Answers on OSINT for India 32 – SOCMINT is Idiocy


SOCMINT, or “Social Media Intelligence” is both an oxymoron and a scam. What is really going on here is budget building — people creating work to justify more senior positions and larger budgets.

SOCMINT is far removed from reality and particularly far removed from real people both within the USA and abroad.

We know that over half of Facebooks accounts are fake and that most people in the bottom four billion of humanity do not use Facebook — or Twitter or any of the other “social media” platforms.

We know that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) have evolved into censors of truthful information in service to the lies favored by the Deep State.

We know that Google and YouTube are fabricating statistics and manipulating searches, polls, and data in every possible way to achieve contrived ends including theft from advertisers and the theft of elections.

In my view, as show in the graphic below, humans, not data manipulated by BigTech, are the primary source of relevant information on all threats, all policies,, all true costs.

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SOCMINT is what morons do when they don't know how to do intelligence.

SOCMINT is what morons are allowed to do when their “leaders” are just as  stupid and unethical as the morons they are ostensibly supervising.

Below are the “new rules for the new craft of intelligence” as I defined them in 2002. Anyone doing SOCINT is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

2002: New Rules for the New Craft of Intelligence (Full Text Online for Google Translate)

2002 New Rules for the New Craft of Intelligence (Briefing)

My must current work on where I wish to go is below.

Smart Nation Vision – By Invitation


Answers on OSINT for India

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