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1776 Will the White Hats (Patriots) both inside the Government and outside the Government who are in positions of power going to allow are American Republic to fail and be replaced with a Socialist Government under Biden/Harris?

Antifa If Antifa does come out on Sunday with attacks, will the military be ready to defend its citizenry? Should we prepare for potential conflict?

Antifa Antifa had threatened Trump if he did not concede by Sunday they would invade Pittsburgh suburbs and stop familes block back roads from church, work and food for their kids. What happened with this? All has been too quiet…were steps taken by Trump?

Arrests is it true that the royal family of the Netherlands has been arrested ?
Australia Robert what can you tell us about Australia? We are the most secretive country, so we the people are being fed BS.

Clintons Is anyone ever going to investigate the Clintons for the murders?? Anthony Bordain etc.

Congress If supreme ct kicks it out to 1 vote per state, all it takes is 1 or 2 chickens prefering millions to a bullet, for Trump to lose & he has ALL READY said he would concede. Then too late. Why not act now as per Ben's military whitehats to seize media. And start turning country around?

Congress Will the decision go to the house or is this compromised?
Debt Jubilee I was wondering if you think our compound loans (house, credit cards) might be paid off? I believe this kind of banking policies are not lawful practices. What's your thoughts on this?

Deep State Is it fair to assume the enemies of the state, Clinton, Obama, Zuckerberg, etc., are under close surveillance to ensure they do not flee to countries where we do not have extradition agreements?

DoJ Can you confirm AG Barr and special prosecutor John Durham are black hats? If they are, do you know if they are going to be fired soon, or have they already flipped?

Economy does the basis for the prediction of a stock market crash still hold? Or can we assume that since the real physical economy will grow in Trump’s 2nd term, stock market prices will not have to crash?

Economy It is widely believed, especially by non-mainstream economic analysts, that the Federal Reserve Bank is trying to crash the US Dollar, to replace it by something else, and when that happens, gold prices will rise enormously. But now that President Trump has been able to subjugate the Fed, do you think the US Dollar will be made to or allowed to crash and will gold prices rise significantly?

Election Robert, if enough evidence is shown, is there a chance that Biden/Harris would concede so that we don’t have to worry about the SCOTUS or the House?

Election Is the Dept. of Justice investigating all the voting fraud? If not has Bill Barr turned on Pres. Trump?

Election Was all the computer fraud committed with Dominion machines running Smartmatic in both the states and Europe, or was HAMMER and SCORECARD also used? If you don't know, who should I ask for details about the flow of votes and fraud between the US and Europe?

Election Will we get know if Georgia will be checking ballot signatures, prior to the runoff elections, or will Kemp and Raffensberger just wing-it with the mail-ins, as they are instructed by their deep-state and chi-com handlers?

Election Please comment on Gen. Macinerney's comment, “…the military will not allow President Trump to leave office until the fraud question is answered…” This is HUGE!!! Source: 27 November,2020

Election Was this merely a “Sleepy Joe” faux pas as is typically portrayed? Or was this Biden's pre-emptive voluntary public confession just in case things get too hot, and to which he will refer if he steps down to avoid Gitmo, thereby ironically making him almost a hero, especially because in this remark he also threw his boss BO under the bus?

Election Has there really been a full fair physical recount done?

Election When do you think they will have to ramp up the evidence shown and detail that they watched the dominion votes live and know what the true vote count was, and disclose that the true ballots were watermarked and they know that true count too

Election The Deep State/Dems plan to delay election results past Dec. 20 so Pelosi can be put in as President. How do you see POTUS preventing this and securing the presidency?

Election Trump Strategy hello Robert some questions from france. sorry i dont know how your justice systeme works so maybe my questions sound stupid but anyway.

Why Trump goes all around the juridic stuff rather than directly to the supreme court? wwhy does he let some state recount knowing that it doesn't give the good number anyway as they threw away baloot for trump. Does he need to wait and do all this federal justice game before be alowed to go to the supreme court? and can the supreme court declare a cheater like biden the winner and not decide to disqualified him ??? Do you know if the news of general flynn in visit in the hague to the international court is a info or an intox?

ET Is it possible that alien civilizations use inter-dimensional cloaking to conceal the fact that they are actually demonic forces in the heavens?
Flynn Will Gen Flynn be back in Trump administration?

Haspel Parkes report on the wounding of Gina Haspel during the raid in Germany, and her subsequent flip while in flight to Gitmo was astonishing. Can you add anything to this story based on your many other sources?

