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In terms of situational awareness, both retrospective and current, J. B. White is turning out to be a major mind helpful to the public.

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I’ve rushed to finish this. Consider yourself warned.

In early 2016 I met with a political friend in South Florida. On my trips there we’d get together sometime for drinks and a meal. This time he was perplexed by the staying power of Donald Trump in the primaries.

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On a Feb. 2016 West Coast trip (Northern California & Oregon) I only then figured out why my guy Rubio was not prevailing.

Upon hearing my theory, my friend accepted it as truth: the base was giving the GOPe a test, and the GOPe was miserably *failing* that test.

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They have continued to do so.

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So, as anticipated, the Trump Admin has had to act as an invasion force.

The GOP base gave candidate Trump a mission; transform our party & do so in preparation for a much bigger task.

With notable support from Democrats and Independents, he accomplished said mission.

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On November 8, 2016 candidate Trump won what to some was a stunning victory.

It was not a stunning victory to me.

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I maintained in a prior thread that Benghazi was the final straw for me when it came to Barack Obama.

Looking back, I think a strong case can be made that Benghazi was no accident. It may very well have been a strategic move by Axis powers in 21st Century warfare.

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By the ultimate orchestrator of world events for years now, perhaps decades.

What might those Axis powers be?

A partnership between the Davos globalists and the Chinese Communist Party.

And the leadership of the European Union.

Principally, Germany and France.

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I suspect there has been a somewhat coordinated response to the fallout from Benghazi from nation-state patriots in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East and, of course, the Americas.

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If so, that means Brexit, you should know, was a hard-fought battle won in this 21st Century warfare.

So was the election of Donald Trump.

Of course, the globalists still have control of the British government so that “victory” is somewhat treading water . . . for now.

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Likewise, the globalist partnership with the CCP retains remarkable influence in the United States.

America was always going to be the place where the ultimate battle would be fought.

America *has* to be defeated if this group is to advance to ultimate global control.

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The American taxpayer has paid for worldwide civilizational advance since the 1940s.

And the American taxpayer has paid for worldwide freedom of commerce since the 1940s.

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Along with paying for a worldwide defense structure that has ensured Europeans would not lead the planet into yet another World War.

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I’ve heard Peter Zeihan (for the most part, I enjoy his analyses) repeatedly call these payments “bribes” – and all I can do is shake my head at the muddled thinking.

In my universe, to use the word bribe implies employment of real dishonesty or illegality.

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To use that word to explain what America has accomplished since the 1940s or the world stage betrays a liberal mindset disconnected from actual world history and how innovation works.

Or civilizational advance works.

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America saw a better way for the world to advance. Europe was (and in many ways, still is) stuck in a backward-thinking mindset. America is looking to, and leading the march of humanity, to the exploration of Mars.

The CCP, for sure, is trying to keep up. Thievery 😉

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But . . . the CCP must be given their due.

Far more crafty than the Russians, they are on the verge of pulling off *the* wet dream of the Communist International.

No, ladies and gentlemen, the international organization advocating world communism never went away.

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It merely transformed, utilizing human weakness for claims of utopia to advance its cause.

Yes, the shapeshifting serpents whisper, that detestable and godless theology (Communism) masquerading as an ideology (Socialism) – yeah, that one.

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That theology masquerading as an ideology has been working for decades in America as a hidden movement (Progressivism).

It’s bad news, America. It has always been bad news.

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If you review a chronology beginning with the profoundly unserious Karl Marx in the 19th Century and the shapeshifting serpent’s subsequent attack on humanity via a denial of God Almighty right up to the current moment . . . as I’ve said, we must give the CCP their due.

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They know a sucker when they see one.

They knew it would be easy to sell the intelligentsia of France and Germany on the wrongdoing of the very evil Americans.

England, too.

After all, the Russians had done all the hard work.

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But how do you make *Americans* the sucker?

Answer: through manufactured inflammation of racial strife.

The Russians figured this out decades ago but could never figure out how to make it really pop.

But the Chinese knew how. I’ll have more on this in a later thread.

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For the sake of argument, however, just accept the argument.

Doesn’t the weirdly obsessive coverage of the last few years begin to make sense?

Doesn’t the weird worldwide concern for George Floyd and the parallel “Black Lives Matter” protests begin to make sense?

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Yes, of course it does.

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In steps Donald Trump, out of the shadows, into this 21st Century war.

Campaign announcement *and* his first term.

