Yoda: Alert Reader on Three Zionist “Hinge Years” (1900, 1960, 2020)

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THE THREE ZIONIST “HINGE YEARS” (1900, 1960, 2020)

The year 2020 may in fact represent the culmination of three satanic or Zionist “hinge years” (1900, 1960, 2020), each spaced 60 years apart. Please consider the evidence presented below.


  1. Exorcist Father Malachi Martin remains controversial but he was nonetheless a key figure who worked for Curial Cardinal Augustin Bea during Vatican II and, more importantly, in Feb 1960, read the original Third Secret of Fatima (which may well have described a coming Chastisement involving supernatural fire falling from the sky). On several occasions, Malachi Martin quoted what Satanists themselves believed and said about their own cause and plans. For instance, he mentioned that Satanists prefer not to call the Vatican by its proper name, instead referring to it as “the Citadel”. Malachi Martin said that, in order to fulfill one of their own prophecies, Satanists conducted a ceremony called the Enthronement of Lucifer on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, 29 Jun 1963, just after Pope Paul VI had announced his papal name as the Sixth Paul. About this, Martin wrote: “Satanist tradition had long predicted that the Time of the Prince would be ushered in at the moment when a Pope would take the name of the Apostle Paul. That requirement, the signal that the Availing Time had begun, had been accomplished just eight days before with the election of the latest Peter-in-the-Line”. Even long after this ceremony, in the course of his own exorcisms, many demons would stubbornly refuse to be exorcized, by bickering and arguing with exorcist Martin “… but our Prince is now installed in the Citadel …” etc. (in reference to the same ceremony).
  2. On at least one occasion, Malachi Martin also stated that, during the 1950s, Satanists were already calling 1960 “a key HINGE YEAR for them and their cause”. They often said that Pope Pius XII must be ousted before 1960 so that “their man” could be installed by 1960. Furthermore, pursuant to the request of Our Lady of Fatima, the real Third Secret of Fatima was supposed to be revealed to the world no later than 1960. In the event, Pope Pius XII is alleged to have been poisoned in 1958, and Malachi Martin seemed to hint that the Zionist London-NY-Axis may have threatened to nuke Rome if the Conclave of Oct 1958 did not elect Cardinal Angelo Roncalli. When Cardinal Giuseppe Siri of Genoa was in fact then elected on 26 Oct 1958, the threat in question was delivered, or redelivered, from London, prompting Siri to either step down from or to simply turn down the Papacy, with Cardinal Angelo Roncalli then “elected” two days later.
  3. On 26 Oct 1958, two days before Roncalli's election, white smoke had indeed billowed from the stovepipe extending above the Sistine Chapel for five minutes (continuing approximately from 17:55 to 18:00 local Roman time) and, during these five minutes, Vatican Radio repeatedly announced to the world “habemus papam” (that a new Pope had been elected). The Palatine Guard was called from its barracks and ordered to prepare to go to Saint Peter's Basilica for the announcement of the new Pope's name, Gregory XVII. The Swiss Guard was also alerted. Then came the first puff of black smoke. This event is referred to by many as the beginning of the Eclipse of the Church. In interviews in 1993 and 2004, Father Jean-Marie Charles-Roux, former Vatican official and intelligence officer, claimed that Cardinal Giuseppe Siri of Genoa had been elected Pope Gregory XVII and had also accepted the papal office, but was immediately deposed illegally, without his actually abdicating. According to the same Charles-Roux, a very serious threat was delivered to Siri and the assembled cardinals through Cardinal Tisserant, Camerlengo and Dean of the College of Cardinals. In the confusion, a “shoving match” ensued over control of the stovepipe and the alternating mixtures of dry and wet straw that were placed in it caused the billowing smoke to vary between white and black, he said. Another witness, Italian aristocrat Paul Scortesco, documented the violations of secrecy at both the 1958 and 1963 Conclaves. Scortesco asserted that the threats delivered into the 1958 and 1963 Conclaves came from the world's most powerful Freemasonic lodge, B'nai B'rith (founded by the House of Rothschild in 1843). Former FBI consultant Paul L Williams claimed that declassified USA intelligence documents also show that Cardinal Giuseppe Siri was elected Pope Gregory XVII on 26 Oct 1958. Canon Law 2390, from the 1917 code (which was in effect in 1958) deals with the issue of outside threats and it provides that such threats must lead to the cancellation of the results of a completed ecclesiastical election. Once the canonical election has taken place, any subsequent election of another candidate is rendered null and void. In addition, Canon Law 185 deals with the resignation of an ecclesiastical officeholder saying it is invalid if obtained by threats or grave fear. Since 26 Oct 1958, the Counterfeit Church has maintained its control over the Vatican structures and eclipsed the true Church, fulfilling the 1846 prophecy of La Salette, i.e. the Church will be in eclipse, the world will be in dismay”.
  4. In his 2014 book “Massoni; Società A Responsabilità Illimitata; la Scoperta Delle Ur-Lodges”, Italian Freemason Gioele Magaldi (founder and “venerable master” of Freemasonic lodge Grande Oriente d'Italia Democratico) alleged that Angelo Roncalli (later Pope John XXIII) was a Freemason belonging to two international super-lodges called GHEDULLAH and MONTESQUIEU, into which he had been inducted during his earlier stints in Constantinople and Paris respectively. Under Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI, the Zionist London-NY-Axis undermined the Catholic Church by implementing the disastrous Vatican II Council, which was yet another enormous satanic Zionist ruse de guerre. It is not likely that Pope Paul VI was a Freemason but it is quite possible that he was being blackmailed by Freemasonry. When asked whether Pope Paul VI was a Freemason, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre famously gave the most sensible answer of all to this latter question: “It does not matter: HE THINKS LIKE ONE“.


