software….  Vieira’s ideas and comments (with voice already recorded), combined with Powell’s sense of strategy  can mimic or model how a case would be presented to one or more Supreme Court justices, state Supreme Court justices, state legislatures et al .. and how the whole thing will fall like a house of cards based on the simple precedent that fraud vitiates all outcome

If there is evidence that can stand up in court that says Trump indeed executed a landslide, then maybe the outcome is an automatic declaration for Trump by at least five Supreme Country judges. But I suspect they and a whole hell of a lot of other people would be more comfortable too holding a brand new election.  (That would put a lot of pressure on Biden, Harris, the DNC and the media.)

A more complicated approach — but one worth considering — is to use Trump’s directives on foreign interference and put together a model of a trail of dominos that would fall once investigation begins. This would put a lot of pressure on the mainstream media.  The question here is how delivery to the media of the finished film can be assured. 

If it is short, it can go  viral. 


So, my idea is to insert footage from previous documentary—I was in many. I think Hacking Democracy is the one that most readily comes to mind. I will get the link to the exact doc and exact footage that I recommend.

I also think that there are veterans of this fight that should not be left out: Athan Gibbs and Bev Harris (Black Box Voting).Had they been listened to back then, we would be in a vastly different place now.

I believe we should be very clear in communicating our post-election fiasco vision so we can maximize public buy-in for a longer-term civic engagement. The messengers of this vision MUST look like the new Patriot Movement that has been created. (Trump vote is an indicator–as distorted as the numbers are.)

This doc could gel the coming-together of the USA in a very big way! It's way for the good guys to turn Rahm Emanuel's “crisis” into a win doe the good guys!

Finally, we must have a “First Step” that people can DO to contribute to the achievement of our vision, thus also creating active and engaged citizens creating a more prosperous USA and world. Using the words of JDK, “lifting all boats.”

Robert, you will recognize the kernels of my Power Cells idea for this doc. Only by coming together will we be able to demonstrate that diversity is our strength when joined with unity of purpose and mission.

Once again, you have come up with a fabulous idea that will allow our country to score a global scale home run! I hope that you can make it happen.

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