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Death to Traitors & Pedophiles, Conditional Mercy to All Others Including Goldman Sachs



🚨 Thread: It’s Happening! 1. This may be the most important thread I’ve put together, yet. This is truly an exciting time for America. We are about to witness history in the making. It will, in fact, be Biblical. Not just for Us, but for the world.


2. For anyone who feels/has felt hope is lost, do not despair. Those that kept the faith will be vindicated. The years of wait, frustration & disappointment are coming to an end. You don’t want to miss what’s coming. It will be worth the wait.


3. Q: What took so long?! A: It’s easier to understand if you understand strategy & tactics. This is more than just an election. It’s about saving the Republic. The true depth of corruption had to be determined. If the enemy thinks they’ve won, they relax & make mistakes.


4. If Trump (& team) had gone in immediately after the election, they would have only uncovered the tip of the iceberg. Additionally, the public needed to see for themselves who was a Patriot & who was a traitor. ‘Disclosure’. Now we know.


5. On Friday, 12/18/20, POTUS was briefed by DNI Ratcliffe IAW the NLT date from 2018 EO re: foreign election interference. It has begun. The written assessment is delayed until Jan 2021. Timing is important. It will show CCP’s involvement in the steal.


6. Trump has recently authorized the use of military tribunals (source: Simon Parkes). This means cases of treason/sedition will not be held in civilian courts, where too many corrupt judges were placed. 1st time in his term this has been approved.


7. Anyone (Govs, Secs of State, officials) who ‘knowingly’ took part in fraud or certified fraudulent results will face charges of treason. They were warned, but they violated their oaths of office & chose to violate constitutional law.


8. SCOTUS: cases being sent under Article III (3), of the Constitution, rather than Article II (2) like the original Texas case. Article III forces SCOTUS to hear.

Article III Full Text

9. There are 2 corrupt Justices in SCOTUS (Roberts & Breyer). At some point they will be removed & replaced. Will they be given option to resign or face the harshest penalty for treason?

Supreme Court Biographies

10. Regardless of what happens in SCOTUS, the electoral college votes are counted & certified in Congress. Dueling Electors: can’t legitimately call President-Elect until resolved in Congress.


11. AG Barr will be able to testify after 12/23/20 on behalf of POTUS & WTP. He appointed Durham as Special Counsel. Durham can now prosecute in every state. Sealed indictments are legit. The wait was for tribunals. Can also act to punish courts who ducked their duty.


12. Trump has several tools: Insurrection Act, NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), 14th Amendment, 2018 EO (foreign election interference), 2017 EO (13818), Patriot Act, FISA (foreign intelligence surveillance act), etc.


13. Insurrection Act: ‘The Insurrection Act gives U.S. presidents the authority to deploy active duty military to maintain or restore peace in times of crisis.’ Thomas Jefferson Signed the Insurrection Act in 1807 to Foil a Plot by Aaron Burr

Phi Beta Iota: Martial Law has been declared in the USA over 60 times and the Insurrection Act invoked over 20 times.  This is a no-brainer.

14. NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act). There are numerous provisions beyond defense budget & expenditures. The last one created Space Force.…

15. 2018 EO (Executive Order) re: foreign election interference. You’ve probably heard a lot about this, but 12/18 was deadline for briefing & assessment.

Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election

 16. 2017 EO 13818: Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

17. Patriot Act. While this is still controversial, the law designed to spy on innocent Americans is now being used against the very domestic enemies who sought to harm us.

USA Patriot Act

18. FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act). This was never supposed to be used against US citizens, but now ‘FISA goes both ways.’ Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA)

19. In addition to the tools listed above, Trump has critical assets. The NSA (National Security Agency) & the US military. Unlike the other alphabet soup agencies with heavy DS 🤡influence, the NSA is largely pro-Trump. Cont.

20. In 2017, Admiral Rogers (NSA) tipped off Trump that he was being spied on in Trump Towers. NSA breaks codes & intercepts comms. Recently provided key comms (phone, email & face to face) to Trump re: National Security & treason. Notice the ‘key’.

21. The NSA & others play a key role during the cyber warfare taking place. The hack on SolarWinds (Orion) was done by NSA white hats, to obtain evidence of coordination between enemies, foreign & domestic re: the steal. Connected to Dominion.

22. The US military is currently being positioned for various roles. They are not under DS control. MI (military intelligence) has been helping Trump for some time & the 305th MI Battalion has been assisting with analysis in legal cases.

23. We are NOT facing WWIII. Our Navy is positioned off both coasts to demonstrate that we can more than defend our Nation while we sort things out. US provides 2/3 of funding to UN. Our allies will not send troops to UN to attack us.

24. China knows it would be suicide for them to attempt a conventional invasion of the US. What’s more likely is an attempt by them to seize Taiwan. The US has already anticipated this & will take appropriate actions if necessary.

25. Our Air Force & Space Force already have air dominance & space superiority, respectively. Add Air Force surveillance capabilities & transportation of ground forces. NORAD/US Northern Command = QB; POTUS & SecDef = Coach.


26. US Coast Guard continues their mission: “The mission of the United States Coast Guard is to ensure our Nation's maritime safety, security and stewardship.”

27. USMC (Marine Corps) has a vital role in what’s ahead. Reports say Marines are reporting to various destinations. If Insurrection Act is needed, National Guard units will likely support the efforts of the USMC in maintaining order (limited martial law).


28. Having served in the US Army, I saved it for last. Several units are in position or ready for deployment as RDF (rapid deployment forces). The 82nd Airborne Div. & 101st Airborne (Air Assault) are 2 of the finest. They can deploy via parachute &/or helicopter (air assault).


29. Don’t expect paratroopers or air assault troops over heavily populated areas. They’ll select drop zones & landing zones in open areas within walking distance to their objectives. These large groups can go w/out resupply for a few days. Also secure areas for follow on forces.


30. Special Operations Forces (Delta, Special Forces, SEALS, Rangers, etc.) are trained in irregular warfare. Some have infiltrated Antifa & BLM. Funding seized, command identified. Various other missions.


31. HVTs (high value targets) have been identified. DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases), individuals, entities, command & control apparatus, etc. Forces positioning accordingly. It’s the only way to root out the evil that has corrupted our Nation.


32. What’s next? More disclosure, moves & counter moves. Indicators lead to the Storm hitting in early January 2021. Trump will follow the constitutional route until the military is needed or justified. The DS thought Trump was bluffing & went all in. Big mistake…


33. When Trump invokes the Insurrection Act, expect about 2 weeks of restrictions, depending on your area. Have stocks of food & essentials. Help your community as you would in a natural disaster. Emergency band radios may help. Keep praying.🙏


34. Our President, Federal law enforcement & military need our support, rather than our help during the Storm. Defend your castle & community. They will do the heavy lifting. Instructions may come via EAS (emergency alert system).


35. As evil takes a massive hit, it will cause enemies worldwide to seek shelter. Power relinquished. Restrictions & censorship ease. Transparency in media increases. Some areas faster than others. Truth prevails & evil vanquished.


36. We’ve waited a very long time for this & we are only days away. One day & week at a time. I know you’re ready. We will witness it together & rejoice. You can be skeptical if you wish, but it won’t change the outcome.


37. If you haven’t seen the Simon Parkes videos, they’re very helpful. He’s a very good source of credible information. Any questions? God bless you and yours. ❤️ (end of thread)

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