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Supreme Court decision can best be understood as setting the stage for the five swing state legislatures disregarding their rigged public vote and sending Trump electors next week. Under the same reasoning, other states will not have standing to object.

ET I watched a piece Dark Journalist did on this when it first came out in 2018. IT kinda died after that. A very interesting story how it came about, and now what has been discovered written in it concerning many things including ET's. Might you have any further Xtel on this subject and is it true DJT has it under wraps for now?

Armstrong I have tracked Armstrong for a decade now. I have also attended his conference in Florida several years back. The predictions offer no hope! Nothing but the stock market is going up…and then what does one do with their money? Gold confiscated, crypto's eliminated, real estate down… China/socialism taking over. WHERE is the hope???? Where is there a world we want to wake up in and live in?

Armstrong Wrong? Martin Armstrong’s report paints a gruesome picture. His prognostications assume the Swamp will not be drained and the Deep State will pursue their NWO agenda, even if Trump remains in office. Do you agree? Did Martin say anything hopeful and encouraging?

Assassination Hello Mr Steele, Thanks for all you do. I am worried for Mr Trump and the plan as well. And my question is what if something happens to him? How would that affect the plan to get rid of evil?

Biden Has Jo Biden been arrested? If so, for what? Is he wearing an ankle bracelet? On which leg? The one under the boot? Or it that just a decoy?
Biden Pardon Robert – you've probably heard the rumors this morning that Biden has asked Trump for a pardon in exchange for conceding the election. Is there anything to these rumors?

China Are Chinese troops now in Canada and Mexico? Do we have Naval fleets cruising our coasts and massive troop movements in the US preparing for invasion?

Chinese in Maine Is there any truth to the Hal Turner commentary regarding 50,000 Chinese being killed in Maine? Could there be an invasion from the north and south?

Civil War Would you agree with this possible explanation for the Democrats choosing the two worst candidates ever and stealing the election blatantly? I think they want this country to slip into civil war and if Biden/Harris take office, it will happen, and if they don't, it very well may happen. They will see to it. The objective is to destroy this country from within and provide enough fear to make people accept the Great Reset and the globalist “rescue.”

Clones Is it true that the Cabal makes clones of its key people, such as a clone of Obama (to act as a body double)?

Election I am worried for Mr Trump and the plan as well. And my question is what if something happens to him? How would that affect the plan to get rid of evil?

Election Trump's investigations into the election fraud have discovered evidence of several countrie's involvement in illegal influence. Included in this list are China and Iran. Do you continue to think that China and Iran are actually working with Trump to unseat the Deep State around the world?

Election What evidences does Sydney Powell have that could convince the court that Biden cheated? Also, do they still have time to do it?

Election When do you think they will have to ramp up the evidence shown and detail that they watched the dominion votes live and know what the true vote count was, and disclose that the true ballots were watermarked and they know that true count too?

Election When do you think they will have to ramp up the evidence shown and detail that they watched the dominion votes live and know what the true vote count was, and disclose that the true ballots were watermarked and they know that true count too?

Election Will the White Hat Patriots both inside and out side the Government allow Biden to become President? How will they stop Biden? Will the Military Generals side with Trump or Biden?

Giuliani Rudy G. clearly had a role in the 9/11 crime. So then is it that he has cut a deal with President Trump and based on that is providing useful information to the Trump team? Or is President Trump knowingly using him as a counterfeit coin, just as he is using Pence and Barr?

Governors could you talk about the possibility that these left-wing mayor's mad governors are complicit with the chicomm takeover. Using the fake demic as a over to crush the them out and let the chinese buy up the properties as a step their takeover…

Media At what point will the mainstream media completely breakdown? They continue to blatantly and shameless lie. Is there any end in sight? Will there be a media blackout? How do you see this all unravelling? P.S. Will you be uploading your videos to Bitchute or Rumble?

Military 5 aircraft carriers and their strike groups off the US coast? Google 50 Thousand Chinese soldiers killed in Maine? Have you heard anything?
Military Are the rogue elements in the US military now all under President Trump’s control – subdued or eliminated? Can the US military now be trusted to work truly for the good of the USA?

Military Will the Military Generals ( 4 star rank) stand with Trump and conduct the Military Trials of the Traitors or will they sell Trump down the river?

Military Mindset As we know, worldwide American bases are child and sex trafficking distribution centres. It may be a minority involved, but the fact is some do – perhaps reaping benefits and not giving up lightly. I'm neither male nor military but can see the potential for internal battles here. What say you? How do they ‘tick'? Do you feel this mindset (my field!) however acquired, mk'd normalised, will be overcome when/if the time comes to make a stand for DJT (and the world)? Applies to worldwide military of course.

