Answers on OSINT for India 33 — From C4 to M4IS2


I am delighted to see you focusing on the necessary migration from C4 to M4IS2.  You have asked me how these concepts can be correlated.

C4 is rooted in technology while M4IS2 is rooted in humanity.

C4 stands for command & control, communications, and computing. Generally the term used is C4I, adding intelligence, and the 1990's C4I2, adding interoperability.  All focuses on technology.

M4IS2 stands for Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing & Sense-Making.

The secret world does not do multi-national or multi-lingual.  It does bi-lateral and tends to stick to English language documentation.

The secret world does not do multi-agency, it does unilateral covert operations.

The secret world does not multi-disciplinary or multi-domain — it has no grasp of holistic analytics, true cost economics, citation analytics, in-depth human surveys, and more.

Below are some of my references on M4IS2. We still need secrets but we must get vastly more professional about open source everything and M4IS2. Below is a graphic showing how this might be implemented via national militaries.

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2013 Short Story Board (8 Graphics): Public Intelligence in the Public Interest [OSE + M4IS2 + Panarchy = World Brain & Global Game = Prosperous World at Peace]

Graphic: Preliminary Concept for Fostering Bottom-Up Achievement via OSE/M4IS2

Graphic: First Cut on Human Factors and Technology for UN EU NATO, AU (Africa), CELAC (Americas) and RCEP (Asia) OSE/M4IS2

Reflections on Data as the New Oil BUT No One Is Serious About Holistic Analytics, True Cost Economics, Machine or Man-Machine Translation, or M4IS2

NATO OSINT to OSE/M4IS2 Round-Up 2.0

Graphic: OSE M4IS2 Logo & The Game Plan

Search: OSC M4IS2

Search: M4IS2 [as of 20121013]

My must current work on where I wish to go is below.

Smart Nation Vision – By Invitation


Answers on OSINT for India

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