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13th Amendment (Abolishing Slavery)  NOTE: I am limiting all future questions  to 250 characters and will not answer incoherent questions. This question survived because I can do something with the core idea.

20 March – the Plan
In your interview with Juan O Savin he mentioned the 20th of March for a date of possible inauguration instead of Jan 20th and never got back to Jaun’s explanation. I believe he said this would give us more time but never elaborated as to how this would work.

Aces by Trump What should every day people expect as a consequence of President Trump finally showing his aces?

Best Books What are the three best books you’ve read?

Byrne What are your thoughts on the Patrick Byrne revelations and the resulting reactions back at him?

Canada I wonder if you know something about Canada it looks like Trudeau is sending Billions not sure where but it looks like China or India I’ve seen a video saying That by March 2021 Trudeau GOVT COULD SPEND $322.3 billion. We need help i think he is selling our country!!!!! He seems to be very good with China Channeling What is your view on channeling? Any personal experiences?

China I am struggling to understand CCP apparent collusion with the Deep State Aka The Red Mafia. When reconciling their Belt & Road Initative for real bricks & mortar development compared to The Deep Stated naked short selling via Wall Street? As Benjamin Fallford says China is represented by The Dragon Families who own/control vast real wealth and are fighting & killing The Criminal Deep State Cabal. Could it be, like the USA there are two factions. And could the Deep State be offering up America, Japan & more to CCP in return for a power sharing via Biden?

China Why do you think China is helping Trump? From what Sydney Powell has uncovered they bought Dominion voting machines 2 months before election and printed ballots and sent them to the US. There are recordings of Chinese talking about the ballot orders to be sent to the US. Also lots of money was exchanged between China and Georgia politicians . How is that helping Trump? Also China is such tyrannical country … they put their people in re-educational camps if they speak out. why would they want Trump to win he has not been their friend with all the tariffs.

China Russia Knowing what has occurred with both China and Russia, are you having second thoughts regarding about them being the equivalent of allies, or possibly working together?
DNI Report Delay Have you heard anything about the Deep state swamp creatures trying to delay Ratcliffes report (which we should know more about before your spy improv tomorrow)? What effects may that have, if report is delayed? Would the Pentagons emergency shutdown of computer network (SIPRNET backdoor), effect Ratcliffe and give him more time to complete report? I pray he gets out what he has today, and perhaps adds to report if necessary, as the amount of information to report is likely historical. Also as a result of Barrs’ “hesitancy”, Ratcliffe has likely not received the needed support and cooperation.

Educating Public I just finished listening to your interview with Savin. In it, he stated, and you agreed, that the Americna poeple need to be brought along in this journey to expose the election fraud and the evil forces that would consume the entire world. How is this to be done effectively without massive media assistance? Bitchute and other friendly media platforms don’t even begin to scratch the surface of reaching greater America. I do not see the way forward on getting the mass involvement of the American people without a MAJOR overtake of the lame stream media.
French Research Are you aware of the investigative work done since April this year by a team of french doctors and scientists headed by Prof. Dr. Jean Bernard Fourtillan ? The result of this investigation has been made publicly available at :

Georgia RDS..we just voted for the runoff in Georgia…ON DOMINION MACHINES…do you know if anything has been done to correct the software issues? Has SP given you any insight into why Georgia is still using these corrupt prone machines?

Gina Haspel Do you know anything about the fate of Gina Haspell? Where is she?

Google Crash Do you know who or what caused Google to crash the morning of the 14th and why?

Gordon Duff Mr. Gordon Duff, like yourself is a super-patriot and whilst VT in general has gone against POUS Trump, could it be a 4D chess move to give the Deep State/Red Mafia more rope to hang themselves? Gordon Duff is a long-timer activist, founding Veterans Today. Dr.Kevin Barrett says you meet with him over three days. Has his own private news and intelligence agency, advised Governments including Nigeria. Like yourself shared openly and his Intel drops are legendary.

Indictments There was quite a lot said earlier in the year about a large number of sealed indictments. You recently mentioned the possibility of arrests and tribunals. Are these related?
Is anything expected to be publicly released or shown?