If it is indeed true that the world's Satanists called 1960 a “hinge year for them” (and this does seem very likely), then that would have made it “numerologically foreseeable” that 2020 would be another such satanic “hinge year”, given that the gap between 1960 and 2020 is exactly 60 years.

Furthermore, the known notorious satanic habit of encoding “three sixes” would indicate that they may have defined 1900 as another satanic “hinge year” too. On closer inspection, there is strong evidence that this was indeed the case, given that the world only narrowly escaped a Freemasonic Pope in 1903 with the case of Cardinal Rampolla. Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro founded a Freemasonic lodge within the Vatican. On 14 Mar 1887, Pope Leo XIII had made Rampolla del Tindaro a cardinal and on 2 Jun 1887 made him the Vatican's Secretary of State. On Pope Leo XIII's death in 1903, the Conclave opened but Cardinal Jan Puzyna, Archbishop of Krakow-Poland, had been ordered by Austrian Emperor Franz-Joseph to veto the election of Cardinal Rampolla as Pope. This was a very narrow escape. Rampolla not only had his own Luciferian lodge, he also had possible ties to the main Swiss Freemasonic grand-lodge in Bern (named ALPINA), to the OTO in Zurich and to Zurich's extremely powerful MODESTIA CUM LIBERTATE lodge. Thus, Austrian Emperor Franz-Joseph heroically spared the world an enormous disaster by foiling this first significant satanic attempt in 1903 to install a Zionist Freemason into the Papacy.

So is 2020 in fact the culmination of three satanic “hinge years” (1900, 1960, 2020) each spaced 60 years apart?

This would certainly appear to be the case.

Absolutely no one can deny that the world changed for the WORSE in 1900, for the EVEN-WORSE in 1960, and then for the ABSOLUTE-WORST in 2020.


The events of 2020 have been absolutely unprecedented, with the satanic powers of so-called “Illuminati” bloodlines and their Luciferian-Freemasonic gophers inventing a hoax “virus” that was not even isolated or ever shown to fulfill Koch's Postulates, as a psychological operation to install worldwide communism according to the Chinese Model (with the UN having, since the 1980s, identified China its “Model State for the World”). Top pathologist Dr Roger Hodkinson called COVID “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public”. In 2020, the Zionists also appear to have stolen the 2020 US “elections” and to have installed Rabid-Zionist warmongers Biden and Harris, who “won” in only 524 of the 3007 counties of the USA (around 17 percent of said counties, and by far the lowest count thereof in history, making the statistics more than slightly suspicious). Eric Coomer of Dominion Systems was quoted as bragging: “I made sure that Trump would not win”, further fueling suspicions that the 2020 “elections” are invalid.

Furthermore, just as the Bolshevik-Zionists genocided 100 million Christians in Eastern Europe under the regimes created following Russia's two “revolutions” of 1917, and just as the Zionists genocided another 150 million Christians in the Christian Holocaust of WW1 and WW2, their major publications clearly state that the Zionists now intend to genocide hundreds of millions of Christians after this installation of worldwide communism in 2020. So beware! Even if they call this flavor of communism “Technocracy”, it is nothing but the same old Godless Bolshevik-Zionism.

