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Below are the questions being answered today.  We are trying to include more questions, grouping them, and then answering groups of questions with one answer. Questions that are already answered within this blog were discarded. Some questions were discarded that Robert does not feel he can answer.


1 Sidney Powell What’s going on with Sidney? Why has Trump distanced? We need her.
2 Sidney Powell At first, I was angry about Sidney's treatment. Then I remembered that things with Trump are often not what they seem. Perhaps she'll replace a swamp creature like the Attorney General? Or the head of the FBI?
3 Sidney Powell Robert – from my perspective, the announcement that SP isn't part of Trump's legal team is a brilliant tactical move. It removes the suspicion that she is a partisan Trump supporter and gives her greater standing as an independent prosecutor representing the American people. Do you agree?
4 Sidney Powell Robert, is it possible Powell is distancing herself from trump so she appears to be working alone and cannot be accused by the MSM of conspiring with Trump by working with/for him to flip the election results for public image purposes?  Is Powell maybe being used to inform the public while pursuing her own case while this takes the MSM pressure off Trump where they may not be able to accuse him of “crazy conspiracy theories”.
5 Sidney Powell What is going on with Sydney Powell being removed from the Trump legal team? Please give us an update.
6 Sidney Powell According to J. Corsi, Sydney's ego was “in the way”, and Trump wanted her distanced. She will continue her actions separately. Your comments?
7 Sidney Powell I heard Sidney Powell will be the new FBI director under the Trump admin?

what do you know about this?

8 Sidney Powell I just heard on mainstream media that President Trump said that Sidney Powell is not part of his legal team. What is going on? And why are we not seeing anything that is supposed to happen happen?
9 Sidney Powell Why is Sidney Powell no longer part of President Trump's post-election team? What happened?
10 Transition Why is fake BIDEN saying he's president elect?? How much longer will these games go on??
11 Transition what are we to make of the reports that Trump has cleared the way for the Biden transition to power? How does that fit into what you've repeatedly called the Wrestlemania script?
12 Transition GSA Administrator Emily Murphy said in a letter that Biden, whom she referred to as “the apparent president-elect,” is now able to get access to millions of dollars in federal funds and other resources to begin his transition to power. Has Trump conceded?
13 Treason Does not every elected official take a oath of office to swear and uphold the constitution of the United States? If so , should not most, if all of the democrats, along with the RINO'S , be charged for perjury and or treason?
14 Dominion servers Did the “good” guys or the “bad” guys get those Dominion computers and software in Germany?
16 Election Fraud Is the evidence to indicate the squad were elected with voter fraud computer methods; AOC, Omar those leftist radical people placed inside our Congress and if so how do we get rid of them?
15 Raid in Germany Was there really a raid in Germany where Army Rangers raided a warehouse and confiscated the servers used in the election fraud? If so did the White Hats get it or did the Black Hats get it?
17 Corsi Did Dr. Corsi just hand Trump Prof. Dershowitz’s “Perfect Storm”. Check out his YouTube today.
18 AG Barr Jeffrey Prather, who believes AG Barr is a swamp creature, has stated that Barr plans to indict Ezra Cohen-Watnick for leaking classified information. Any reason to believe this? Given Watnick's new elevated position in the DOD, this would put Barr at serious odds with the administration.
19 AG Barr I listened to a YT video from the subject dated 11-19-2020. He stated that his sources say that AG Barr is Deep State and that Barr is trying to indict Q.  Any comments?
20 Arrests None Why has there not been one single *publicly announced* arrest of ANY of the fired ‘big name' ex-FBI agents involved in the Russiagate attempted coup, despite the overwhelming documented evidence (proof) against them, including perjury? Do they still have ‘protection' from prosecution?
21 OSA It seems to me that your Open Source Agency is going to be reality soon. Everything I have read from OBM,, Education, Financial, etc. is directly aligned to and implies your OSA solution. What stage are you in with implementing OSA? R&D?-I feel Trump is listening to you and implementing your plans! Are the grants to start it up or R&D? I believe you have done enough research based on your wealth of information on your website! How do I help you here in Ohio?
22 OSA What will replace the mainstream media, assuming Trump will shut it all down? The only channel we watch now is Newsmax. Will all the MSM channels be permanently shut down and if so will that be just the news or their entire show lineup?
23 OSA How do you see the networks and platforms being reigned in, and be “reset”, to eliminate the falsehoods and censorship?
24 OSA What can an “ordinary citizen” do to facilitate and help implement the reality of “open source everything”?
25 1776 Some say this was the implementation of Nesara, what say you – Executive Order on Establishing the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission – the time frame kind of points to it, the order seems a bit odd to me
26 Crypto & Trump How do you see the rise of cryptocurrency (BITCOIN, XRP,etc) and the collapse of the petrodollar affecting Donald Trump's second term relative to reclaiming the 200 trillion dollars that have been stolen?
27 McKinney Has Trump given Ms McKinney a chance for a spot in his next cabinet or is he too busy with the election corruption to even think about cabinet changes at this time?
28 Pedophilia If I specifically want to donate money to help you fight pedophilia, where/what is the place (web address) to go to?
29 Supreme Court Alex Jones stated that Kavenaugh was a “deep state” person. He said most of the judges that will decide the vote are owned by the deep state. What is your feeling about that? Alex Jones's point of view seems so depressing to me–If the deep state owns everyone, then how does this election or government ever get turned around?
30 Nuclear Bio Atk As the Deep State is getting exposed as we speak, it would probably be foolish to think that their game is totally over. As they have tentacles all over the world (even China allegedly has a Deep State), how high would you assess the risk of a nuclear or a biological attack as an intent to further destabalize the US and the world and do you believe they still have such capability?
31 Murdoch Robert … one of your recent short video's you made the statement that Rupert Murdoch was dead and that his Son had taken over Fox News…..can you elaborate on this please.

The last we heard on the subject in Australia is that Lachlan Murdoch had left the Family business due to disagreements in News content….your thoughts ?

32 Zionism I have never been familiar with Zionism. Mark Levin is Jewish, Ivanka Trump has converted to Judaism, because she is married to a Jew. I have read a great deal about it and cannot conclude why it is detrimental. Please explain.
33 Zionists I can't quite square your support of Trump with your support of whistleblowers like Julian Assange, since one of Trump's top donors is Sheldon Adelson, the Zionist who paid for the Spanish security company that spied on Assange while he was in the Ecuadorian embassy. What is Trump doing cavorting with Adelson, Kushner, et al?
34 Electrical Grid Is it true that we are unprepared for an attack of our electrical grid?
35 Mask End? When or how will we end the Governors's mask and social distancing mandates?

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