He’s fully aware we’re in a war we must win.

Fully aware.

I was *not* fully aware when he ran for President of this war.

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Most of America wasn’t.

Nor was most of Western Civilization.

Donald Trump has been the needed tonic to snap us all out of our fat and happy slumber.

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Because of *his* awareness, Gen. Flynn & others, throughout the entirety of his first term, the Trump Admin has been secretly giving significant elements of our branches of govt & agencies very real tests.

Significant elements of them all have failed their tests.

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Given that it appears many sectors of American society appear to have been overly influenced by foreign entities . . . tomorrow, on New Years Eve, I’ll try to give a guess on the process Donald Trump may have utilized to catch them all.

The *how* is clearer.

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By undertaking a historic Defense Intelligence Agency *CounterIntelligence* investigation completely under his control as Commander-in-Chief.

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The DIA had to be secretly used, in part, because our Big Military – leaders at the highest levels of our Armed Forces – have also, incredibly, failed the most basic Constitutional tests imaginable.

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It has been nothing short of stunning to observe by this Soldier.

I simply would not have believed it had I not spent four solid years watching it very closely and being amazed at the sight.

One unbelievable occurrence after another.

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That’s to say nothing of our incredibly dumb ass media, whether mainstream or social.

All levels of it appear corrupted beyond belief.

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The other day, 45 significantly (to me) provided a strong hint at the foundational antidote to all of the craziness we’ve been witnessing.

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45 noted the 850th anniversary of the martyrdom of Saint Thomas Becket on December 29, 1170.

Thomas Becket was a statesman, a scholar, a chancellor, a priest, an archbishop, and a *lion* of religious liberty.

Have you noticed the lion imagery surrounding Trump?


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Today, however, I want to begin my close by highlighting how the shapeshifting serpent’s whisper was able to be so damn successful in our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness country.

And in Western civilization.

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I’ll be using the great Angelo M. Codevilla to do so.

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To begin, I highly recommend a quick read of Codevilla's excellent piece, the Spring 2017 edition of Claremont Review of Books, “The Tipping Point, Douglas MacArthur versus the ruling class.”

Prescient is the word for MacArthur *and* Codevilla.


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Codevilla: “Progressivism’s perversion of our ruling class’s ideas about war and peace began at the turn of the 20th century . . . . [T]his class . . decided to order [Americans] not to defeat an enemy that had already killed some 15,000 of their number, “ . . .

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“. . . but rather to kill and die [for stalemate] to “avoid a wider war” and to foster an international environment pleasing to itself and allied governments. Since then, the U.S. government has won no wars.”

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I take issue with the won no wars thing but that’s a topic for another day.

I may zig a bit here & you may need to zag with me, but at this point you want to revisit points 41 through 49 here (b/c of how Courts have been used by this class):


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If our rights are God-given, and they are, the Constitution mandates it, does a foreign intelligence service such as the British GCHQ (an outfit totally in bed with the globalists) have to respect these rights, or must they do so only as allowed by Queen and Parliament?

Do the Russian Communists?

The Chinese Communists?

No, they don’t have to give a damn about our God-given rights.

More importantly to me, have all levels of our govt become so secular they don’t even acknowledge at the outset on any govt action that we *have* God-given rights?

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Or do they merely mouth the words and concepts?

So help me God?

I’m asking, for instance, you – members of the Supreme Court.

You, Gov. of the Great State of Michigan.

You, mayor of the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.

You, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

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Back in June of 2004 I did a blog post on some site somewhere that likely doesn’t exist now on citizenship.

A concept some have worked hard to diminish.

All of our rights protected in the Constitution arise out of our God-given rights.

Our Constitution is derivative.

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It comes with responsibilities.

Yes, it matters if the USSC performs a God-like action & gives itself standing to decide *if* a sovereign state has “standing” for its dispute to be heard in America's highest court.

We didn’t give the USSC standing to do that shiznit.

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I know the Master of the Universe damn sure didn’t.

What the hell is this imperial judiciary doing?

Other than, I mean, operating as a controller, far outside of its lane provided by the Constitution?

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To all who need to hear it: No, you *don’t* have a choice on the question of whether to acknowledge our God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

None whatsoever, when employed in any way by local, state or federal government.

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Nor do you, United States Supreme Court, have a choice when any one of our sovereign states is involved in a dispute with another state that affects any one of us as citizens of the United States.

An equal protection dispute like voting, for example.