Rabid-Zionist Max Boot is a member of the Zionist CFR. He wrote books on quelling insurgency, in which he expressed his preference for the “British Model” used in Malaysia, where Britain turned every city and town into a giant concentration camp in order to quell a Malaysian rebellion. On 6 Jul 2020, Max Boot of the CFR wrote an article titled “What if Trump loses but insists he won?” in the Zionist Washington Post (nicknamed “The Langley Newsletter” for being a cesspool of the still-ongoing Operation Mockingbird). In this article, Boot revealed a scenario that had been “war-gamed” by a group calling itself the Transition Integrity Project (TIP). The TIP played out a scenario in which there would be a razor-thin victory for child-rapist Biden, followed by actions by Trump to keep control of the presidency “through lies and legal wrangling”, it said. The TIP predicted next that civil unrest might lead to civil war as the fight over the White House expanded. And that hints at huge riots starting in the spring of 2021, followed by martial law. All the riots so far were financed by Zionist financial-terrorist and Rothschild-stooge George Soros as part of his custom-made Black Color Revolution which he designed and financed specially for the USA.

But this “Langley Newsletter” article may have been a case of the Zionist Establishment using “predictive programming” to promote a scenario it itself desired all along, namely a contested election, civil war, martial law, forced economic collapse in order to destroy the USA and gut it from within … and with all the blame going on that “nasty conservative” puppetician Donald Trump. This would enable the Zionists finally to much more easily bludgeon the USA into their “new” world order. The oldest slogan of Zionist Freemasonry is “Ordo Ab Chao”, describing how they love to first create artificial chaos and then draw a “better” order from it. The ultimate Zionist dream is the total takedown of the USA as the last bastion of freedom in the world that still stands in the way of the installation of a centralized Zionist dictatorship as posited by so many UN documents for the twenty-first century (such documents also officially referring to this century as “the century of change” and “the century of genocide”). The Zionists may well prefer a scenario that would promote the idea of Trump “stealing” the presidency because they have been trying for decades to induce the perception, especially among the youth, that center-right puppeticians are just clowns, given how they recently cast the likes of GW Bush, Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump from the very same “goofy mold” and given that they especially want the youth to embrace the extreme-left-wing ideology, so that they ultimately lick the Zionist Jackboot and accept Zionist tyranny as “cool”. This is the political equivalent of tell-lie-vision attempts to make center-left comedian Jon Stewart look “young, intelligent and cool” while making center-right publisher Bill O'Reilly look like a “dumb, crotchety old-fogy”, although their public rivalry is just as bogus as the features being attributed to them, given that both are Rabid-Zionists working on the very same team, and for the very same satanic cause.

In the long run, the Zionist goal is not just to have a Zionist totalitarian regime in the USA, but also to destroy the image of conservatives in general so that their only remaining enemy (the right) gets weakened and disabled for so many decades, that Zionism can much more easily accelerate its tyranny into the whole world. Also, keeping Trump in power would serve to prevent the right from pouncing into action in 2021. The point is that serial-child-rapist Biden can help the Zionists accelerate their genocidal plans, but Trump can also serve to ridicule and blame the center-right for a mess that is planned to take place anyway (as there is to be total economic demolition irrespective of which of the two gets chosen).

In the unlikely event that US citizens might finally wake up and make serious attempts to foil Zionism's genocidal plans, the Zionists could still choose to launch an EMP attack to take down the US electric grid and plunge the USA (or any other stubborn country) into years or even decades of total chaos. And that is why we need to prepare for such eventualities by practicing how to live off-grid or else by simply fleeing the Zionist “smart”-cities for rural areas where one can grow one's own food and enjoy greater security. The Zionists already demonstrated their willingness to run umpteen false-flag attacks in Western nations and US-Army spokesmen already confirmed that the 11 Sep 01 false-flag attacks had been launched by the Zionists, killing 3000 victims, so as to “justify” their multiple wars of aggression to establish Greater Israel. The only country never to declare its own borders is Israel because it intends to vastly expand those borders (despite UN condemnation) so as to then become the seat of the Antichrist.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Whatever happens, the Zionists intend to continue their demolition of “advanced” economies until they have achieved the complete destruction of the middle class, and of all small or medium-sized enterprises (i.e. the complete destruction of the so-called “Mittelstand”). And when each “coviet citizen” has been absolutely brought to his knees financially or medically, he will be compelled into total dependency, becoming a ward of the “coviet state”, and will willingly surrender all his property, forfeit all his property-ownership rights and those of his offspring, and agree to his own family being inoculated with genocidal and DNA-altering vaccines. In return, the published Zionist plan is to pay him a lifelong UBI (universal basic income) until his vaccines sterilize him and his food-stamps kill him. Crucially, the “holy” books of Judaism (Talmud, Kabbalah, Zohar and “Protocols”) all state that the Jewish messiah Ben David will never arrive until ALL the property of the world is owned by the Jews. Multiple passages of the same “holy” books of Judaism also call for the total genocide of ALL non-Jews.

