Unz Report: China’s Reality — America’s False Propaganda?

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China: A Cold Shower

It’s only a lump. It will probably go away.

Fred Reed

…if you watch what the Chinese are actually doing, you may get the impression that China is largely ignoring the American military and letting the US spend itself to death while Beijing focuses on commerce, business, R-and-D, commerce, the economy, education, technology, and more commerce. You might additionally get the idea that China is a confident, well-governed, energetic people on a roll and doing quite well in the inventive department. The snippets below may support this impression of technical and economic vitality.

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ROBERT STEELE: There is no question but that the Chinese played a role in election interference but it appears to me to have been mostly mechanical (mass ballot printing) and as Anna von Reitz has suggested, at the direction of and with funding from the British and particularly, I would add, the Rothchilds and their American puppets such as George Soros and the Rockefellers.

I completely discount the stories about any Chinese military invasion, and I completely embrace the FACT that China has over 20 million sleeper agents including all of the contrived birth tourism done over the past 20 years — the million or so CCP members embedded in every one of our institutions are also real, as real as their equivalent Freemason, Knights of Malta, Zionist, and Satanic pedophile networks (the latter being synonymous with the others).

China is kicking our ass across the board precisely because they have not allowed the Deep State Zionist cabal to own them.  China appears much more capable in the counterintelligence arena.

For a balanced perspective on China — and Russia, which is 80% Asian, see the two books below. Note that India and Indonesia are emergent, both rife with deep corruption that may prevent them from fulfilling their potential.

Review: Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization

Review: The Future Is Asian by Parag Khanna

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