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Back to Codevilla’s Tipping Point piece. He closed his review with two warnings delivered by Douglas MacArthur before he kept his promise to “just fade away” from the national scene.

[1] “In war, there is no substitute for victory.”

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[2] “History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to . . . ”

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“ . . . ultimate national disaster.”

MacArthur spoke the truth.

The CCP, principally by conflating all manner of nonsense in order to obfuscate what this country is and has been to the world, has incentivized American moral decay.

We all know this.

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So does Angelo Codevilla in a later piece for The American Mind.

It’s a long read but a *must-read* if you want good grounding in much of our current problem, especially with the CIA and our Intelligence Community.


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Our Intelligence Community, most especially our CIA, has been a primary tool generating conflate to obfuscate nonsense. They are quite representative of the presumed superiority of our credentialed class, a status that is unearned & practically never survives scrutiny.

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Somewhat like “experts” insisting on the use of masks to protect us from an airborne virus arising out of the same viral family as the common cold and the flu.

Or proclaimed experts producing absurd models showing millions of deaths to get us to lock down for 15 days.

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Back to Codevilla.

Here’s a quick summary of his American Mind article in preparation for closing out this thread:

[a] The CIA is obsolete. Cables show agents’ intelligence takes are inferior to diplomats’. Agent networks are unprotected by counterintelligence.

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[b] As a result, the CIA is ideologically partisan. Its strength is in leading or joining *domestic* campaigns to influence public opinion & the FBI has impermissibly followed suit.

[c] I.C. officials were the key element in the war on Trump’s candidacy and presidency.

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[d] CIA agents gained authorization to electronically surveil Trump & his campaign & defended *their* bureaucratic interests when they are supposed to be in service to the President, sidelining Gen. Flynn & denying or delaying Trump appointments & security clearances.

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[e] Partisanship produces failure. FISA has incentivized political abuse. “Profiling” has failed repeatedly in high-profile cases like the Atlanta Olympics bombing and the anthrax mail attacks. Perjury trapping has become commonplace.

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[f] FISA must be repealed legislatively or through Constitutional challenge in court. It unconstitutionally mingles judicial and executive power in secret and it gave Intelligence a blank check that has been remarkably abused.

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[g] Functions currently performed by CIA should be sheared down. Data infrastructure and consultant networks should be eliminated. Bipartisan opposition to the Intelligence threat should use fierce resistance and lobbying from Intelligence as evidence for the need.

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[h] CIA must be disestablished. Its functions should be returned to the Departments of State, Defense, and Treasury. FBI must be restricted to law enforcement. At home, the Agencies are partisan institutions illegitimately focused on setting national policy.


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[i] When operating abroad, our agencies untethered from the Departments of State, Defense, and Treasury, etc., are untied to specific operational concerns. Also, they are inherently dangerous and low-value.

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[j] It must return to its natural place as servant, not master, of govt.

Congress should amend the 1947 National Security Act.

The President should broaden intelligence perspectives, including briefs from State, Defense, & Treasury, & abolish CIA’s “covert action.”

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[k] I.C. power is founded largely on the public’s, especially within the conservative sector, acceptance of them as expert, impartial, brave public servants.

Changing that perception is needed for any & all reform.

(J.B. White >> this has certainly been achieved)

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[l] CIA professional dysfunction is the rule, not the exception.

[m] Given that the CIA’s founding is a myth that combines a historical falsehood with reference to technical circumstances that have not existed for at least a generation: what *is* the CIA good for?

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[n] Once upon a time, FBI foreign counterintelligence officers were cops first. As was the FBI in general.

Now, a similar question must be asked: what *is* the FBI good for?

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[o] Finally, we should never forget this fact: the CIA was created specifically and primarily to serve the President of the United States.

Created to serve.

Serve our Chief Executive.

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In conclusion, some are stating a binary choice confronts us: concession by Biden or “people who take their oaths seriously” will put out info that achieves the same goal and that would have the side effect of meaning no prosecutions of wrongdoers for their wrongdoing.

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I don’t agree with that.

Tremendous crimes have been committed.

People like Sally Yates, and those similarly situated, must be disbarred and must go to prison.

It’s hard for me to see how the country accepts anything less.

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Tomorrow . . . unless @Tesla holds my interest via their new offer . . . Gen. Flynn, Christopher Miller, Ezra Cohen . . . & the CI investigation . . . of the whole of govt.


Holding the line *wherever* Americans are, we stand ready Mr. President.

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