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1. I’m assuming that your have read Charlies whistleblower document – is it as damning to the parties as he states – what the heck will happen to them – and what part does/could it play in, what I call “this malarky” or is it a distraction?

2. RE the watermarked ballots – If this is true – why isn’t it all over and DJT confirmed?

3. I am a mother who cares deeply about the education of children and am currently building a solid case to take down Ohio Education system. In doing so, I am also researching best replacement. What are your thoughts of a Quantum Education System integrated with Open Source Learning, components of Hillsdale curriculum and God in a nutshell research with micro-pod schooling based on student-centered interests?

4. I ran across a video this week from Kim-possible claiming she has intel that Trump has sold out to a powerful cabal family and will be conceding. It was alarming hearing it for me and other friends. Who can I trust? Also mentioned RFK Jr is compromised. Care to Comment?

5. What are your thoughts on why the deep state is continuing with these lockdowns?

6. How does Trumps legal team get by the left wing judges and legislators in the states that will not stop the certification of the election even though there is overwhelming evidence of fraud? Like the circuit judge in Michigan ? And how do we keep the swing state legislators from assigning electoral votes to Biden? Also do you think Supreme Court justice Kavanaugh will rule correctly if it comes down to it …I’m worried about him !

7. Could you please speak to what you know and can share about the Red Queen? Phi Beta Iota mentions this in passing as it relates to the topic of so called star seeds and extraterrestrials.

8. As I am new on your channel Could you please give some news , regarding Europe in general and above all France , as we have a very corrupt leader called Macron

9. Do you give any credibility to the post by James Fetzer concerning the Biden Body Double?

10. The World Economic Forum’s warning about a power grid blackout resurfaced on you tube. do you think trump has us covered or should we prepared for total power blackout?

11. I’m very concerned for the safety of Sidney Powell. Do you know if she is receiving close protection from the President’s secret service? The same question aplies to other key patriots such as Mr. Durham.

12. Robert – do you know anything about Colonel Roy Potter? Who is this guy?

13. In Econ 101 I was taught increasing the money supply is inflationary. Is anyone concerned about inflation?

14. Do you have any insight into who is now directing the message coming out of Fox Television Stations across the country? It seems to have shifted (especially on the local level) here in Dallas.

15. How do you feel about Alan Dershowitz?

16. Can you talk to what you know regarding Russell-Jay Gould?

17. Why do you think no mention has been made of watermarked ballots?

18. They are planning on vaccinating us all within 24 hours. Robert, this is under Trump’s watch. What is going on?

19. this morning Roy Potter has posted a video claiming Trump is behind a “surprise attack” to vaccinate all Americans within a 24 hour period. He claims the National Guard is being deployed for this purpose and they will forcibly vaccinate us in our homes. Is this guy the least bit credible?

20. Why is this initiative, that we were told was to rapidly create a vaccine, staffed predominantly by military and DOD personnel with only a few health professionals? And why is Pres. Trump using the military to distribute the vaccine (as he stated) instead of health professionals?

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