People who condemn Wall Street greed (as once sloganeered by the fictional character Gordon Gekko) are really missing the point, because all this is much less about greed than about the Zionist urge to acquire all the wealth of the world so as to fulfill the “religious requirement” for the Jewish messiah Ben David to come. Thus, the rapacious acquisition of the entire wealth of the world has little to do with mere human greed; it is very much more a RELIGIOUS AGENDA.

The Zionist cause has never been unlike the same genocide that Satan envisioned when he vowed never to serve any mortal “Mensch” calling itself a human being. In a nutshell, Zionism has never been about anything else but genocide, and the perfect dictionary defines Zionism using a single word, genocide.

AND MAKE NO MISTAKE: In 2020, the Zionists launched open warfare on all of humanity, open warfare they are no longer even trying to keep secret. They also made sure to reemphasize in concert that there can be NO RETURN TO NORMAL until they have completed their plans for the mass culling of humanity. The Zionists also appear to be preparing 2030 as a milestone year, after which most of their changes may be impossible to undo. 2030 encodes 23, which satanic numerology often uses to represent an infinite string of sixes, given that the factor two-thirds (2/3) corresponds to 66.6666… percent (hence also the UN title Agenda 2030). Further, very many Zionist publications have referred to the coming economic system of “advanced” nations of the West as being post-consumerist, post-industrial and, incredibly, even post-human to emphasize the rise of robotics and the implementation of what Satanists like to call their dream of “transhumanism”, for a highly unlikely juncture at which Satan would become the “chief creator” by finally getting to outdo God! Clearly, their whole idea of “transhumanism” is a case of demonic temerity.

The Zionists also recently declared open warfare on the truth and on free speech, but much greater open warfare than ever before. The world's “intelligence” “services” are united in a body that calls itself the Black Sun, with Britain's MI6 at the very top of its hierarchy. Recently, Zionist-British and Zionist-US intelligence announced their launch of web AI-censorship systems that only permit the official-“truth” narrative for all events, opinions or interpretations. That would soon render it almost impossible to even challenge massive hoaxes such as climate change or COVID. So welcome to the “New Coviet Union”.

Finally, the Zionist Kill Grid, namely the silent-weapons system 5G first rolled out in Wuhan-China in late 2019, is set to induce the symptoms of nonexistent COVID “viruses”. 5G poisons its victims by destroying the O² molecules in the human bloodstream (thus wreaking much more than just pulmonary havoc). The Zionists plan most of their genocide for the big “smart”-cities. The published Zionist designs of all major cities in the year 2100, such as Toronto's one, show geodesic domes over ONLY TINY geographic areas (a final end to “urban sprawl”) because the Zionists plan for the populations of ALL major “smart”-cities to have been very significantly culled by 2100 by means of 5G, microwaving, sterilization, malnutrition and starvation. Hence, it is better to flee the Zionist “smart”-cities. The enormous genocides that followed the induced successes that the Bolshevik-Zionists enjoyed after 1917 already serve as predictive messages for what is to come for all gentiles, but especially for all Christians, after 2020. Recall that the Bolshevik-Zionists razed tens of thousands of churches in Russia, but few or no synagogues. So beware!