NESARA IF Gesara/Nesara is true.?? If the technologies are Free and coming up…..We are supposed to be ”money free' I think there is no such thing about waiting about having more money.Because with new technologies; we will be able to replicate money….LOLO general Économy becomes irrelevant….
scuse my english…i am french:)

Obama Do you think President Trump, in his 2nd term, will pursue the issue of proving that Obama was not born in the USA, thus making his presidency illegitimate, and thus being able to overturn everything done by the Obama administration? This would also serve the purpose of showing the public how very fooled they can be.

Pieczenik Still vouching for Pieczenik? I think we're strung along.

Russia Biden What possible benefit could Russia / Putin expect from the Bidens??? Why would Moscow's Mayor's wife give Hunter 2.5 million???
I was under the impression that Russia is now way beyond communism and socialism. Is it the Biden's communistic tendencies that attract Russia? In that case, is Russia still a “closet communist?” Same questions re: China.

Supreme Court Do we still have a good chance to find a path for Trump, or is it fundamentally over. Doesn't this prove the Supreme Court is corrupt?

Supreme Court Given nature of SCOTUS and Justice Roberts, did President Trump really expect SCOTUS to rule against the Cabal or is he just allowing this to play out to finally arrive at the final solution – the military solution?

Supreme Court I heard the deep state hired Allen Dershowitz to help play the chess legal game at the Supreme Court when Sidney Powell and team finally get there … are you worried about this? He is supposedly the best constitutional lawyer there is. He defended Trump during impeachment … I am surprised , since he believes in the constitution!! Maybe because he is blackmailed because of Epstein Island!,

Supreme Court Robert – now that the SC has rejected the TX litigation and allowed the fraud to stand, where do we go from here? Is invoking the Insurrection Act the last resort, and will Trump take that step?

Supreme Court Robert, the SCOTUS just said “NO” to the Texas case. Jerome Corsi said Thursday and Friday that he has incriminating information on CJ Roberts and he said he would not hesitate to use it if the court did not accept the casein favor of Trump. He actually mentioned billboards! What do you foresee?

Supreme Court What does the Supreme Court's rejection of the Texas election challenge mean for Trump's re-election? How can they reject something so important to this nation?

Trump 2nd Term We know Trump will win because of the crap that we set for the Democrats. What achievements do you prognosticate that Trump will accomplish as we enter the second term?

Trump Sex Acusers I'm having a heated debate with my partner about Trump's numerous sex accusers (Katie Johnson as one) that he whole heartedly believes is evidence of Trump being a pedophile himself and he can't fathom someone like him spearheading a movement seemingly so great. We've spoken about many things happening with child trafficking networks, alleged arrests, etc so he's not blind to what's happening but Trump's past and reputation wont let him see past that. I know Trump is no angel and has far from an ideal past but I don't believe him to be a pedophile.
Have you been able to discredit such allegations against Trump? Are there resources you can direct me to to find real, credible proof/evidence? My partner is a great researcher, don't just follow media links but finds court documents, etc to prove or disprove things for himself, I respect him for that and need to learn to do some better research myself.

Vaccine Do you believe Charlie Ward was correct in stating Trump will stop the Covid vaccine just before implementation by requesting safety data verification? Or, does he not understand the dangers and will push for the vaccine and have many elderly (and minorities) eliminated?

Vaccine I am DEEPLY concerned about vaccinations for this “fake pandemic!” Why is President Trump pushing the vaccines and Operation Warp Speed!!?? He is THE PRESIDENT!!! Has he been compromised? Have we all been duped by the the biggest scam ever? Good guy (Trump) vs bad guy (deep state) both having the same agenda and ultimately same results of global lockdowns, masks, censorship, vaccines (many cannot work without a vaccine). What is next? Will we be able to get groceries without the Vax?! When will we be forced to accept tracking devices? I am frightened. Everyone is. I trust you, Simon Parkes, and the President but, I am growing increasingly concerned that we have all been fooled. We are all tired of waiting. You clearly are against vaccinations. Why is this happening?

Vaccine Now what? As Ben Fulford pointed out Pres T had past Rothschild ties& a chabad zionist son in law making vaccine “luciferian” die injected numbers. Now T obviously failed test to prove different. A “for the people” Pres. wouldn't allow NY & NJ to kill or dehumanize millions by vaccine, but a Trojan Horse would. Swamp court nominees are also doing as expected. Will military as last man standing ACT? or?

Vaccine Robert,will these vaccines become mandatory for us???Will Bill Gates be taken out at some point?

Vaccine Why the push for a vaccine under the Trump administration? It appears that no matter if Trump or Biden takes over, the government is allowing the vaccine. Why hasn’t Trump stopped this at least for while he is in office?

Virus Plan Were the good Alliance (white hats) aware of the Cabal’s virus plan and allowed it to move forward for strategic reasons? Or were they caught by surprise?

Web You made a good point about research and how most of the knowledge isn’t on what we deem to be the “internet.” However, even though I’ve obtained Tor, attempting to navigate the Deep Web appears to be difficult to do safely—am studying the process. Does this relate to your commentary about changing into a new Open Source Web and being able scientific studies that are relevant but not always known?

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