Alert Reader Observations on 19 January — Biden’s Farewell Speech, Delaware River Satanic Geography

Cultural Intelligence

Alert Reader Contribution #1

Delivered to the national guard (sic) before embarking to DC: go to the end of the speech and listen carefully. It sounds to me like he's not coming back.

Then the Joyce quote… very interesting. And Biden's take on it.

Re: N. Delaware is along with the entire Delaware River Valley ground zero for satanic families, stretching all the way to Philly and beyond (Jay Parker, whom you may know)

Alert Reader Contribution #2

The occult significance of the geometry of 19.5 degrees is as follows: 19.5 degrees north and south are those latitudes where the apex-points of a star-tetrahedron within a sphere will make contact with the sphere's surface. 195 is also (5 x 39) or also (15 x 13).

Rambling Zionist-Freemason* Richard Charles Hoagland of NASA (not a space agency), who also doubles as NASA's “limited hangouts chief”, cites many examples for his claim that the largest energy-upwelling on a planet will invariably take place at points 19.5 degrees north or south of its equator. This may be true or else, by the “true colors” of Zionist-Freemasonry, which absolutely adores satanic inversion: it might well be pure and utter fiction.

[*Juan O. Savin says that Richard is in no way a Zionist or Freemason; he also says the actual number is 19.47 and invites everyone to note how long our President's “Farewell” address took today.]

In any case, in honor of the dark-occult number 19.5, the USA‘s Freemasons always swear in their new president on a Freemasonic Bible at exactly noon on the twentieth of January, when exactly 19.5 days of the year have elapsed. But if 20 Jan falls on a Sunday, the chief-justice administers the oath privately to the new president at noon on 20 Jan and then again publicly on 21 Jan (because it simply would not do to disrespect 19.5, which is the hour at which the term of each new president SHALL commence). This tradition was initiated in 1937 by dark-occultist 33rd-degree-Luciferian-Freemason Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Before that, 4 March was traditional.

In another tribute to the number 19.5, Luciferian-Freemasonry launched the “Storming of the Bastille” on the 195th day of the year (on 14 Jul 1789); with “truthful” Freemasonic “history” books written to interpret the “Storming of the Bastille” as the symbolic prelude and birth of the French “revolution” (which was in fact yet another Freemasonic coup d'état for outright slaughter mostly of the working classes, a coup d'état merely disguised as a “revolution”). So far, Bastille Day has remained the French national day, La Fête Nationale, although Catholic prophecy predicts that the White Lily, symbol of the French monarchy, will one day rule again supreme.

In fact, all major “revolutions” in the world were Luciferian-Freemasonic coups d'état (specifically those in England 1688, America 1773-83, France 1789-99 and Russia 1917). A real and proper revolution would only be possible if foul and depraved Freemasons were finally removed from power, once and for all.

In July of each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a two-week encampment for some of the most prominent men in the world and it usually manages to include the 195th day of the year. Insiders say that the notorious “Cremation of Care” ceremony features real human-sacrifice, but the controlled monopoly-media spins it to “merely mock” human-sacrifice. SRA survivor Jay Parker refers to the power-elite credo as “old religion” (or the worship of Moloch, the Canaanite god of child-sacrifice) and the power-elite reenact it every year at Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio CA.

Zionist-Freemasons believe in blood sacrifice to their Earth-goddess Gaia-Sophia, to their Sun-god Lucifer and to Molech, their god of child-sacrifice. They rigidly follow the feast days of their irreligion and do so religiously.

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