  1. They include the top “Illuminati” bloodlines identified in his works by Fritz Springmeier, who are all covertly satanic, but largely overtly non-Jewish, mostly Christian, some Jewish and some crypto-Jewish. They claim descent from Cain, whom they say was the son of Satan and Eve; and they claim that all non-“Illuminati” descended from Abel, whom they say was the son of Adam and Eve. Although the most powerful families often change their surnames, in 1998, Springmeier listed the 20 or 30 most powerful families as: Astor, Bundy, Collins, Disney, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Krupp, Li (from China), McDonald, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, van Duyn and the royal families of Europe, the latter also called “the Merovingian bloodline” (and including Windsor, Hapsburg, Hohenzollern, Burgundy, Savoy, Sinclair or Saint Clair etc.). Because of the worldwide reach of both Zionism and Luciferian-Freemasonry, we might possibly also include such weighty surnames as Khan (India), Yamamoto (Japan), Sassoon (Central Asia), Cohen (Israel), Saud (Arabia), Al-Sabah (Kuwait). Other Zionist “Illuminati” names include Ball, Bennett, Bush, Grace, Hammer, Brady, Acheson, Dulles, Carnegie, Cowles, Bedell-Smith, Harriman, Schiff, Roosa, Brzezinski, Forbes, Donovan, Javits, Mellon, Turner, Coffin, Heinz, MacLeish, Stanley, Pinchot, Whitney, Walker, Steadman and Taft. It is important to mention too that only very powerful people bearing said surnames are “Illuminati” members, AND that many “Illuminati” (like Zionist Heinz-Alfred Kissinger (nickname Henry)) have different surnames AND, finally, that some members (like Zionist “Stalin” (Ioseb Dzhugashvili)) also joined the “Illuminati” by intermarriage.
  2. They include all families in “advanced” nations who raise their children in SRA (satanic ritual abuse) and who, according to SRA-survivor Jay Parker of Arden-Delaware, number over 3 percent of the population in most “advanced” nations today. Springmeier confirms that most of the latter bloodlines raise their children in satanic ritual abuse so as to split the child's personality in the hope of forming “the perfect psychopath“.
  3. They include the major corporations controlled by the latter bloodlines, and all the tax-exempt foundations owned by the latter bloodlines, as well as the counterfeit think-tanks and NGOs they finance to misdirect the public through fakery, including Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Transparency International etc.
  4. They definitely include all Luciferian-Freemasons given that both Zionism and Nazism were created as two sides of the same coin by London's QUATUOR CORONATI lodge, which had as its members the top kingpins of both the House of Rothschild and the English monarchy, with Satanist Edward VII being the Zionist mastermind within QUATUOR CORONATI who designed both WW1 and WW2 as one war in two stages to destroy Germany and to genocide over 40 million German Christians in the German Holocaust.
  5. They include the Zionist-controlled intelligence “services” of the world, which are united in a body called the Black Sun, with Zionist British MI6 at the very top of its hierarchy, followed by Zionist Mossad, the Central Lack-Of-Intelligence Agency (CIA), Russia's FSB (Federalnaya “Sluzhba” Bezopasnosti, Federal Security “Service”), Germany's BND and France's DGSE. All these work together but sometimes pretend to be “enemies”, just as Victor Rothschild (the “fifth man” in the Cambridge Five, and also the mysterious “Capstone” character in Malachi Martin's novels) ran both sides of the bogus “cold war” from 1945 until his death on 20 Mar 1990, when the House of Rothschild finally decided to SUSPEND its staged “cold war”.
  6. They include the Zionist-controlled mainstream-media of the entire world, and all their talking-heads, and all their fake-news channels including Faux News (Fox), See & Listen To BS (CBS), Clinton Network News (CNN), the Beast's Brainwashing Corporation (BBC) etc.
  7. They include the kingpins of Zionist Hollywood, who have two main assignments from their bosses in Tavistock: To absolutely obliterate the Christian family unit and to make money. Tavistock also governs the music business, particularly in its three capitals (LA, NYC, London) and has given it the very same two main assignments. Tavistock is the chief purveyor of Cultural Marxism to the whole world and, along with British intelligence, exported social-engineering projects from Britain to the USA and then on to the rest of the world like Hitchcock, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, “rock music”, “punk rock”, the “new romantics” and other “new wave” trends. Tavistock is all about Cultural Marxism, which is yet another form of Satanism. Depraved child-rapist Tom Hanks is a Zionist “Illuminati” descended from Nancy Hanks, mother of Abe Lincoln (the latter a member of the House of Rothschild by his father AA Springstein). Tom Hanks has the Southern California monopoly over the supply of adrenochrome, which is secreted by the adrenal glands of terrified children as the Zionists sacrifice them to Satan. There are two main underground venues in Hollywood dedicated to child-sacrifice, which conduct “normal” solstice-sacrifices, sacrifices on Witch-Sabbaths and “due” sacrifices where a star must sacrifice a close relative to Satan as a fee for promotion.
