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1 April I listened to a very recent interview with Juan and he strongly implied that April 1st is the day when we can expect major changes. To me, this sounds like Biden might be sworn in….do you agree?

13th Amendment The 13th Amendment banishes involuntary servitude but permits voluntary servitude, which is OK because to voluntarily enslave yourself, by definition you must first own yourself. If the 13th Amendment therefore upholds the fundamental right of self ownership, why can't we use that amendment to assert our right to assemble in defiance of all Covid restrictions, since our free assembly acts as mutual waiver of liability for any infection claims?

5G It seems to be implied that the DS has control of 5G and can or will use it to try and keep themselves from going down. Is it such a device that it could be used as a weapon of mass distruction and how is going to or will it be dealt with?

Alternative Energy Starting at 27 min 45 sec they talk Maxwell's work 1900-1910 and Tesla and suppressing alternative energy technologies. Otherwise I don't understand anything else.
QUESTION: Do you believe we will get off the pending fossil fuel energy cliff?
Benjamin Fulford Please could you remark on the post from Ben Fulford, Dec. 21, 2020 – “Winter Solstice marks the Dawn of a New Age, Time to Update our Calendar System”,

Canada I’m a Canadian patriot, who is disgusted with how my government has betrayed us. I was wondering if you have any insight that you are willing to share about plans for Canada and any corrupt politicians/business leaders?
China CCP since when? and who? deos it means that the CCp would help Trump? in this case how can we be sure they are the good guy helping humanity and not the bad guys???? CCp isn't a model of démocracy! xi xing ping woudn't be a bad guy???? how can it be???  the ccp kills many chinese for triyng to tell the truth! so ???I don't understand how this is more obvious to you. could you please be more explicit about your meaning of china helping trump? could you do a video about this possibility and how it could be planed?

CIA If Gina Haskill was captured during the raid and is now in prison, is the CIA is disarray? Who is running the show?

Common Law Why do Patriotic Americans not correct their status and stand under common law, instead of the Vatican/Crown Maritime legal system and take back their power?

Constitution Question Who is best to reference for a new succession constitution (learn from the USA) and how can we use open source intelligence to not let the same globalists hijack such an attempt? (we are sick of globalism, marxism and the 13 families).

COVID Deaths Depending on the source used (CDC in this case) the average # of deaths per day in the CONUS is 7,500 – 7,700. As I write this 4563 have died today. That number has remained generally constant this last year.
Question: where are the increased deaths expected from the “Pandemic”?
COVID Drone covid spread by drone aerosol? seems only Republicans affected.

Data Dump Robert – SOTN is reporting an imminent ‘radioactive' massive data dump of information that will shatter even hard core truthers. Are you hearing anything like this from your many sources?

how can we begin to formulate our local chapters?  whats the model for engagement? how can we start NOW in a coherent fashion to build our local coalitions?

Guantanamo Do you have the list of the ones that are in Guantanamo- Cuba?
Insurrection Act I was reading that Congress is trying to sneak nullifying the insurrection act in the latest stimulus bill. Can they do that? Can Trump veto it? Or can they stop him from vetoing this bill? If that happens what next? Does that limit his options? Or do you think he may invoke it before bill signing?
Interviews Why haven’t you interviewed Cyrus Parsa or Robert Spaldings
Martial Law Thoughts on trumps tweet yesterday— martial law declared? Biden surrendered his passport?

Military Robert – it is increasingly difficult for me to envision an ultimate Trump victory without strong support from the military, or a faction thereof. How much military support does Trump really have?

Nuremberg Trials Are there going to be Nuremberg style trials? If so, I heard Gen Flynn had flown to the Hague – could they be held there?

OSEE As an engineer, I also do not understand Open Source Engineering. Would I lose my two patents? Why would anyone invent or develop anything if they do not profit?


Pence Plus Todays Daily Kos has an article asserting Pence schefuled for tour of Middle East immediately following Jan 6 hearings and that Pence will accept Biden electoral votes. Hmmm, well you said Pence was sneaky. Do you think he would survive if he did that? Do former vice presidents receive Secret Service protection?

Randy Cramer In your life experience, have you ever come across the USMC SS and what led to your endorsement of Randy Cramer as a ‘who's who in stellar intelligence'?

Russian Hack I do not understand the nature of the Russian hack that is receiving heavy press this week. Please explain what they have done.

Sadiq Khan What is your opinion of Sadiq Khan. As a Brit, I am ashamed of the disrespect he has shown DJT

SCOTUS Treason Now that we know the Deep State controls SCOTUS, what options are available to POTUS? Is it nearing high time for him to invoke Martila law and the Insurrection Act?

SCOTUS Treason Now that we the public know John Roberts is THE John Roberts from the Epstein flight log and his reaction to the Texas case-how can we as patriots have him impeached and also S.G Breyer while we are at it?

Seattle 9/11 In a recent Juan Savin interview he said that a devastating 911 style attack was planned for Seattle on 11/3/19 and was averted by Trump. Can you provide any detail on this? I live in Seattle and we were frantically trying to warn local/state authorities at that time.

Shut-Down You have said that there will be a a temporary shutdown of the internet and wireless networks. Shortly after Christmas.
Benjamin Fulford said the same thing, adding “in order to decapitate the AI.”
Is there a reason to also shut down the power grid in order to destroy the vaccines?

Trump Circle Is DJT too “loyal”? Why does he keep the naysayers close?
Why doesn't he listen to Powell, Gen. Flynn, and Pat Byrne?

UK Johnson What do you know about UK tory gov. / unelected P.M. Boris Johnson ?

Vaccine why is potus allowing this vaccine to be used?

White House Traitors Do you think Mark Meadows and General Counsel Pat Cipollone are Deep State and do you think they were trying to convince the President to concede? Meadows is on the advisory board of the Humpty Dumpty Institute.

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