DefDog: Alert Reader’s Sense of the Situation Today

Cultural Intelligence

As provided by a most respected Alert Reader.

Here is what my test says. I listened to the X-22 Report tonight and Simon Parkes 12/24/2020 update. I can see where they both are coming from. My test is clearer now. I trust my test and the plan.

The NDDA veto will not be overridden by all of congress.

The pocket veto of the Omnibus bill will work and it will not be overridden by all of congress.

Sidney Powell and General Flynn have talked twice.

Gen Flynn has personal access to Trump (phone number).

Trump is now aware that Sidney Powell was denied access. He was not aware of this fact before Gen Flynn talked with him.

Sidney Powell is still the special counsel.  Trump wants her to collect information and communicate with Gen Flynn. Trump will let Gen Flynn know when the time is right for Sidney to go public. Trump will handle his own staff when the time arises.

If I were Sidney, I would contact Adm Rogers and ask for access to Bill Binney as the WH special counsel for the purposes of gathering information only.

PBI: Binney was introduced to Powell by Steele, Binney brought in Montgomery, between them they gave Sidney the keys to Stellar Wind. Although Powell is being blocked by traitors at DoJ, NSA, CIA, and within the White House, on balance we have it all, Binney is getting it, and the President is not going to lack for material that can be declassified to destroy any  traitor.  Remember there are TWO Durham investigation, father and son. Insurrection Act may already be invoked, traitors are handled as enemy combatants, not as loyal citizens. Military tribunals going into overtime? Video production of confessions being prepared for public release 2-5 January?

Adm Rogers has personal access to Trump (phone number). He will make the call. Trump will authorize Sidney access to Bill Binney.

Sidney and Bill will talk and Sidney will know what to do.

2 things are critical.

Sidney must hold her powder. It will be hard for her to do that.

The DS must think that she has been denied access so she can quietly collect data.

January 6, 2021 is a short while off.

The Supreme Court is compromised, however, it does not want to decide the election so I believe it will hand it to the house and Trump will be inaugurated sometime in the future.  January 20, 2021 is not cast in stone.  Presidents have been inaugurated in March before. This is a long game if one plays by the rule of law. I believe that the Insurrection Act  and EO 13748 will be used after January 6, 2021 to quell riots mainly, but the real use for the Insurrection Act and the EO will come after Trump is once again President Trump for a second term and Sidney Powell is finally allowed to release the Kraken as Special Counsel.

The real rats have just started to communicate. Once they do, Bill Binney has them.

Juan O Savin has it right. Maybe by April 1, we will all see things differently.  He is right not to show his face, however, I might take off my ring, if I were him.

Fauci took the vaccine and that means he thinks he is safe. He is not. He is a small fry. He will be deserted just like Pence.  Anyone who takes the vaccine is a zombie in the truest sense of the word and in more ways than one.

Trump will pardon Julian Assange and Ed Snowden, among others. Trump will talk to Cynthia McKinney after he is President again and more properly cleaned out his horrible staff problems. He is a deal maker and the best president that ever lived.

After we get rid of the masks and the social distancing as a consequence of getting of MSM and social media censoring, there may be new elections with no computers, using paper ballots. Mail in ballots will not be allowed, for obvious reasons.  The world is watching us.

This is all true as I can test for the questions I ask. If I ask the wrong question my test is inconclusive.

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