  8. They include many celebrities-of-ill-repute like U2's Bonzo, George Clooney (CFR), Angelina Jolie (CFR).
  9. They include the over 50 million brainwashed Christian Zionists of North America, who are an unnatural phenomenon that grew out of the publication of the Zionist-funded and Zionist-mistranslated Scofield Bible that was launched into North America in 1909-17 by Cyrus Ingerson Scofield after Pope Pius X had met with Zionist front-man Theodor Herzl in 1904 and refused him any support whatsoever from the Catholic Church toward the formation of any Jewish State in the Holy Land, forcing Herzl to pander to the ego of the Reformation churches of North America instead. The heroic Pope Pius X may have been the last powerful man in all of history, so far, to courageously tell the Zionists exactly where to get off.
  10. They include the top lodge of Luciferian-Freemasonry, B'nai B'rith, which gives its orders to all the world's Luciferian-Freemasons, in particular to the powerful lodges of Britain which are situated just below B'nai B'rith in the satanic hierarchy. Springmeier claims that the Freemasonic United Grand Lodge of England relays orders from B'nai B'rith to the world's main organized religions on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.
  11. They include the capstone of world power known as the Zionist London-NY-Axis cabal (comprising the English monarchy, the City of London, Wall Street and the House of Rothschild, with the Rothschilds owning and fully-controlling many of their very own vassal states including Israel, Belgium and the EU).
  12. They include the extremely powerful combo of London's Chatham House (RIIA) and New York's CFR.
  13. They include all major world organizations founded and owned by the latter combo, including the UN, the Worst Health Organization (WHO), the Worst Trade Organization (WTO), UNESCO, UNHCR etc.
  14. They include the World Economic Forum in Davos with its freak-show of regulars that launched the whole COVID scam-demic in 2020, like Bond-Villain Klaus Schwab, vaccine-genocider Baal Gates wearing pink sweaters (to intimate that he is “non-threatening”) alongside his “husband” Mel Gates, drone-guy Barrack O'Bomber alongside his “husband” Michael O'Bomber (born Michael LaVaughn Robinson), or Elon Musk (whose Christian name stands for “Extinction Level Opportunity Now” on account of the sheer volume of lethal Cobalt-60 that is set to enter the Earth's atmosphere if a Tesla factory or even a tiny Tesla car-park ever gets nuked) and a vast array of Zionist banksters and other assorted Satanists.
  15. They include most puppeticians of “Pepsi-Coke political parties” (i.e. both the fake-center-left and the fake-center-right) of all “advanced” nations and of most “emerging” nations, with each individual puppetician controlled by Luciferian-Freemasonry. The Fabian Lodge controls the fake-left, and other lodges the rest.
  16. They include nefarious organizations such as the B'nai-B'rith-ADL (i.e. the Pro Defamation League) and the AIPAC Mafia, which induced the puppeticians of the US Congress to give Israeli Fuehrer Benjamin Satan-Yahoo no fewer than 29 standing ovations on 25 May 2011 due to threats from the AIPAC Mafia.
  17. They include all communists (i.e. Bolshevik-Zionists) and most socialists, especially Freemason-socialists, because the power-elite created socialism not to “help”, but to control and manage the masses for them.
  18. Because Zionism is a form of Satanism, Zionism also includes most, if not all, Satanists in the world. In a nutshell, Zionism is a geopolitical satanic cult that owns the vanguard-ideology of the “new” world order which openly intends to install the Antichrist in this, the “Time of the Prince”, and then to cull most gentiles.
  19. Only the tiniest minority of Zionists are Jews, who support the creation of Greater Israel (intended to span from the Nile to Euphrates, as originally indicated by the two blue stripes on the flag of Israel). There are also many good Jews (dubbed “Jewish Schindlers”), who actively condemn Zionism as a clear form of Satanism given that it is identical to its sister-lodge Nazism (both offshoots of QUATUOR CORONATI).
  20. They also include the top satanic Zionist doomsday sect, CHABAD LUBAVITCH, which calls for Armageddon to take place NOW in modern Israel so as to sacrifice Israel's six million Jews to its godhead Satan, in the hope of thus inducing the Jewish messiah Ben David to come to Earth and grant CHABAD LUBAVITCH eternal rule over all mankind. This again proves (as if proof were even necessary) that Jewish Zionists have long been following a false cause, given how Zionism is the exact same as Nazism and really intends to torch Israel's six million Jews as a burnt offering to its godhead Satan so as to gain a satanic paradise on Earth, but only for the top Zionists and their offspring; with Israel's six million Jews immolated as the “entrance fee” into said satanic paradise.
  21. Most Zionists, of all religions, are total jackasses who have no idea whatsoever of the true intentions of the satanic cult into which they were inducted, or else chose to tag along with. Before breakfast each morning, many Zionists are said to click their heels and raise their right arm to salute resolutely “Heil Satan-Yahoo”.


