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Joaquin Flores is a geopolitical and social analyst based in Belgrade, Serbia (former Yugoslavia). He runs Fort Russ News (FRN) , and an independent think-tank, the Center for Syncretic Studies (CSS). In his formative years he was a member of the young communist league and young pioneers.

FRN became the subject of cyberattacks in humintel infiltration as a result of its reporting important truths on the wars in Syria, Libya, and Ukraine beginning in 2015

Flores’ background is in strategic planning around labor and community organizing, within the rubric of astroturf campaigns.

His education surrounded geopolitics/international relations with a focus on counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency under the mentorship of Dr. Michael J Siler of California State University at Los Angeles in the 2004-2007 period, a published expert on those subjects. Upon completion of baccalaureate studies, Flores respectfully declined an offer for recommendation from Dr. Siler for possible employment within various agencies of the intelligence community.

The intersection of counter-insurgency and community organizing led towards Flores’expertise in the Color-Spring strategems for the overthrow of sovereign states using bottom-up organizing approaches and the activation of the NGO sphere in the target country. He has consulted governing political parties on developing contingency plans towards countering the Color/Spring tactics.

In 2017 and 2018 CSS and FRN became a subject of US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence reports and hearings regarding allegations of Russian interference in the US Presidential elections of 2016, in particular in the areas of information warfare, allegations of disinformation, and the field of applied memetics. Flores’ work was cleared likely because he is an American citizen and was within his rights to write opinions on the geopolitical changes that may result from a Trump administration, despite being a person of interest in the Mueller Investigation for alleged ties to the Internet Research Agency, known colloquially as the ‘Russian Troll Army’.

FRN and CSS were founded by Flores and were never financed or directed by foreign governmental interests. Flores was not required to register as a foreign agent. The Mueller investigation that no US nationals were in violation of US Treasury Department sanctions for any alleged work alongside, within, or adjacent to structures associated with the St. Petersburg Internet Research Agency

But again the US Department of State published a GEC special report naming FRN in August 2020 as a critical component of foreign disinformation networks, alongside the think tank ‘Strategic Culture Foundation’, a project said to be under the direction of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Foreign Intelligence Service. SCF is led by Yuri Prokofiev, who was Moscow Party Chief from 1989 to 1991 and a Soviet Politburo Member.

Most of these reports seem to be part of a dangerous and growing ‘disinformation narrative’ used by social media and employers to justify blacklisting of US citizens for anti-war or pro-Trump activism.

Because of Flores’ free-lance work with Sergei Glaziev (member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and advisor to Russian President Putin, and Leonid Reshetnikov (Lieutenant-General of Foreign Intelligence Service, director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies) on the Katehon project as an academic independent researcher, he has had numerous slanderous articles written about his ideas, work, intentions, and actual relationships. He has been the subject of gang-stalking and other tracking and intimidation campaigns.

Center for Syncretic Studies

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