Yoda: The SYSTEM & The Population — The Real Reason Elite Want to Limit Population

Earth Intelligence

Alert Reader writes in:

Alternative media here or anywhere are 3 generations of extremely washed brains, just like MSM.

China, “that horrible country, with that policy of “one child per family, abortion and forced contraception, organ harvesting of opponents to the regime” and all that insanity and I, with never-ending questions nobody ever asks, let alone answers.

In 1950, (under Mao, the devil incarnate) the Chinese people were 500 million. Today, 70 years later, they are… 1400 million.  In that scenario, how is it explained? One child per family? How does the math work out? That atrocious Maoist, communism, inhuman, violent, soulless regime, with no faith, no law, no god, how did communism help or hurt them? http://population.city/china/

Africa and decolonization: in 1950, African population was 230 million.  Today, it is 1350 million. Colonization “destroyed” it how? Decolonization helped it… how? https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/AFR/africa/population

India: under colonization or shortly thereafter, fewer than 400 million in 1950.  More than 1400 million in 2020.  Did colonization help or hurt and how? Don’t bother with the curb.  Focus on the table below. https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/IND/india/population-growth-rate

Europe: 550 million in 1950. 750 million in 2020.  Good luck finding graphs or tables and historical numbers, what with those wars and such!  We don’t even know any longer what “Europe” means… https://www.statista.com/statistics/997040/world-population-by-continent-1950-2020/

US 1960 population : 130 millions. 2020 : 330 millions.  Again, forget the curbs and look up the tables.  https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/USA/united-states/population

All those numbers exist ONLY because they help the mercantilist systems make the maximum money they need to, either by pushing humans to have kids or by deciding when to stop them because… well… Earth is still a very small cage with limited resources and Damn it! If we allow too many people, we’ll have to support them when we only need them to work. pay taxes and fight our wars.  We now seriously need to limit them where they have a social order because they start costing way too much instead of them paying into the system and… they refuse to be cannon fodder any longer.  Better grow willing populations in under-developed countries we control.

The numbers are unknown from A.D. Zero to 1950 since census was unreliable (although we know, from the Bible, that it was Rome’s very wet dream and Europe was trying to create one as early as 1799).  People were born, lived and died. Occasionally, countries were invaded, a few hundreds or thousands of people would die but the actual cost of human collateral was never precisely known.

Numbers in all the charts really didn’t start coming out until 1950, just as… the system had developed the means to actually computer-compare the resources on Earth that it appropriated, versus the human contingent it needed to exploit while never allowing it to become a liability (pension plans, social security, health insurance and the likes).

Seen in that light. I would define the start of humane decadence in this cycle at 1950, when the SYSTEM really developed the means to weigh in on Earth resources versus human use and decided where and how to best grow cheap population to best serve its purpose.    

Nobody I know will ever touch that.

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