Tom Atlee: Update on Collective Intelligence, Request for Donations

Collective Intelligence

News on my 2020 work and a request for support

In the midst of upheavals and contradictions, I find some solace in my calling to serve the capacity of all human life to find better ways together. But I find it harder to rest in what I’ve already created and done. I find myself reflecting in new ways on my work and on our vast shared predicaments and possibilities.

ROBERT STEELE: I just  donated $500 of the dollars all of you have shared with me, because Tom has been my mentor on Collective Intelligence and he absolutely merits all possible support.  I urge you all to read his full report by clicking the linked headline above, and please do donate to support his work. He is one of the founding fathers of collective intelligence –informed democracy — and I cannot overstate his value to all of us.

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