Pope Leo XIII was a very great Pope who courageously fought the twin satanic scourges of Zionism and Luciferian-Freemasonry, for instance when he so eloquently encapsulated the obvious truth by stating: “The world has heard enough about the ‘rights of man'. Let it hear something about the rights of God”.

In 1884, after celebrating Mass and as he was leaving the altar, the 74-year-old and frail Pope Leo XIII fell to the ground as if dead. A few minutes later, his breathing returned to normal and he revived. The most common version of what happened in between holds that Pope Leo had experienced a sort of vision or perception, in which he heard two voices, one of which he took to be that of Christ, gentle and kind and the other that of Satan, guttural and harsh. Satan said, “I could destroy Your Church IF I HAD THE TIME and more power over those who give themselves over to my service”. And then Pope Leo heard Christ answering “You have the power, you have the time: A HUNDRED YEARS“. Some versions state the time as 75 or 100 years but other versions do not include a timeframe.

And this begs the next big question: Did the “IF I HAD THE TIME stopwatch” on this start ticking in 1900?

In any case, we now appear to be extremely close to WW3, which has been long-planned by the Zionist London-NY-Axis cabal or capstone (the English monarchy, the City of London, Wall Street and the House of Rothschild). Albert Pike's letter, dated 15 Aug 1871, to Giuseppe Mazzini gave its general outline.

As stated above, absolutely no one can deny that the world changed for the WORSE in 1900, for the EVEN-WORSE in 1960 and then for the ABSOLUTE-WORST in 2020, along a timescale having gaps of 60 years.

The great historian Webster Tarpley detailed how Satanist Edward VII was the Zionist heavyweight who shattered the period of peace prior to 1900 that is still nostalgically referred to as the “Belle Époque”.

In addition, by now, only a totally depraved or dumb fool would choose to deny the very plain and simple fact that the REAL battle in this world has only ever been between Satan and Almighty God. It can NO LONGER be denied that the intelligence waging open warfare on humanity is satanic. In all likelihood, this fiendishly masterful intelligence is Satan himself; so you had better choose, and seek the protection of, the Right Side. Satan is called the father of all lies and the Prince of this World, and his power would appear to be greater than ever before today, especially the power he grants to all his Zionist Commissars.


In 2020, there is no doubt that a dark specter of evil is now loose in the world. Many believe that the world as we knew it is over, and that the darkest of times lie directly ahead, when many of the living might begin to envy the dead. Those affected worst by this dark specter of evil may be the parents of young children.

The bottom line is that only PRAYER would appear to be the single remaining or proper tool for foiling the Zionist plans to launch WW3 and its associated “GIGACIDE” (i.e. the long-published Zionist plans to cull well over half of humanity, directly in accordance with its “holy” books Talmud, Kabbalah, Zohar and “Protocols”).

The people whom we must pity most are the children of those who refuse to wake up and still insist on getting their “reliable” “news” from the Zionist-controlled mainstream-media; media that cause them to overlook their enormous “informational blind-spot”, such that they unwittingly accrue endless Zionist brainwashing and piles of Zionist lies in their heads. These parents are unwittingly licking the Zionist Jackboot, just as so many gullible victims before them did during the Zionist genocides of Russians, Germans, Eastern Europeans, Armenians, Arabs, Palestinians, or during the Christian Holocaust of WW1 and WW2 with its huge death-toll of 150 million victims. The children of such blinded parents have ZERO protection despite the best efforts of alternative media to rescue them from their own parents, and hence from the Zionist murderers who have openly published their plans to genocide them (while their media abettors cover this up). More than anyone else, we need to pray first and foremost for those children.

DOC (7 Pages with color coding): 3 Zionist Hinge Years (1900, 1960, 2020)



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