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Get ready for another mind-boggling, fascinating lesson in Earth history! This must-see video from Cosmic Agency explains the ancient mystery of the pyramids.  It focuses mainly on the Egyptian pyramids, who built them, how they were built and what they were used for.  Edgar Cayce predicted that, within our lifetime, there would be revelations about the pyramids and the Sphinx.  Who would have guessed that this would come from two YouTubers communicating with interstellar sources!

According to the Taygeteans, the pyramids are 100% stellar construction.  They were built by a conglomerate of ET races known as the Federation.  They exist all over the planet with the majority of them in China.  They were built after the Great Flood to help mitigate the frequency imposed on Earth by the moon.  The pyramids functioned as power generators and portals for astral travel. They were built on ley lines as part of a planetary energy system.

The builders of the Great Pyramid of Giza used anti-gravity and/or sonic levitation to lift the huge stones, which were then pulled into place by internal cranes located in the King’s Chamber.  The pulleys are still in place.  The stones were cut using lasers and compressed sound. The spaces between the stones were filled in with liquid stone using a plasma tip device.  The builders used spiral ramps inside the pyramid, not the external ramps depicted in history books.  Also, Egypt did not use slave labor as commonly believed – regular workers assisted in the construction.  The Giza pyramid was completed in approximately two years.

The entire Great Pyramid of Giza was originally covered in white polished limestone.  There was a smaller pyramid on top consisting of pure white quartz covered in gold leaf.  This served as a wireless power transmitter (much like Tesla’s power transmitter).  The limestone attracted energy particles at the tip of the pyramid which were then concentrated in the Queen’s chamber.  The King’s chamber was the control room.  There were high voltage capacitors located above the King’s chamber.  This energy was depolarized using an underground chamber filled with water from an aquifer supplied by the Nile River.  Traces of cables and metal structures for grounding still exist, but this chamber is now dry.  Basically, the pyramid is designed to channel the enormous differential between the electrical charge of the atmosphere and the earth, then distribute it in a controlled manner at a safe voltage.  It takes advantage of the same phenomenon that causes lightning.  One could think of a pyramid as a zero point energy device that produces controlled lightning!

The Sphinx is much older than the Giza pyramids.  According to Swaruu, it was built approximately 35,000 years ago and was submerged during the Great Flood.  There were originally two (2) Sphinxes – they were placed to designate the entrance to the Nile Valley.  There are not one, but two DUMBS beneath the remaining Sphinx, one located 30 meters deep and the other at 60 meters. They are abandoned Federation bases and consist of a labyrinth of metal corridors with pneumatic doors leading to work areas, living quarters, recreational areas, medical facilities and warehouses.  They were entered from the Sphinx using a control mechanism located under its right ear.  The authorities are aware of this underground city, but keep this information hidden.

According to Swaruu, there is also a chamber underneath the tomb of Osiris in Giza that contains a library with documents carved in moldavite stone. There are tunnels connecting it to the other pyramids as well as the base underneath the Sphinx.

It should be noted that not all pyramids are power generators, but all are frequency generators.  The shape of the pyramid creates a spiral of energy which results in an increase in frequency.  This is said to enable one to travel in time and space using psychic energy.  From the standpoint of interstellar races, the primary function of a pyramid is that of a Stargate.

The Giza pyramid ceased to function as a power generator when it came under the control of the Archon/Reptilian forces who wanted it for their own purposes.  Thoth, who became Anubis in Egyptian mythology, is credited with the takeover. The underground base was taken by force, and many were slaughtered. The Federation was forced to seal the base and retreat.  The true purpose and history of the pyramids was erased from history and has remained so to this day.

Obelisks originally functioned as power antennas.  Today, they are phallic symbols that represent areas where the Cabal has control.

Alert Reader Comments (Ann Applauds Comment):

Imagine having all of the pieces of a puzzle, but not knowing how they fit. Then comes along someone who knows how they are assembled and completes  the puzzle which then reveals the entire picture.  From what I know of the Great Pyramid, I had most of the pieces, such as it being a power plant, that water once existed there and at the location, that they used anti-gravy to move the stones into postion, etc. I did not know about the spiral crane system that pulled the stones into position and imagined they were simply moved into position from the outside. What I found interesting is that what is said here ties all the pieces together into what appears to be an accurate explanation. The liquid stone used for instance explains one theory that the stones fit so well because they were moulded. I never believed that theory, but the liquid plasma stone added between the stones does explain the perfectly tight fit and why one man believed the stones were moulded. What I differ with is that she felt mass was important to achieve maximum power. Tesla created the same wireless energy system using a much smaller foot print by using a tower. Note her mention of 369, what Tesla said was the key to the universe. Excellent explanation of the pyramids and the purpose they served.

She mentions Cayce, but did not mention to say what Cayce said about where the technology came from that the Egyptians possessed. According to Cayce, after Atlantis started breaking up, the Atlantean’s fled to different parts of the world. Some went to Egypt and were instantly recognized for their superiority and so were made Pharaohs and high priests. It was they who brought their technology from Atlantis to Egypt, but the historian wants us to believe it was his people who were so brilliant to have achieved the technology which they themselves created. Keep in mind that the Atlantean’s were aliens who set up Atlantis after they arrived on earth. They created the Hall of Records with the entrance beneath the right forepaw of the Sphinx. It is said it has been discovered but we are not being told of this or what the records tell us. Cayce says the Great Pyramid was build in 10, 500 BC and that Ra-Ta was the priest at that time. Simply look at the shape of the elongated heads of the Pharaohs and their family as well as their size compared with the average Egyptian, and it is obvious that they were not Egyptians by birth…LOL.

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