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0. What is your appraisal of the recent developments on election fraud (capture of servers) and division of labor between Giuliani (election fraud) and Powell (media sedition, cyber-stalking, and tortious interference through censorship and digital assassination)?

1. Can you see Open Source Intelligence quickly becoming a worldwide agency? It would be less proprietary when done out of love and concern rather than hate and fear.

2. I just saw a youtube (11/6) where Benjamin Fulford indicated that you could be our next President, in lieu of DJT or JB. I was wondering if anyone told you?? The nation would be lucky to have you.

3. what if [?]…[in spite of such evidence,] Biden ends up occupying the presidency [through organized Nationwide Fraud & Deception]…Can you comment on possible outcomes in this case… What about freedom, inalienable rights plus the Bill of Rights, can these be permanently denied or even lost???

4. If the Canadian pipeline asset is sold to the Chinese government, could this create a national security risk?

5. I got an anonymous post from a board sent to me that Hunter Biden had turned himself in to the FBI and has started singing like a canary and gone into treatment. Have you heard any truth to this?

6. Historically speaking, do you believe if the South had been allowed to have the same economic ports & trading opportunity the North gave themselves, that slavery would never have occurred (reference Georgia legislature)?

7. I’ve heard many stories of the U.S. actually being a corporation—how much of this is legend and how much is reality? If so, why was this never taught in school?

8. How can the ballots all have a special watermark if the states are responsible for printing them?

9. Is Steven Pieczenik the real deal, along with his assertion that legitimate ballots contain a blockchain watermark with encryption?

10. In your opinion, have we passed the tipping point to ascend to some other threshold in global quantum consciousness?

11. Please comment on Benjamin Fulford’s remark that the US and Canada should merge and become the United States of North America with you as President and Cynthia McKinney as Vice President as well as his video in general at:

12. Please comment on the Hammer and the Scorecard in regards to the 2020 election

13. Can you give more info on the ballot water mark…if USPS applied the watermarks, how did the President keep the Dems from finding out? Every USPS post office would need to be aware of the ballot water marking, so how could that info possibly be kept from the Dems? Is the new USPS Postmaster General pro-Trump?

14. Please address probability of mandatory vaccines

15. How is the administration going to force a thorough audit of the election, since less than a quarter of the states conduct a post-election audit that manually examines paper ballots (not electronic)? It seems that it will be almost impossible to get the Supreme Court involved without solid “proof” that has passed through a lower court.

16. Benjamin Fulford is announcing that you have been offered the position of running the US and Canada. Please give me your thoughts on this, I trust you!

17. What's your take on Esper's replacement?

18. Do you see Trump initiating a national “real news” news room and if so, how soon? Or is it too little, too late?

19. Can you speak to the mindset of those running the “covert space world” (as discussed in the 11/10/2020 broadcast with Kerry Cassidy). Specifically, do you think their mindset is more aligned with that of an ancient dynastic family than a contemporary 21st century American?

20. It seems that the dominion software, Scorecard and Hammer have been used for a long time to influence elections. How come Trump was still able to win in 2016 and why did the Deep State allow this to happen?

21. What can my president legitimately be expected to resolve over the next 2 months, such as 1. the UK/Israel problem, 2. Americas' criminal class: Clintons, Cheney, Brennen, Adam S, Bidens, the pedophilias, etc., 3. the truth of 9/11…. and 4. the closure of overseas bases?

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