Mongoose: Rosa Koire Explains Agenda 21 Great Reset

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

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Alert Reader Summary Below the Fold

Sobering and necessary interview to listen to if we want to:

1) understand what Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 are and why they are simple milestones to be achieved before moving to Agenda 40, 50 and so on, until the end-goal of absolute control over all life on Earth has been reached;

2) understand what the end-goal of complete control really looks like for all of humanity. Rosa Koire spells it all the way to the ultimate aim: the determination of what and who has any value worth preserving and conserving, for the exclusive purpose of the complete control over Earth end-game;

3) realize that, more than owning working slaves, the agenda’s aim is to appropriate and own all of human creativity, and define and capitalize on “collateral”, of which humans are only a mere fraction;

4) realize that Deep State has been implementing it for over 100 years, one step at a time, and that the Russian revolution, WW!, WWII, China’s revolution and all wars in-between were incremental, created stepping-stones toward it, in order to better understand and learn how populations can -and must be- controlled; all those steps brought Deep State closer to understanding the human psyche by artificially creating life-and-death situations, so as to better comprehend what makes them “tick”, react, take action and how;

5) dissect how the rush to push people away from large cities and into rural areas has been purposely orchestrated to better analyze their last-resort defense mechanisms and crush them by heavy bureaucracies whose sole purpose is to enforce laws making it increasingly more difficult for them to survive on their own anywhere but in heavily surveilled concentrations such as large cities; how? By restricting their freedom to access water on their land and regulating wells, limiting the plants they may grow, purposely refusing to fix roadways allowing for communication between neighbors, eliminating rural hospitals and schools, and the list foes on.

6) grasp the role immigration plays in chasing populations away from resource-wealthy countries and into already overpopulated countries, purposely depleted of necessary infrastructures for decades;

7) Covid-19 is a mere tool only used only as a measuring stick on how well the Agenda has been progressing since first being implemented, just as all wars and revolutions have been all along. Remember: none of them have ever been “organic”. All of them took years, if not decades. to erupt. Why? Because profoundly, people were not created violent.

What and whom it is about, I have no idea. All I know is that it is NOT of this world and God has no part in it.

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