Sidney Powell: New Legal Fund to Election Lawsuits

Civil Society, Ethics

Attorney Sidney Powell needs your immediate support to halt the certification of ballots in Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Over $500,000 must be raised in the next twenty-four hours for these suits to be filed. Millions more will need to be raised to ensure victory.

The longer term mission of the fund is To protect and defend the lawful votes of American citizens, ensure election integrity, educate the world on what it means to be a constitutional Republic, and pursue legal action to preserve the vision of our Founders and to maintain this great Republic.

ROBERT STEELE: I have donated $1000 and everyone that cares about assuring a Constitutional presidency not procured by criminal fraud, to donate what they can. The above site (second version) is at the top of Sidney Powell’s personal site, she has not responded to my email but I believe this is legit and raising $500K in next 24 hours is critical.  I think our network is capable of raising $100K for her, please help if you can.


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