Answers on OSINT for India 38: OSINT is Acquisition Not Collection



This excellent person very senior retired officer speaks of OSINT collection rather than acquisition.  Did you not make a vital distinction of this point in your past writing and speaking?

Q: Has India been utilizing Open Source Intelligence? How can OSINT be institutionalized in India?

CORRECT.  Open Source information is ACQUIRED rather than COLLECTED, and this has huge legal and political implications as well as financial.  The secret sources pretend to use secret methods that are actually openly known to all our peer competitors including the British and Israelis who steal everything they can from within while the Chinese, Iranians, and Russians both outclass us and know everything about our secret sources and methods.

In 2002 I published my second book, The New Craft of Intelligence, and included a chapter on the new rules for the new craft, none of which are respected (or understood) by the current “leaders” of our decrepit and dysfunctional US secret intelligence archipelago of competing fiefdoms.

None of the above four functions is collection in the legal and political sense. They are all above-board acquisition.

Yes, it is necessary to conceal the ultimate client and context sometimes, but the Open Source Agency as an intermediary, with its many levels of sub-contracting including general managers, private investigators, journalists, professors, and so on, Finds, Gets, Buys, or as a LAST resort, says it cannot obtain the data legally and ethically, and thus the requirement transfers to secret collection.

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Answers on OSINT for India

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