Mike Adams Are you still discounting any invasion from China into the US? Mike Adams Dec 13 “update” about that is hair-raising. Any credibility to: 1) reports of US military plane down in Great Lakes and ejected pilot unable to be tracked? 2) bombing by our forces of DUMB in Maine resulting in 3+ earthquake on 12-11 ish

Mike Adams Listening to Mike Adams at Natural News, I’m extremely concerned that the Pfizer vaccine is intended to target and harm/weaken our US military. Volunteers have already come down with Bells Palsy, and the dire side effects are numerous and even unknown. Is our military aware of the concerns of genuine and serious scientists like Mike Adams and others? Surely they won’t be forced to take these destructive vaccines against their will, will they?

Military Deployments
Many US Navy ships are positioned on both coasts and troops being assembled at Nellis AFB. What is the military up to? Per Dr. Charlie, Trump said military will dispense the vaccines as a ruse to assemble troops in DFL controlled states to deal with expected Antifa attacks after verification of Trump’s re-election is announced. What’s your take?

Mind-Control As a suggestion for Joachim Hagopian’s books (and/or your movie)….It would be great to have a book devoted to the pervasive governmental mind control and systematic creation of DID (formerly known as multiple personalities) focusing on how they operate today. Also including what survivors can do to heal. I have spent half of my life (and my life’s savings) in therapy trying to recover from multi-generational Satanic cult abuse and many years of government mind control programming. Will survivors ever get real help to unwind the extremely deep programming and will survivors ever receive compensation when the cover-ups and threats are so great?

Open Source Top Guns What individuals truly represented amazing “Open Source” logic? i.e. Hulda Clark and Royal Rife
Pence Is President Trump assuming that VP Pence will play a positive role in the Senate when the electoral vote count issue comes up? How can Pence, of dubious character, be trusted for such an extremely vital role?

Proposed Guest If there were one guest commentator I wish you would interview it would be the Gene Decode individual—would that be possible? He is simply incredible in many ways.

Robert’s Mind Online Robert, since I came across your Edge of Wonder interview a few weeks ago, I’ve been digging through some of your material, including the online chapters at I’ve tried to get my mind around your OSINT and OSEE concepts and have read some of your papers and book reviews. I’m wondering, how do you keep track of it all? With all you read, all the people you talk to, do you use some kind of system or application, or is it mostly your memory?

Role Models What would you deem to be the best male and female role models for American youth?

South Africa The USA interfered horribly in South Africa and seems to be in the hands of the deep state. We are being destroyed this side. The British, Zionists and globalists have wrecked us and seem like South Africa was used as a cheap test for globalist policies rolled out in the rest of the world.
How do you see South Africa under Biden and conversely will Trump be interested in pushing for reforms here – esp relating to our strategic importance and minerals.

Spouse Have you prepared a letter in advance to your spouse regarding your ultimate feelings about them in case you were to pass away?

Trump Sex Stories I’m having a heated debate with my partner about Trump’s numerous sex accusers (Katie Johnson as one) that he whole heartedly believes is evidence of Trump being a pedophile himself and he can’t fathom someone like him spearheading a movement seemingly so great. We’ve spoken about many things happening with child trafficking networks, alleged arrests, etc so he’s not blind to what’s happening but Trump’s past and reputation wont let him see past that. I know Trump is no angel and has far from an ideal past but I don’t believe him to be a pedophile. Have you been able to discredit such allegations against Trump? Are there resources you can direct me to to find real, credible proof/evidence? My partner is a great researcher, don’t just follow media links but finds court documents, etc to prove or disprove things for himself, I respect him for that and need to learn to do some better research myself.

Vaccine FDA approved vaccine, although deaths. Roll out beginning…Where is Trump and the pushback? No push for Drug companies to have liability….Not sure I can accept the Charlie Ward viewpoint that Trump is letting them expose themselves…they are taking over. Too many people will be harmed.

Vaccine how come Trump is publicly supporting the Pfizer vaccine?

Vaccine Is President Trump ensuring that the vaccines approved by FDA, and being distributed around the country, are not dangerous?

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