Haspel I read something you wrote yesterday that you had been in touch with someone in the White House and that Trump said the American people were not worked up enough and the revolution wouldn't be able to be completed until March or April… what do we average citizens need to do to speed this along. Contact our political leaders and demand audits of all voting (I live in Minnesota and am sure much of the conservative votes were nullified with democrat theft). Please give practical things we can do to make our voices heard. My husband wants to start a men's march across America but he's not an influencer on social media – is actually new to that – so I don't see how he'd put together a patriotic army… Also, I'd like to know if Simon Parkes is a real deal – he name dropped you this week – and he says Gina Haspel was shot in the German raid and is now singing like a canary. Can you verify this and when would that kind of information be made public? Why if there's such massive fraud and proof of the steal, does Trump have to barely seek out a win in the House?

Internet If 96% of the internet is the “Deep Internet,” shouldn’t there be a simple way to reach these sites safely?

Jobs You suggest Job training. For what jobs? Will there be Secret Space Program disclosure?

Jobs Looking down the road at AI, what will the world do if mass unemployment were to occur due to AI?

Kraken Your comments please: “The Kraken is a Military Intelligence batallion…?

Kraken Kraken: “is a reference to the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion, based out of U.S. Army Fort Huachuca, Arizona, U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney (Ret.) revealed today.” So, Robert, is this “our Coup”?

Kushner What do you mean when you say “despite Kushner”?

Martial Law If trump doesn’t think we are enraged and engaged enough then what was the damn point of Q? Because we’ve been hearing how Q has kept the American people from going into the streets with guns. Now it’s sounding like that’s what they need to put an end to our suffering? Which is it? I’m not sure I buy that. All of a sudden now we are hearing from Flynn and others that he should invoke martial law. What are your thoughts?

Media Why don’t wealthy conservative leaders create their own news network? Secondly, could the FCC not disbar news stations that have shown overt bias? Isn’t this part of the FCC guidelines?

Media What's the fate of the primary TV channels including CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, etc.? Will these be completely taken down or how will they be reorganized to broadcast the “real” news?

Pence I have read that VP Pence is part of the Cabal and not sincere to President Trump. So why did President Trump select him as the VP? And will he keep him for the 2nd term?

Post Recommended Robert I just watched a video on the dangers of vaccines on narrated by David Sorenson, featuring Dr. Carrie Madij and Bill Gates. Could you please see if you could make this video available on your website? It is vitally important that people, including the president, see this before they ever agree to getting a vaccination.

Religion Could you please explain the role of the of the Jesuits, Christians, real Jews and so called gentiles in the eternal wars in the Middle East.of the Jesuits
Supreme Court Do you believe the Supreme Court will be intimidated/ threatened if the final most significant ruling comes down to them stating this election was fraudulent?

Supreme Court In reading the Roe vs. Wade transcript, the justices do not come across as learned individuals reviewing the strict Constitutional applicability. If citizens truly followed the SC closely, wouldn’t they be ready to change this format?

Supreme Court Are we going to see Chief Justice being a problem?
Trump Kissinger Is this a “Cross the Rubicon” moment, since Trump has just fired the only person you say he visited after being elected President? And if so, what kind of Rubicon do you think Trump has crossed?


Truth & Reconciliation You have been saying since the beginning that you were very big on “truth and reconciliation'. I understand the angle from which you come from: anything but foment violence. However, people have been lied to for so long (possibly since the beginning of the last 10,000 year cycle of humanity) that they need to SEE a few heads roll, if for nothing more than to be reassured that justice is, indeed, being restored and served. I know it is a very primitive (if not primal) need and I too am guilty of it. How do you reconcile truth and reconciliation with restoring our belief in justice if “deals are being made” and it is in all secrecy?

UK Knowing what we’ve done for the UK, why are they attempting to undermine us? Appreciation?

Vaccination Sounds serious to me! I don't trust that we all won't be required to have one to travel or do much–if anything. Why are they doing this???

Vaccine President Trump keeps mentioning that the vaccine is coming. Is it really code for arrests by the military? I'm Canadian, so does it mean the same for Canada

Vaccine Tests So I emailed you already about the complaint filed by DNA specialist about the wrong type if testing used in covid vaccine research. For potential dissemination for advocacy. Are you the wrong place to send this request? Have you scoped out this as unreliable?

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