Robert Steele: Freeing Special Forces from Conventional Forces And Empowering Them with D3C and OSINT

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Purge: Spec-Ops Command Now Equal to Other Military Branches & Reports Directly to Trump’s SecDef

USDI has the right idea, but it is going to be a real challenge to free SOF not just from the conventional forces, but from the double-burden of all the embedded conventional uniformed and civilian “leaders” combined with all the young “boots” that were — against all dictates of past experience — taken into SOF without proving themselves to the SGT level in conventional forces.

My book,  Reinventing National Security, treated SOF as a separate force and found SOF wanting in many respects in part because conventional minds have taken over SOF and SOF drank  the secret IC kool-aid.

In the 1990's SOCOM J-26 was answering 40% of all SOF EEI with $5M and 22 people.  CIA has since persuaded a series of naive SOF commanders to destroy J-26, and NGIC is wasting $400M on bullshit from BAE.

SOF should be its own force just as the Space force is a separate force.  However, to be successful SOF must return to a 70% White SOF 30% Black SOF instead of its current 90% Black posture; it must become the CORE FORCE for D3C (Defense, Diplomacy, Development, & Commerce; and it must treat OSINT as its primary decision-support feed for strategy, acquisition, policy, operations, and even tactical intelligence, most of which should be multi-national and multi-agency as well as multi-lingual in nature.

White SOF would do well to master the possibilities of Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), which we can embed into a Peace University at Fort McNair, co-located with the Open Source Agency.   As new team ends all wars, we need to shift to much lower cost and more beneficial emphasis on diplomacy, development, and commerce with defense / SOF as  the glue, and begin to export OSEE with the simple objective of ending illegal immigration into USA, Europe, and Australia while enriching our OSEE innovators at home.

The core concepts, documents, and graphics for the Open Source Agency, which would be a natural sister agency for the new SOF Department, are at  Below are just three graphics relevant to the reinvention of SOF.

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